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State education board opens flexibility policies to public comment

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Board of Education on Wednesday agreed to put two policy proposals giving counties additional flexibility up for public comment.

Policy 2510 will allow local schools to have more flexibility with scheduling as well as credits needed to graduate. Under the proposal, requirements across grade levels will be changed to allow schools to better address their needs.

For high school students, 10 credits are prescribed by the state, but the remaining 12 credits can be personalized for each student based on their education needs. A new flex credit will allow students to take a course either in career technical education, computer science, social studies or science.

“It creates so much more flexibility for the students and the school and what they’re thinking to do with their post-secondary plans,” said Jan Barth, the state’s assistant superintendent.

The policy would additionally require middle schools to develop a comprehensive career exploration experience, which would include courses, field trips and guest speakers. Middle and high school students would also be allowed tot ake part in courses through the West Virginia Virtual School program.

Barth noted the change would not affect costs or revenues.

The second policy approved for public comment, Policy 2322, would revise the accountability system for public schools and districts, as well as establish goals focused on outcomes and accountability. Local board members would also be held accountable for student outcomes.

Both policies are on public comment until Jan. 24.

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