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State departments speaking with employees on daily basis on working situations

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — As the state enters the second week of uncertainty with the coronavirus, some state workers are heading back to work in offices and some remain at home working.

Secretary of Administration Allan McVey told MetroNews each department has a different plan based on the number of essential and non-essential employees working.

Allan McVey

“Each department with different functions considers some employees essential, some non-essential,” McVey said. “We are trying to, at the same time, stem to the tide of this virus in West Virginia, keep them separated.”

McVey said on average there is around 70 percent of state employees working at home.

He said some departments have sent half of their staff home while the other half remains in the office in the past week. Those groups plan to then switch roles this week and keep switching until clearance from health officials.

“The employees that we do have back here on campus that either perform various essential service or some that need to be here because they can’t do a whole lot at home, we do want them to practice all the hygiene and social distancing functions as possible,” he said.

McVey said the state and the departments under him are constantly talking and working on how to make the healthiest decisions while providing the state with needed services.

“This thing is being evaluated daily, as far as I am concerned,” he said. “I believe that all of the cabinet secretaries who were giving the authority to implement their best plans are doing the same thing.”

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