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Nominating process in House, Senate races will set up fall election

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — All 100 seats in the House of Delegates and 17 seats in the 34-member state Senate are on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary election.

Candidates will be nominated to face off in the fall election.

Republicans currently hold advantages in both chambers. Democrats chose not to run a candidate in 12 House races. There’s only one race in which a Democrat will not have a Republican opponent in the fall election.

In the Senate, 11 of the 17 races on the Republican ballot are challenged races. Senate President Mitch Carmichael, R-Jackson, has two opponents. House of Delegates member Jim Butler, R-Mason, and teacher Amy Nichole Grady are trying to update Carmichael. The winner will face Democrat Bruce Ashworth in November.

MORE House-Senate races

Other GOP senators facing primary challengers include Ryan Weld, Mike Maroney, Chandler Swope, Sue Cline, J.R. Pitsenbarger and Craig Blair.

Decisions by some delegates not to seek reelection has opened up a couple of House races to a large number of candidates. The Wayne County-based 30th Delegate District, traditionally a Democratic held district, has six candidates seeking two nominations.

A total of 27 candidates are seeking three nominations each in the Kanawha County-based 36th Delegate District. Two open seats in Marion County’s 69th Delegate District have produced nine Democratic candidates and three Republicans. Each party will nominate three candidates.

House seats up for vote this year carry two-year terms. Senate seats carry four-year terms.