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Adrian details COVID spread through ‘Best Virginia’ roster

(Citynet Statewide Sportsline interview with Nathan Adrian)


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Ten players on the WVU alumni squad ‘Best Virginia’ took part in practice a week ago and after one initial positive COVID-19 test, over half of the players have become infected with coronavirus. Morgantown High School grad Nathan Adrian received his positive test result over the weekend and symptoms soon followed.

“I found out Sunday that I had it and honestly it hadn’t been bad,” Adrian said. “I just had a very minor cold. Things were going good and then I got a migraine yesterday and that put me on my butt for a little bit.

“It was one of the worst headaches I have ever had. Honestly, I am not sure why it came on or what but I am working through it.”

Best Virginia was replaced in the TBT field on Monday. Adrian and the rest of the infected players are recovering in Morgantown.

“I am having no problems breathing. I barely had a little bit of a cough. So it is really just my headache. And I am not too worried. If I had breathing issues, I would be more worried.”

In a contact sport where social distancing is impossible, Adrian cautions that situations like this could be replicated as sports leagues open back up.

“That’s going to be a problem if sports get back going again. With how much you sweat and you are on top of each other, it is kind of hard if one person gets it then everyone is going to get it. I think we are definitely going to see some challenges that are unforeseeable at this point. It will be interesting to see when things actually start again.”

Adrian was slated to play for Best Virginia for the second consecutive year on the same roster as ‘Final Four’ era legends Kevin Jones, John Flowers, Da’Sean Butler and Truck Bryant.

“We were pretty bummed. We were getting excited for it and it was getting pretty close. Anytime you get a chance to represent West Virginia, you get pretty excited for it. Especially for me, this is the only time I will ever get a chance to play with some of the guys I watched growing up. That’s pretty special for me. I am just pretty bummed I have to miss a year of it.”

Adrian played well enough in last year’s TBT to earn a roster spot for Bordeaux in the French third division. He averaged 17.3 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in 26 contests before their season was halted by the pandemic.

“I am hopefully going to move up, either in that country or a different country. I am not real sure yet what is going to happen but I will keep my options open and we will see what happens in a month or so.”

In a time of uncertainty and potential travel restrictions, Adrian is awaiting his next professional opportunity.

“Some teams are signing people that they know they were signing. Other teams are waiting and nobody really knows what is happening. A lot of coaches are putting clauses in their contracts with pay scales if a season gets canceled.

“Europe was thinking about banning travel from America so that will be a big issue for us.”

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