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Roberts chastises Trump, allies for ongoing election fight

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The president of the United Mine Workers of America has issued a sharp criticism of President Donald Trump and his allies for denying the projected results of the election and fighting for a second Trump term through dubious actions.

“While there is nothing wrong with a candidate asking for a recount where it is appropriate and asking for legal review of the results, that has now happened in state after state and there has been little to show for it. The President’s campaign has lost in court after court,” Cecil Roberts said Friday in a release.

“But now something sinister is occurring. The President and his campaign have largely given up the legal battle and are putting pressure on state elections officials and legislators to deny the verdict of the voters and overturn their democratic rights. This is a threat to our entire form of government and the American way of life.”

The president’s allies have insisted Trump won the presidential election by citing unproven claims of voter fraud. Trump’s legal team has failed to overturn the results of any projected race.

Trump earlier this week invited Michigan legislators to the White House in an attempt to stop Biden from winning the Electoral College. He criticized Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Friday ahead of the certification of state’s election results by tweeting false claims about Georgia’s handling of the election.

Roberts said Trump and his supporters must move on and cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden on the transition process.

“The UMWA did not support either candidate for President in this election. Our members voted for the candidate of their choice – some voted for President Trump, and some voted for President-elect Biden. They, like an unprecedented number of American voters, had their say,” Roberts said. “And they recognize that it is time to move on and get with the business of ending the coronavirus pandemic, bringing our economy back to life and helping those who have lost everything to get back on their feet.”

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is the only member of West Virginia’s federal delegation to openly acknowledge Biden as president-elect. Gov. Jim Justice, an ally himself to Trump, refused to recognize Biden as the winner during a Nov. 11 briefing.

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