Hoyer says ‘breakdown in process’ led to 42 individuals receiving antibody instead of vaccine at clinic

DANVILLE, W.Va. — West Virginia Adjutant General James Hoyer says a ‘breakdown in the process’ led to 42 people receiving the Regeneron Antibody product instead of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine in Boone County.

The West Virginia National Guard said Thursday that those individuals received the antibody product at a vaccination clinic hosted by staff at the Boone County Health Department on Wednesday.

Hoyer explained what happened during an appearance on MetroNews ‘Talkline,’ saying they have now added another step in the process to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“The facility put those doses of the Regeneron with the doses of the Moderna that went into the hub. Unfortunately, while we had checks in place due to a few human errors those checks did not follow through,” he said.

Hoyer said zero of the 42 people who received the antibody had no fallout or reaction from receiving it, as of Thursday morning, and have already been scheduled to receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

The DHHR will also follow-up regularly with all individuals who received the antibody as an added precaution.

“There are no issues for those individuals. It is the same antibody that the president received during his treatment. It was a very small amount based on the dosage,” Hoyer said.

In a news release by the National Guard on Thursday, it laid out several ‘key points,’ including Medical experts with the Joint Interagency Task Force do not believe there is any risk of harm to these 42 individuals and no other individuals were administered the antibody instead of the vaccine at any point in time in West Virginia.

The Guard further stated that no other vaccine shipments prior to yesterday or going forward are affected, all vaccine-related protocols have been reviewed and strengthened, and 7,855 West Virginians were vaccinated Wednesday across the state,

“The product administered are antibodies that fight COVID-19,” said Dr. Clay Marsh in a news release, the state’s COVID-19 Czar.

“In fact, this product was the same one that was administered to President Trump when he became infected. While this injection is not harmful, it was substituted for the vaccine. But this occurrence provides our leadership team an important opportunity to review and improve the safety and process of vaccination for each West Virginian.”

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