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WV education leaders launch video assessment tool for students

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Parents and students in West Virginia schools will soon have access to a new video assessment tool launched Wednesday by the state Department of Education.

Dr. Vaughn Rhudy

The tool is meant to provide families with a better understanding of their child’s test scores.

“They’re designed to be more engaging for students, to provide parents with some more information and perhaps to provide some explanation as well as some visual context for the results that they’re seeing from the student taking the test,” said Dr. Vaughn Rhudy, director of assessment with the WVDE.

Each spring, students in grades 3-8 take the West Virginia General Summative Assessment while students in 11th grade take the SAT School Day.

Printed reports that families receive will still be provided.

“What we’re hoping is that these video reports will engage these parents to the point where they’ll want to seek more information about their students, how they’re doing, contact the schools to schedule some appointments with them to engage those teachers,” Rhudy said.

Tom Campbell, vice president of the state Board of Education, applauded the new tool presented by Rhudy during Wednesday’s meeting in Charleston.

“I’m glad to see in West Virginia it’s not political. We know parents need to be involved,” he said. “Maybe we’re setting the example for the rest of the country, I hope.”

Rhudy said the video reports also include recommended next steps for parents to help their child improve their education at home, as well as a guide to meaningful parent-teacher conversations, practice tests and other resources.

The video links will be distributed to all 55 school districts sometime next week. It’s then up to the districts how to get the word out to students and their families.

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