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Monongalia County GOP leader looking forward to fall election

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Republicans in Monongalia County are reacting to the first election involving single member delegate districts.

Monongalia County Republican party Executive Committee Chairman Ethan Moore said the first glaring difference was to money needed to finance a campaign.

“The old 51st District was one of the most expensive house legislative districts in the country to run for, not just in the state- it was an expensive district,” Moore said on WAJR’s “Talk of the Town.” “Candidates had to raise and spend a lot of money to get their message out.”

Four Republicans ran unopposed in the districts. Moore is confident about the fall race.

“We have candidates that are in districts that we believe their profile will relate to that moderate to conservative leaning majority in that district and we gave candidates that we believe will be able to appeal to a more centrist electorate in their district.”

Moore said Republicans in Monongalia County run for office in one of the most Democrat leaning counties in the state but he said the House of Delegate candidates have a great rapport with voters that provide a clear alternative.

“We’re a broad base and a big tent. There’s room in our party for people along many points of the spectrum as far as ideology goes,” Moore said.

Moore said immediately following the election the top priority is removing signs and thanking property owners. Next, he said the priority is to rest and prepare for a summer and fall of intense campaigning.

“June, July and August- those are the months our candidates will be in the community at events, spaghetti dinners, wing cook offs,” Moore said. “They’ll be in their districts doing everything they can to connect with the electorate.”

Fall match-ups in Monongalia County include:

77th District Del. Joe Statler (R) vs. Ben Swanson (D)

78th District Geno Chiarelli (R) vs. Jeffery Budkey (D)

79th District Del. Evan Hansen (D) vs. Zach Lemaire (R)

80th District Del. John Williams (D) vs. Justin White (R)

81st District Del. Danielle Walker (D) vs. Steven Harris (R)

82nd District Debbie Warner (R) vs. Katie Fallon (D)

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