PSC releases results of commercial traffic safety checks

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Transportation officers with the state Public Service Commission conducted nearly 500 inspections on commercial motor vehicles, including trucks and buses in the recent 2022 International Roadcheck.

Officers found 444 vehicle violations and put 62 of them out of service. Also 16 drivers were placed out of service after around 200 driver violations were found.

International Roadcheck is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and is an annual event that runs for 72 consecutive hours. PSC transportation officers check commercial vehicle pulled over at weigh stations.

The main focus this year was to check on wheel ends. Wheel end components commercial vehicles carry heavy loads, maintain stability and control, and are a major key in braking. Historically, wheel end component violations account for one quarter of the vehicle out-of-service violations.

Public Service Commission Chairman Charlotte Lane said the officers are doing great work keeping the highway safe.

“The Public Service Commission’s transportation officers do a great job every day, patrolling and enforcing laws. We are very proud of our officers and appreciate the work they do all year long,” Lane said.

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