Pursuit nears 150 mph on I-64

HURRICANE, W.Va. — A high speed pursuit leaves authorities in two counties searching for suspects. Hurricane Police got a call from the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department of a pursuit involving two motorcycles headed east on I-64 around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

“The Cabell County unit called in and said they were going in excess of 147 miles an hour,” said Hurricane Chief of Police Mike Mullins.

Hurricane Police posted up on the interstate to await the chase which flew by, but one of the bikes broke it off and gave up.

“One of the riders pulled over to shoulder, jumped over the guardrail, and headed over the hill. The other bike continued on his way to Charleston,” Mullins said.

Police let the second biker go fearing the speed was too dangerous to continue a pursuit. The rider who fled on foot was not located, but police impounded the high performance motorcycle. The registration yielded no clues to law enforcement on the owner since the paperwork was all illegal.

Police were unable to get much of a description on the biker other than he had a white shirt and a black backpack. He was wearing a helmet which concealed his identity and any distinguishing features. Mullins said they think he probably got away with some help.

“It wasn’t long afterward a group of bikes came from the Cabell County area and were on the shoulder in that area. Officers assumed the guy called for help and some people showed up and gave him a ride out,” he said.

The investigation continues. Nobody was hurt.

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