Remote learning a possibility for Kanawha schools next week as holiday approaches

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Normal school days are scheduled to take place in Kanawha County next week ahead from Monday through Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dr. Tom Williams, the Superintendent of Kanawha County Schools knows that with short holiday weeks, there could some people that take days off to travel. The school system is making backup plans for potential remote learning if needed.

Williams said there are already teacher and school service personnel shortages and 24 bus driver vacancies, as of this week.

“If something should happen and we would not have enough staff to get kids to school or provide the academics once they get there, we would have to look at making that school remote,” he said.

Williams said he had complete faith that the staff will show up.

If school were to be called for remote learning, it may not happen until the night before or the morning of that day. Students should be prepared for the possibility at the end of this week by bringing home their iPads.

Williams said the last several years, the Kanawha County Schools’ calendar has featured at least three days off for Thanksgiving week, sometimes the entire week off. Williams said he prefers an entire week off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Thanksgiving is becoming more of a travel holiday than it used to be. Christmas is more of a stay-at-home holiday. I think it would make it easier on our families and staff, if we had the entire week off during Thanksgiving,” Williams said.

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