Kanawha man charged in death of parent’s won’t go on trial next week

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If a Kanawha County man ends up going on trial for allegedly murdering his parents in 2020 it won’t be until next year.

Joanna Tabit

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Joanna Tabit had a status hearing Wednesday in the case of Takanao Kambara.

Kambara, who was scheduled to go on trial beginning next week, has had a number of psycological evaluations since his arrest shortly after the Dec. 31, 2020 beating death of his parents.

Judge Tabit said they’ll be another examination this Friday. She decided Wednesday to continue the case into 2023.

“I think it’s important for the court to make a finding of good cause under these circumstances to continue that trial date specifically into the next term of court,” Tabit said.

There still need to be final decisions on competency and criminal responsibility.

Tsukasa and Claudette Kambara were found in bed at their home near Kanawha State Forest in the Loudendale community in Kanawha County. They died of lacerations, authorities said.

Kambara is a patient at Sharpe Hospital in Weston.

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