Coal train derailment blocks U.S. Route 52 in Wyoming County

HANOVER, W.Va. — Cleanup of a coal train derailment in Wyoming County could stretch into early Saturday morning.

Approximately five coal cars from a Norfolk Southern train jumped the tracks at just after 3:30 a.m. along U.S. Route 52 at Hanover. There were no injuries.

Wyoming County Office of Emergency Services Director Tim Ellison said the derailment created a big mess including the spilling of coal.

“A lot of it is off of Route 52 and not in the road itself. Basically, what we have in the road is some of the coal cars and vehicles,” Ellison said.

Five parked vehicles belonging to Hanover Wrecker Service were crushed by the derailed cars. Ellison said the derailment made quite a noise.

“One home directly across from the derailment and they said they heard the noise and hit the floor. They came out of bed and hit the floor. They didn’t what had happened,” Ellison said.

DOH District 10 Engineer Ryland Musick said Norfolk Southern cleanup crews were scheduled to arrive by 2 p.m. with heavy equipment to begin the cleanup.

“Our responsibility is to keep traffic moving away from the site and to work with the local fire department and other agencies until the issue is resolved,” Musick said.

The Hanover Volunteer Fire Department is in charge of the wreck site, the DOH said.

Musick said the highway may not reopen until early Saturday morning. Traffic is being detoured onto WV 10, to WV 80, and back to US 52

No word on what caused the derailment. There is a slight curve in the tracks near where the cars left the track.

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