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Manchin blasts rollout of Inflation Reduction Act, and Justice says too late for regrets

Senator Joe Manchin, a driving force behind passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, says he’s so frustrated by its rollout that he’s tempted to vote to repeal it.

Gov. Jim Justice, his potential General Election opponent for U.S. Senate, agrees with the sentiment but says it’s a little too late for regret.

Aspects of the act are meant to increase energy production to lower energy costs while increasing investment in domestic manufacturing supply chains.

That includes billions of dollars in incentives, according to Manchin’s office, such as infrastructure reinvestment loan guarantees to help existing coal and natural gas plants with upgrades to improve efficiency, adopt environmental controls or install carbon capture equipment.

The Form Energy battery plant project in Weirton is directly associated with the Inflation Reduction Act. Both Manchin and Justice have applauded the plant’s development.

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm submitted comments this week supporting expedited progress on the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would transport natural gas to East Coast markets. She tied her comments to the Inflation Reduction Act.

But Manchin went on a high-profile program this week, Sean Hannity’s primetime opinion show on Fox, and said the Biden Administration has overshot the rollout of green energy aspects of the act. Manchin said it’s gone way past what he intended.

Joe Manchin

Manchin’s office put out a press release this week with the headline “Manchin threatens to repeal Inflation Reduction Act.”

“They broke their word to the American public… This legislation was balanced. In the next ten years we are going to have enough fossil fuel to run our country and to help our allies around the world,” Manchin said on Hannity’s show.

“We will also be investing in hew technology for the future. Now, the Biden Administration has disregarded this completely. This was about energy security and we have not heard a word about energy security out of their mouths since it was passed. It’s all about the environment.”

Manchin continued, “If the administration does not honor what they said they would do and continue to liberalize what we are supposed to invest in over the net ten years, I will do everythin gin my power to prevent that from happening.

“And if they don’t change, then I would vote to repeal my own bill.”

Jim Justice

Justice, at a briefing today, characterized the Inflation Reduction Act as a mistake and said it’s too late to correct it.

“How can we be so silly, really and truly, when it boils right down to it?” Justice said in response to a question by Mark Curtis of Nexstar Media Group.

“Joe had to be out of his mind to go along with this, and on top of that it could very well cost tens of thousands of job opportunities in this state. There’s no question.”

Of the suggestion that the act could be repealed, Justice said, “What’s going to happen then? What is going to happen? I promise you what’s going to happen. Then that quick, Biden just vetoes it. And it’s law. I mean, for crying out loud there is no recourse hardly here.”

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