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Keep Your Message on the Move

Your customers are in constant motion. Radio and Internet are the mediums that follows them throughout the day – from the bedside radio alarm in the morning to their computers at home and at work and even through drive-thru window on the way home from work. Radio and Online advertising is the most cost efficient and effective way of getting your message to all your potential customers in West Virginia.

The Voice of West Virginia

MetroNews is the only true statewide medium. We are West Virginia’s only news, talk and sports network providing you the ability to reach nearly all of West Virginia through a single source. MetroNews and wvmetronews.com is where West Virginians tune for compelling news and information, statewide talk programming, high school sports, Mountaineer sports and much more. Whether discussing current events with Hoppy Kercheval or the latest Mountaineer football game with Tony Caridi, listeners feel at home with the MetroNews broadcast team.

We’ve Got You Covered

MetroNews can get your message to listeners in all 55 counties in West Virginia and beyond at a fraction of what it costs to buy stations individually. With nearly 60% of the state’s population living outside the metropolitan areas, reaching your potential customers can be very difficult. Every week MetroNews reaches nearly one million West Virginians with great radio stations both in the metro areas as well as those hard to reach rural areas where local television is spotty at best and newspapers may be nonexistent. Our user friendly website wvmetronews.com has an average of more than 260,000 unique visitors every month giving you a tremendous opportunity to not only allow your potential customers to hear your message but also see your products first hand. This interactive medium puts the people of West Virginia and world-wide only a click away from your business.

Border-to-Border Coverage Made Easy

Just as ABC, NBC and CBS broadcast national news coast to coast to their affiliate stations, MetroNews broadcasts border-to-border to our affiliate stations in West Virginia. That’s the essence of a state radio network, and we are the largest, per capita reached, state radio network in America. With MetroNews, all it takes is one call to achieve statewide results. MetroNews IS the voice of West Virginia.

Not Just News and Sports

In addition 13 updated newscasts every hour and 3 updated sportscasts daily, which are heard statewide on a variety of radio station formats, MetroNews is home to many very popular, long-form programs which air both on radio and are streamed LIVE online.  Shows like Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval, Sportsline with Tony Caridi and High School GameNight with Fred Persinger are just a few of the award winning programs offered by MetroNews.

Why Advertise on MetroNews and wvmetronews.com?

If you’re planning a statewide or regional marketing campaign in West Virginia, you need to reach as many people as possible. Also, you will want to reach people who have money to spend on your product or service… people in large cities and small towns…busy people who are in constant motion.

MetroNews and wvmetronews.com is without question the most effective and efficient combination for you to get your message to West Virginians.

If you limit your marketing to spot radio buys in the cities, consider who you will miss… It’s the growing population residing in the outlying counties and bedroom communities which translates into West Virginia’s buying power.  More than 60% of our population lives outside of the cities.

Every advertising dollar you spend is an investment into your future… so, invest wisely. As your one stop shop for radio and online advertising in West Virginia, MetroNews and wvmetronews.com will deliver statewide results for you!

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