High School Football

Kill a wallhanger buck? Catch a trophy fish? Trap that elusive and unusual critter? Did your son or daughter kill their first squirrel? We want to see it and show it to the world in our Trophy Room.

We ask that all photos be tasteful. Pictures containing alcohol or cigarettes will not be posted. We will not accept any photos depicting blood, an animal’s tongue, or animals that have been mutilated or are posed in an unnatural state.

This is a memory you’ll want to cherish forever, here are some suggestions.

  • Take time to wipe away blood
  • Use the woods, lake, river, or other natural background for your photo. Try to steer away from “truck-bed” photos
  • Show the rifle, shotgun, bow, flyrod, or fishing pole in the picture with you. Make sure the guns are on safety and are depicted in a safe position (i.e. not pointed at your head.)
  • Include with your photo your name, hometown, age, where you killed or caught your trophy, and the date.
  • It doesn’t matter if your trophy wasn’t in West Virginia, a good story is a good story…PERIOD.

Enter a photo of your trophy to Win!