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Jackson Chapman of Fraizer's Bottom,W.Va. with is first ever spring gobbler, killed during the 2020 season in West Virginia
Tanner Faulkner of  Nebo, W.Va. with a gobbler killed  April 22 2020 in  Randolph County , W.Va. , 18 lbs., with a 10 1/4 inch  beard,
William Walter and his son Marco score during the 2020 youth spring gobbler season.  Tiffany Warner, age 16, of Riverton, W.Va. with a spring gobbler killed during the 2020 season.   The bird had a 10 and 1/4 inch beard and one inch spursSophie Mullins of Craigsville, W.Va. with a big haul of morel mushrooms she found in the hills of West Virginia in 2020.
Jerod Harman of Buckhannon, W.Va. with a 50-inch musky caught while fishing at Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County in early 2019. Nick Riggins of Elkins, W.Va. with a 10 pt buck killed on the opening day of the 2019 archery season in Preston County. Rick Friend of St. Albans, W.Va. with a brown trout caught on an undisclosed stream in June 2019Richard Mallory of South Charleston, W.Va. caught in September 2019 at Chief Logan State Park Pond in Logan County.  Jay Wymer of Winfield, W.Va. says his wife has outfished him all year and sent along this picture of a 2 pound white perch (drum) she caught from Hurricane Creek in Putnam County, W.Va.   Tiffany Warner of Riverton, W.Va. with a 12 point buck taken with a crossbow during the 2019 hunting season. Sam Southall of Ravenswood, W.Va. with a nice musky caught on a handmade Annitta Robinson of Cross Lanes, W.Va. has had a rough year. She underwent two hip replacements, but says her husband still made sure she had a blind set up behind their house, where she was able to take this nice buck
Lexi Marcum, age 13, of Chapmanville, W.Va. with her first ever mud cat.  Unknown where she caught it.  Kolten Kirk, age 12, with a whopper of a largemouth bass caught from a family farm pond in Mason County, W.Va. Jacob Martin, age 9, with a giant blue catfish caught in Raleigh County, W.Va. Mike Wright of Jodie, W.Va. with a nice largemouth bass caught in October 2019.;  Mike caught the fish on a crankbait, but didn't reveal where or share how much it weighed.
Chris Erskine of Clendenin, W.Va. with a nice 8 point buck killed with a bow in 2019 while hunting in Kanawha County. Parker Wood, age 12, of Summersville with his first ever archery kill.  This doe was feeding on acorns and Parker shot it from a ground blind while hunting with his dad in Nicholas County during the 2019 season. Jason Diamond of Omar, W.Va. with an 11-point buck he killed in Logan County during the 2019 archery season.
Todd Taylor of Alexandria, Va. with a buck he killed while bowhunting in Marion County, W.Va.
Dakota Yoak, age 13, of Mannington, W.Va. got himself a fall bird, his first turkey, in the 2019 hunting season.
Nicholas Cooper of Kerens, W.Va. killed his first buck, this six point, while hunting private land in Randolph County, W.Va. in October 2019John McGraw of Westoverr, W.Va. sends along this pic of his grandson Emmet, age 7, who caught this catfish off the boat dock in Star City from the Monongahela River.   They were done fishing for the day, but Emmet was showing his mom and dad how he had learned to cast when the cat hit.  Ronald King of Blacksville, W.Va. with a nice rainbow trout caught in October 2019 while fishing near Petersburg, W.Va.
Aubrey Newbraugh, age 7, of Morgantown, W.Va. with a buck killed during the 2018 youth season. Leland Champ, age 10, of Camden on Gauley, W.Va. with his first ever deer.  He killed this 7 point buck on the opening day of the 2019 archery season in Webster County, W.Va. Tiffany Warner, 16, of Riverton, West Virginia with a 225 lb. black bear killed during the early bear season in 2019. Daniel Deuly of Frametown, W.Va. shares a picture of what he called his  buck of a lifetime killed in Braxton County during the 2016 rifle season.
Chrissy Lemasters and Jasi Butler of Buckhannon sat over a mock scrape and a prime feeding and doe bedding area to kill this beautiful 19” wide, Randolph County, W.Va. buck.Andrew Glasscock sends along this pic of his grandson Kolton.  Kolton caught this lunker, his first fish, while fishing in a private pond back in June 2019, in South Charleston using a worm.  John Eary of Summersville, W.Va. is an avid fly fisherman who always wanted to fish the flats for bone fish.  As you can see, he got the chance during a recent trip to the Bahamas.
Tomas Blankenbeckler of Stollings, W.Va. shot this nice buck only ten minutes after climbing into the stand on his first day of hunting.
Michael Gordon of Hurricane, W.Va. with one of more than 30 rainbow trout he caught and released while camping with friends during a week in 2019 on the Cranberry River, about seven miles behind the locked gate. All caught on spinnersAshley Ridenour of Newburg, with her first ever black bear, a moment shared with her husband and 2-year old
Mark Hoke of Sinks Grove, W.Va. with a monster catfish caught on a fishing trip at Santee-Cooper, South CarolinaKyra Duffield of East Bank, W.Va. with a sizeable carp she caught while fishing on the Kanawha River near her hometown of East Bank.
Geary Legg of Newton, W.Va. sends a cool picture of this gray squirrel he took on the Walback WMA during September 2019 hunting with his Thompson Contender in 22 LR.
Bill Sparks of Buckhannon, W.Va. says it was a lucky morning for him when he got to take this eight point buck with his bow in 2019.
Hunter Faulkner of Bridgeport killed his first squirrel during the 2019 hunting season in Nicholas County with a pellet rifle.
Todd White of Clarksburg, W.Va. shares this picture of his son Dakota, age 10, with his first deer, killed at about 20 yards with a crossbow.  Bryan Dunlap of Uneeda, W.Va. bird-dogged this nice largemouth on a grass bed while fishing from a kayak on Upper Mud River Reservoir in Lincoln County.  He says the fish actually towed him around as he tried to land it.
Ledger Johnson, age 3, of Arthurdale, W.Va. is mighty fascinated and proud of this small mouth he caught on the South Branch of the Potomac River.  It was the little guy's first fish!Jerod Harman caught this 6-pound, 13 ounce largemouth on a buzzbati at Stonewall Jackson Lake.   It was a fish which had been tagged by the WVDNR at least three years earlier.
Keith Cutright of Buckhannon, W.Va. shares this photo of his dog Cooper after a successful opening day of pheasant hunting in Pennsylvania with a buddy.
Waylon Shock, age 8, of Worthington, W.Va. with his first deer.
Ken Mealey of Morgantown, W.Va. shows off a rainbow trout he caught on the Cheat River which weighed 3 pounds 15 ouncesLee Samsell of Morgantown had a good day of trout fishing in the Smoke Hole Canyon during the 2019 fall trout stocking
Brandon Lee of French Creek, W.Va. and his daughter Ryley, age 5, pose with Ryley's first black bear, which she took in the early bear season of 2019 hunting in Randolph County.  Ty Finster, age 11, of Thornton, W.Va. killed this 350 pound bruiser on his first ever bear hunt in 2019Cousins Braylee and Laurel Pugh of Beaver, W.Va. had a great afternoon of squirrel hunting in 2019 on the Burnsville WMA in Braxton County.Tom Moses of Bluefield, Va. with a New River smallmouth he caught in the heat of an August day.
Chad Dickerson of Kenna, W.Va. had this 10 point walk by without presenting a shot while hunting in Cabin Creek area of Kanawha County.  He hunted two more weeks, and finally got the shot.
Wesley Caruthers of Sissonville, W.Va. killed this nice buck during the rut in November 2019.
Steven Ratz, with a mallard duck taken in the 2019 hunting season on the Guyandotte River in Logan County.
Charles Hill of Moorefield, W.Va. tells us Spring Run in Grant County is one of  his favorite place to fish, because it's a fly fishing only stream. It's where he caught (and released)  this rainbow on hand tied red worm using a 6 1/2 ft ferrilight fly rod
Linda Snyder of Kincaid, W.Va. with a 10 point buck killed with a crossbow in Fayette County, W.Va.  Chad Shay, age 3 with his Daddy, Jared Shay of Rowlesburg, WV show off a nice trout caught on the Cheat River in Preston County
Doug Snyder of Kincaid, W.Va. killed his first ever bear with a cross bow in November 2019.
Deliah Cantrell of Procioius, W.Va. with a buck killed with a crossbow.  It's her third buck in four years after beating cancer and deciding to give crossbow hunting a try.
Mazee Dalton of Morgantown killed her first buck with a bow during the 2019 bowhunting season.
Hunter Kise of Jodi, W.Va. with a 13 point buck killed with his bow.  No word on the county where he killed it.
Zachary Brannon of Chloe, W.Va. shows off the first buck he killed with a crossbow.  Taken in November 2019
Terry Osborne of Given , W.Va. killed his first deer during the early antlerless hunting season in West Virginia in October 2019.
Austin Dickerson of Kenna, W.Va. hunted with his family for almost an entire week before finally catching up with the buck he had been after in the 2019 rifle season.
Saylem Blake, age 12, of Oak Hill, W.Va. with his first ever buck, killed in Doddridge County, W.Va. on opening day of the 2019 buck season
Tracy King of Worthington, W.Va. killed this buck on the third day of the gun season 2019.
Matthew Kittle of Belington, W.Va. killed this nice buck on his Barbour County farm during the 2019 rifle season.
 Caleb Morton, age 14, of Rosedale, W.Va. with a 14 point buck killed during the 2019 rifle season in Nicholas County, W.Va.  Levi Marshall, age 7 , of Harrison County, W.Va. proudly shows off his first buck killed in Lewis County during the 2019 buck hunting season.
Natasha Hosey of Cowen, W.Va. said she had hunted for three years with her husband trying to kill a buck..and this year it finally happened.
John Cottrell of Weston, W.Va. with a nice 10 point buck killed in 2019 in Clay County, W.Va.
John Cottrell of Weston, W.Va. and his cousin Blake Coleman with a bear John got on 11/27/2019 in Clay County, W.Va.
Dave Whittaker of Belington, W.Va. with a buck killed November 24, 2019 in Barbour County, W.Va. Jeremy Bailey of Richwood, W.VA. with a nice 11 point buck killed during the 2019 rifle season in Nicholas County, W.Va.
Caden Mongold of Petersburg, W.Va. with a mule deer killed in October 2019 in Buenaventura’s Vista Colorado
 Mason Ewing, age 7,  of Lubeck, W.Va.  with his first deer taken with a .223 rifle on the first morning of the 2019 buck season. Joey Mahaney, age 17, of Farmington, W.Va. with the 11 point buck he killed in Marion County, W.Va.
Rusty Lane of Marlinton, W.Va. with a four-point buck he killed on opening day while hunting in the Monongahela National Forest in Pocahontas County, W.Va.
Cole Harris, age 8, of Fairmont, W.Va. with is first deer killed with a crossbow during the 2019 archery seasonIt was quite a season for Russel Wiseman's family of Shady Spring, W.Va. Russell Wiseman of Shady Spring, W.Va. shares a picture of his first eight point buck.  He didn't share where he killed it.
Frank Lewis (pictured right) shot this 19 3/4 wide 8 point while hunting in Hardy county WV on the opening evening of the 2019 buck firearms season. Pictured on the right is Jason Keplinger (landowner)Josh Swisher of Hurricane, W.Va. killed this buck near Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County, W.Va.
Drew Sallada of Hurricane, W.Va. with a couple of winter time smallmouth caught on the Kanawha River near the State Capitol.
Todd White of Clarksburg, W.Va.  killed this nice buck during the 2019 rifle season while hunting a farm in Taylor County, W.Va.
Caden Robinson, age 14, of Chapmanville, W.Va. killed this black bear in Boone County during rifle season. Wesley Caruthers of Sissonville, W.Va. caught this monster musky during a musky tournament in 2019.  He didn't share where he caught the fish
Rick Mallory of South Charleston, W.Va. received a guided elk hunt in Missouri as a birthday present from his daughter Kristina. This is how it turned out...nice present!!!!!
Markus Ross of Weston, W.Va. with a 50-inch musky caught from Stonecoal Lake
Philip Mullenax of Phillippi, W.Va. sends along this picture of a young man named Remington and his first catfish.
R. Brent Scott said his dad put him on the stand on a cold day in November--and he stayed about a half hour longer than he was clearly worth the wait.
Dustin Vaughan of Pigeon, W.Va. with a catfish caught at Walback Lake in Clay County.
Tighe Martin. of Dunbar, Pa. lost his dad in a hunting accident a y ear ago.  Despite the emotional difficulty, Tight's mom took him hunting this year and with dad watching somewhere, Tighe killed this nice buck in Green County, Pa.  Levi Hicks, age 10, of Mount Hope, W.Va. killed this nice buck with a crossbow while hunting with his grandpa in Raleigh County, W.Va.   It marks Levi's seventh buck!
Ernest Staddon of Morgantown with a buck killed on the opening day of of 2019 in Ritchie County, W.Va.
Micah Ertel, Age 9, of Petersburg with his first squirrel killed in Grant County,W.Va. with his Henry Lever Action 22.
Brianna Walker, age 14, of Wardensville, W.Va.  with her first buck.  She killed it opening day of rifle season in Hardy County, W.Va.
Skippy Winter of Fairmont, W.Va.  with three bluegills and a crappie caught while fishing a frozen lake in Wisconsin.
David Clark of Belle, W.Va. sends along a picture of Brooke's first deer.
Horns down, antlers up.  Dale McQuain of Richmond, Ky. killed this buck in Upshur County, W.Va. on the Friday after Thanksgiving 2019.
Debbie Hoard of Summersville, W.Va. with her buck from the 2019 season.
Braylie Wiseman, age 15, of with a first buck--an 8-pointer from the 2019 season.
Damian Runner, age 13, of Aurora, W.Va. with his first buck killed during the Ohio youth season in 2019. Jeff Holbert of Scott Depot, W.Va. with a 14 point buck killed in 2019 in Mingo County.
Joe Bragg of Westover, W.Va. with a fall steelhead caught on a tributary of Lake Erie on a fly rod and a streamer patterned after bait fish. Tripp Runner age 6 of Aurora, W.Va. with his first buck.  Colton Wiseman, 18, of Shady Spring, W.Va. with his first 8 point buck killed during the 2019 rifle season.
William Way of Lumberport, W.Va. shares a picture of a nice brook trout he caught while fall fishing on Otter Creek in the West Virginia mountains.
Brad Cayton of Buckhannon, W.Va. with a monster crappie he caught and released in April 2019 fishing at Burnsville Lake.  The big fish weighed 3 pounds-8 ounces
Mason Tiffner, age 12, of Pickens, W.Va. killed his first big buck with a bow while hunting in Logan County in 2019.  Joseph Riggleman, age 13, of Moorefield, W.Va. with a buck killed during the 2019 season
Jeremy Hyre of Independence, W.Va. killed this 7 point buck in a place he called Hickory Ridge Farm
Danielle Ledsome of Camden on Gauley, W.Va. with a nice rainbow pulled from Summit Lake. Danielle tells us she released it after the picture.
William Carney with a 14 point buck killed in Kanawha County, Carney said it was the biggest buck of his life.
Steven Ratz of Wilkinson, W.Va. shows off his first black duck killed on the Ohio River.
Wayne Schwartzmiller and his son Caden with Caden's first buck killed in Upshur County, W.Va. during the 2019 buck season.
Ashley Clevenger of Williamsburg, W.Va. with a buck killed with a bow during the 2019 season.
Chuck Bickel of Webster Springs, W.Va. caught this rainbow trout while fishing in the tail waters of Burnsville Lake in May 2019. Fish weighted 8.5 pounds and was 24.5 inches long.
Matt Lambert of Fayetteville, W.Va. with a cow elk, his first, killed near Avon, Montana in November 2019
Christina Asher of Lumberport, W.Va. shares a two-fur.  An 11 point buck killed in Harrison County, her first with a crossbow, and a massive muskie (43.5 inches) caught trolling at Stonewall Jackson Lake.
Charles Gordon of Auburn, W.Va. snapped this picture  of a deer along Route 74 in Ritchie County near Pullman, W.Va. Roberta Hatcher of French Creek, W.Va. with a nice largemouth caught at Stonewall Jackson Lake.
Eddie Vincent of Buckhannon, W.Va. shows off a rainbow trout caught from the Holly River
Jake Phillips of Hambleton, W.Va. killed this 8-point buck during the second week of the 2019 gun season in Tucker County, W.Va.
Gunner Ours of Petersburg, W.Va. caught his first trout while fishing in a creek near his family's farm in Grant County.
Gary Lane of Waverly, W.Va. killed this nice 12 point buck on the opening day of the 2019 rifle season in Wood County, W.Va.
Summer Blosser of Morgantown shows off a catfish caught from a Monongalia County farm pond.
Five-year old Kenleigh Robinson of New Martinsville, W.Va. shows off a nice sauuger she caught at the hydro dam in New Martinsville.
Walt Williams of Cross Lanes, W.Va. caught this dandy 6.4 pound largemouth from Elk Fork Lake in Jackson County on a hot August day in 2019.
Hunter Kise of Jodie, W.Va. killed this 13 pointer with a bow during the 2019 season.  He didn't share the county
Mark Falkenstein of Terra Alta, W.Va. with a big mule deer killed in Colorado in 2019.  It's a 6 x 6 with a 27 inch spread.
Ken Mealey of Morgantown, W.Va. sends along a picture of a 6 pound, 12 ounce rainbow trout he caught from the Cheat River in Preston County, W.Va.  The fish measured about 25 inches. David Stone of Spurlockville, W.Va. sends along this picture--but didn't tell us who the young lady is, only that it's the first trout of the year caught at Chief Logan Pond in Logan County, W.Va.
Bryan Wilson of Williamstown, W.Va. with a nice walleye caught on a creek chub below the Willow Island Lock and Dam.
Logan Hosaflook and his grandfather Jerry Hosaflook doubled up on opening day 2019. Grandpa's buck was the biggest deer to ever come off our family farm in Doddridge County, W.Va.  and the biggest buck of his life at age 72.
Ronald Bolyard of Tunnelton, W.Va. with a 40 pound bobcat he trapped in Preston County.
Donnie Rexrode of Maysville, W.Va. with two bobcats he killed with a bow just minutes apart.
Craig Archer of New Martinsville, W.Va. shows off a hybrid striper caught from the Ohio River at the Hannibal Lock and Dam Hydro Plant in 2018
Derek Tucker of Hurricane, W.Va. shares a picture of a giant musky and a memory made with his young son. Brody Westerman, age 12, of Charleston, W.Va. with his biggest bass which weighed 5 pounds. Johnny Casey, age 7, with his first deer killed in Mason County, W.Va. Johnny Casey, age 6, of Ravenswood, W.Va. with his first ever bass caught from a farm pond in Mason County, W.Va. John Casey of Ravenswood shares this picture of bucks killed by his family on their family farm in Mason County after self imposed antler restrictions over a nine year period.

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