Former Orange Park (Fla.) defensive end De’Asian Richardson, one of two four-star prospects among West Virginia’s 22 commitments for 2013, flipped his pledge to Louisville on Friday, according to a report from’s Cardinal Authority and’s InsideTheVille websites.

Richardson, a 6-foot-3, 285-pounder who held scholarship offers from 24 Division I programs, was dismissed at Orange Park in September after the third game of his senior season, where Raiders head coach Danny Green said “I had issues with the young man.”

Richardson had committed to WVU over Oklahoma in August, but made just eight tackles in three games before the disciplinary problems Green referenced led him to transfer to First Coast High School in Jacksonville.

“It was unfortunate I had to dismiss him — I’ve never had to do that before,” Green said Friday. “But I’m not going to tolerate the way he was acting.”

Green, who said he hasn’t communicated with Richardson since he changed schools, did not think Louisville was a serious contender to sign the player before last season.

Reportedly holding offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida State, UCLA, Michigan State, Pitt, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, Richardson has yet to qualify academically and could be a candidate for prep school regardless of which school signs him. Green said academic counselors were working with Richardson on ACT preparations when he transferred.

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  • scott

    Guess what there scout...we aint Bama...never have been and are not going to be.

    We cant make kids come to Morgantown...we never have and never will and to sit here and keep saying that is assanine, pointless.

    No grades, no heart,...good riddance


  • scott

    ....if he ever plays...and if he wants to play for Petrino..why would anybody want him.

  • Dusty

    With his back ground, he will fit in just fine with Loserville ...Especially since they will be placed on probation soon......

  • Shadow

    Despite all the negative comments, the kid has more sense than the people give him. He watched the Louisville-Florida game and the WVU-Syracuse game. If you were him, where would you go? That's a no-brainer.

  • Harleymick

    There are many three star players that deserve four or five stars and vice versa. Two rating services cannot accurately judge two hundred high school players, much less two thousand. You recruit to your needs and style of play.

  • chad

    Just look at this kids picture. You can tell by looking at him that he is dumber than a a bag of headless hammers. He'll never see a D-1 field.

  • David

    You are correct. Only 4 star we had. He turned out pretty good.

  • WVWho

    Try of the top rated AP backs from Maryland. He wasn't grown he came preloaded.

  • Holgs Fan

    Tavon was a four-star recruit if I remember correctly. He was the baddest man in the state of Md.

  • Helen5844

    Still hoping for some hugh defensive players and a couple running backs like Lacy. We have not had a good one sense Owen schmitt.
    Looking forward to next year. We now have an understanding of the Big 12 so I figure we will do really good next year. GOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS
    Also looking forward to seeing many of our players in the NFL.

  • Shawn G

    I believe Tavon was a two star!

  • Duane

    Alabama has nine ESPN 150 players starting in the national championship game! I don't care how good a coach is, without good players they're not going to win!

  • WVWho

    Louisville just won a BCS bowl and will be in a better position to consistently compete in the ACC than with the sinking 'Eers in the Big 12. Smart move. Solid D starts on the line and WVU needs all the 4 star lineman they can get. Say what you want, this is a huge hit.

  • unclec

    Give me kids with heart, stars beside there name means nothing, on the field counts. Still say more players from WV they have pride not a ride

  • bandit1426

    They may be four or five star recruits, but the also have the attitude of a spoiled teenager. They come in thinking thw world and the school they're going to owes them something. Then, when they get in trouble the first time, and get disiplined for it, they throw a hissy fit and make the school look bad cause they're being stupid. can keep the four and five stars and the crappy attitudes that go with them. I'll go with the three stars that play to play, not try to impress the world.


    Finally someone with some common sense


    Yea, thats Bamas secret to their success too

  • cutty77

    i don't pay any attention to any kids untill they sign in The First Wednesday in Feb,and nobody else should

  • Greg

    I guess the prospect of road tripping to Durham and Wallace Wade Outdoor Stadium to play in front of friends and family is more aliuring than road tripping to Austin to play in front of 100K plus at DKR Memorial! Of course those ACC road trips will give him the opportunity to get all liquored up on that famous Franklin County moonshine and go cow tipping in Blacksburg. Always a must.

  • Wenkev

    Stars beside the name are overrated. What this WVU team needs is depth to compete. Give me three 2-3 star athletes any day vs one 4-5 star prospect.

  • Boothe

    Even when Richardson "committed" to WVU, Allan's article said that he planned to take his other visits.
    Bob Stoops said OU doesn't count a it as a commitment from a guy if he's still taking other visits - and they'll offer his offer to someone else...

  • tiger lily

    give me all the four and five star players we can get,,, that way we might be able to compete,,, a great team starts off with great players,, and can play immediately instead of waiting till they are seniors. to produce.

    you can have all the two stars you want, not me,,,

  • Clay Raines

    Everybody I have heard was that the kid was never gonna set foot on campus anyways so no loss

  • Jon

    I agree Art, give me all the three star guys with average to good talent but with a good to excellent heart instead of these four and five star prima donnas and I'll show you a winning TEAM.

  • Jon

    This guy decommitted from Florida to commit to use. Let this locker room cancer go somewhere else.

  • Art in Ohio

    Glad he did this now instead during his sophomore season leaving us short. From what I can see we are better off. Get the three star over achievers like Pat White and Steve Slaton.

  • Ed

    Marshall will take him.

  • cwest37802

    He wont qualify anyway so we never really had him to begin with he has grade problems good luck to him.