UPDATE: The wife of a man murdered Sunday on Charleston’s West Side says her husband was a hero.

Michael Cassel, 36, died Sunday night at his home on Red Oak Street after being gunned down by Patrick Price, 34, in what police said was a murder-suicide.

Cassel was home with his wife, 11-year-old daughter and sister-in-law at the time of the shooting.


Photo from Charleston Police

Charleston Police say they knew shooter Patrick Price.

In an interview with WSAZ Monday, the victim’s wife, Erin Cassel, said Price forced his way into the home and the next thing she heard was gunshots.

“And I turned around and looked and I see my husband and Mr. Price on the floor,” Erin Cassel told WSAZ. “And grabbed my baby and I ran.”

Police said Price intentionally targeted Cassel in the incident. Erin Cassel told WSAZ that her husband had tried to protect a teenage girl that was sexually abused by Price. That girl was a friend of the family.

Cassel said her husband is a hero because he saved the teenage girl’s life and their lives as well.

“That’s how I see it, my husband died a hero,” said Cassel. “And now we’re praying and hoping that we get the little girl and we get to have her here with us so that we know that she is safe and my husband did not die in vain.”

Erin Cassel, her daughter and sister were not hurt in the shooting.

Police said Price had a criminal history.




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Charleston Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper told reporters Monday what happened on Charleston’s West Side was not a typical murder-suicide.

It wasn’t a random act of violence. Charleston Police say a murder-suicide that took place Sunday evening on the city’s West Side was premeditated.

Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper says Michael Cassel, 36, was gunned down in his own home around 9:30. Lt. Cooper says Patrick Price, 34, forced his way into the home at 926 Red Oak Street.

“[This crime was] definitely not random. The suspect in this case specifically targeted the victim for what we believe to be a specific purpose,” according to Cooper.

Police are not releasing what the purpose was but they say they believe they’ve pinpointed the motive.

Cooper says the victim and Price were acquainted.

“It could be termed a home invasion but the parties were known to each other,” Cooper said.

When Price shot and killed the victim. He wasn’t the only one in the house.

“The victim’s wife and child were in the house at the time and they fled when the shots were fired.”

Cooper says it was the wife who called 911 to report the crime. Neither she nor the 11-year old were injured.

Detectives say this was not your average crime.

“Typically a murder-suicide we would see would be a husband/wife or some type of relationship like that. In this instance, it wasn’t that,” Lt. Cooper said.

Cassel was shot multiple times in his bedroom and was killed instantly. Cooper says there’s still a few loose ends to wrap up.



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  • Alice

    Shut. Not the curse word.

  • by stander

    As some one who is reading this for the first time, I must say after Mr.Cassells death his wife and sister in law sure did a number to his name and did not follow up with the care ofr the young girl in this story . Infact as his sister in law states "around 10 thousand dollars" was raised online for funeral services but she didnt get a dime of the money as his wife is a known drug user who takes horse tranculizers among other things . So why should they even be on housing or recieving state or goverment assistance as they apparently receive mr. cassells social security and tanf assistance ? i still feel bad for the children who are involved in this situation for its the parents who caused micheal cassells death!

  • V.E.G.

    Yow! While Cassell is the direct descendant of an Endicott, so does yet another hero, "Uncle" Alan Burton Hall! Mercy! So many heroes share the same ancestor as "Uncle" Hall!

  • V.E.G.

    Michael Gene Cassell died a hero! Cassell is a direct descendant of the one of the founders of Germantown, Pennsylvania, Johannes Cassell. Cassell shares the same ancestor as Sally DeWees, became a mother at 10 years old and a cousin of General Custer!

  • victums son

    Ok my dad died and all you people can think about is people on hud are quote bad peolple my mom is on hud so you people just dobt post stupid crap on here plz for his sake

    • baby jessica p

      miss u

    • baby jessica p

      i agree i am the other victims friend who father did this crap. i really love them and u think that all this crap is any of ur buisness. just shut up. love u victims son. u know who i am.

    • V.E.G.

      I am sorry for your loss. God bless.


    Why are any of you having this conversation?? Right or wrong, rich or poor, HUD or regular housing, people lost their lives. Two families are devastated by these events. Children are ruined because of foolish acts. I find it cold and impersonal and ignorant to sit on here and discuss issues like these. Where is our kindness, compassion, love, and possible prayer or talking to buddha or whatever you might do in difficult times ---because there are so many impacted by these events. We are all the problem and we need to learn how to act like neighbors, family, and friends, instead of pointing the finger and blame.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in this unfortunate event. May you be comforted during this difficult time.

  • sweety83

    Excuse me everyone on hud are drug dealers and worthless. OK, that is not a correct statement at all, I am on housing assistance, I also work and go to school, I am a senior in college, I do no drugs at all, but people like you give people like me a bad name. Yeah I get help but if it wasn't for that help I'd be working two jobs n never seeing my children. I have two kids n can't have anymore. I thank the state for their help because without it I would be drowning in debt n never been able to pursue an education. It is sad that you Blaim these things on welfare, when in all honesty if their parents could have spent more time with their children to teach them respect n morals we would not have this problem. But no in today's economy it is virtually impossible for one parent to stay home, most families both parents must work to pay bills. Now back in the day, only father's worked, when the mother was removed from the home many problems arose. So before you start pointing fingers, maybe you should think about what you are saying. Statistics show the decline of morals n respect after the mother figures were forced to work. And as for people on HUD it is extremely hard for them to get out of the program. It is designed that every dollar you make is two out of their pockets, not only do they get charged dollar per dollar with HUD it also happens with snap benefits. So why don't you preach to government to help without restricting, or is your that gun hoe about it, drug test them, won't matter if you do, you will only get marijuana users out of program BC the pill heads, Meth heads, and coke heads can be clean in 3 days. Horrible that you all bring this up during a tragedy. I send prayers to both families, and hope that peace n forgiveness fills their souls.

    • baby jessica p

      shut up

    • scott

      No everyone...Dave has spoken and we have the answer!!!!!

      We shall all run with Dave......

      Thank goodness for Dave

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  • polarbear

    You all need need to stop trying to use this tradgey to further your political points of view.

  • Michael

    Good come back. If you know the facts of the situation and are inded correct, I apologize. But I doubt you know enough just yet to assume the following, "sit on their rear ends, have kids left and right, do drugs and get rewarded for it, the more this is going to happen." Until you can supply me with the actual facts, I stand by my assessment that you are part of the problem.

    • Uncle Fester

      No Michael. Ultra liberals like you are the problem. Outlaw liberalism and the US is back on the right track.

      • scott

        lets outlaw liberalism...and then celebrate the freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Great Post

  • Michael

    You two (David & Knuckleheaded) are part of the problem. You can't sit where you are and generalize statments like that. For God's sake, a man was shot and killed in front of his wife and 11 year old child and you two blame this on HUD and the Gov't. Plain and simple it is a tragedy, no matter if he was a HUD family or not. Your commemts are stupid at best.

    • David

      No, it's not "plain and simple" a tragedy.

      What's a tragedy is ignorant people like you and their naivety that allows crime and poverty to blossom and flourish.

      YOU, sir, are a part of the problem.

      • Juice

        David, do everyone a favor and don't comment anymore.

  • Levelheaded

    David has it, it's the old "idle hands are the devil's workshop" thing.

  • Concerned Citizen

    What happened?? This is too close to a grade school! People in this community need to take a stand and work on protecting each other instead of fighting and blaming each other. My heart goes out to all the families involved.

    • David

      What happened is that nearly every house in that community is HUD.

      The more government tells people they can sit on their rear ends, have kids left and right, do drugs and get rewarded for it, the more this is going to happen.