Detectives with the Bluefield Police Dept. are reviewing video surveillance after someone set one of the department’s cruisers on fire Friday morning in the department’s parking lot.

The fire was spotted at about 5:20 by Officer J.W. Murray, Jr. He grabbed a fire extinguisher before the Bluefield Fire Dept. arrived on the scene.

Officer Murray says an accelerant was used to start the blaze. The cruiser was destroyed.

A spokesman for the police dept. said detectives were involved in an active investigation Friday afternoon in hopes of finding out who is responsible.



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  • Tim C

    Democrat!!! Of course. But Bluefield has always been controlled by a few powerful people and that is the problem.

  • Tim C

    Bluefield has become "Little Detroit". Pretty crappy place to live and raise your kids. It used to be a beautiful city, but it is nothing short of a miniature urban trash dump now. Maybe we should all arm ourselves and walk the streets at night so we could rid ourselves of this disease. It's obvious the cops can't do it. They can't get out of their own shadow.

    • DWL

      What’s the political affiliation of the mayor, council and county commissioners? If it’s democratic, you have your answer!

  • C.Hoffman

    Pretty bold torching a patrol car in the department's parking lot. If an event such as this can happen there just imagine what could occur on and to your own person/property once the criminals know you have been disarmed. The media may even help by publishing a list and map showing where you live.

    • DWL

      Best bank to rob is the one next to the police station. Why? Because the public frowns on the officer(s) being there. They expect them to patrol their neighborhoods, but don’t ever stop one of them for a traffic violation.

  • Jon

    These criminals are just out of control. We need to ban guns, bullets, gasoline, matches, lighters and any other thing that you can think of so these criminals will just stop this and start obeying the law like the rest of us. Now won't that be nice.

    • DWL

      “Ban guns, bullets, gasoline, matches, lighters and any other thing that you can think of so these criminals”? You really can’t be that stupid! Lets ban liberal leftist lawmakers, judges & lawyers. They are the _$$es that have screwed the system up to this point. Not a one of them is worth the powder to blow their heads off, but the stupid voters in this state keep re-electing them. Insanity defines this state’s voters – “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      • Tony

        You obviously have no idea what sarcasm is do you DWL?