The former evidence technician at the Beckley Police Department must spend the next four years on probation after stealing evidence.

Gabriella Brown apologized during her sentencing hearing Monday morning in U.S. District Court in Bluefield.

Brown earlier pleaded guilty to taking several oxycodone pills that were collected as evidence and using them for herself. She admitted her drug addiction.

Brown’s attorneys argued sending her to prison would have created a dangerous situation because of her former position. U.S. District Judge David Faber sentenced her to four years probation.

Compromising of the evidence room last summer resulted in dozens of Raleigh County drug cases being dismissed.

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  • Furious

    Her father is a local judge in Raleigh county, Circuit Court Judge John Hutchison. Look at what drugs, particularly prescription pain killers, have done to southern WV. A man kills his stroke-impaired mother with a steak knife, documentaries like Oxyana are being premiered at international film festivals this month, and a judges daughter steals state's evidence to support her own habbit???? Where is the outrage???!!!

    • kdkcss37

      her daddy jus got her a job at wooten law offices as a paralegal.. i dont understand how her dad can remain a judge now, wont he b a little bias

  • Smokey

    I didn't think she would do any time, it surprised me she even got probation.
    She will probably draw unemployment and get her job back after her probation is over.
    Way to go justice system!!

  • Jima.

    I remember in Clarksburg when Deputy J.R.Moore was taking seized evidence in the Carl Lee Gallo case to Charleston to the state crime lab.....all the Cocaine went missing.Mr. Moore had a severe cocaine habit. I think he was suspended for 14 days.....if that was me or you we would still be doing time!

  • Matt

    Pathetic. What makes her different than all the other pill heads that do time? Way to go Justice System!


      I agree. The same happened in Berkeley County a couple years ago. A Deputy Sheriff took pills and the prosecutor only asked for a $5.00 fine and dismissal from the force. Unbelievable. Perfect example that cops and law enforcement technicains, etc are above the law and associated consequences.