CRAIGSVILLE, W.Va. — Two deputies with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department were recovering at Charleston Area Medical Center Saturday afternoon after being shot Saturday morning during a standoff near Craigsville.

The almost four hour long standoff ended early Saturday afternoon when a suspect, identified as John Evans, 84, of Nicholas County, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers.

Emergency officials said Evans had barricaded himself in his home after 9 a.m. Saturday after allegedly wounding Deputy Richard Tommy Allison from Richwood, who was shot in the stomach and face, and Deputy Hansford “Buddy” Stapleton from Summersville, who was shot in the leg.

Nicholas County authorities said the two deputies had initially responded to a call about an argument involving Evans and at least one of his neighbors.

Witness reports indicated more than two dozen law enforcement officers were involved.

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  • Brian

    Don't go in the holler and try to intervene in an altercation among the local hicks.

  • Mike

    Sherry you should move to CA. I'm sure they would love to have you. If you don't like it here carry on. I'm sure no one will miss you.

    No matter what the circumstance was in this case the man shot and wounded 2 officers. No way some one like that needed to be brought in alive. Dead means a 10 cent shell and a funeral. Alive means $100,000 tax payer trial and jail time that my tax money pays for when you already kniow what he did. Justice served. Just the cold hearted truth. Needs to happen more often.

    • Sherry

      I believe the officers acted appropriately. Nowhere did I say otherwise. It is still sad that a man who should not have had access to a gun wounded 2 sworn officers & is now dead. I am in no way anti police; they put their lives on the line daily & should be protected from situations like this. In fact, I am from a law enforcement family. And the officers I know support background checks as do the majority of the people in this country & this state.

  • Ron

    Lets just give up all of our guns and let the government take care of all problems. They are trustworthy and only care about our best interests. They are honest and decent people. You can't expect riff raff like us citizens to bear any responsibility with guns, knives or clubs. We are incompetent and need the government to treat us like children. I'm turning in all of my forks today. I'll eat with spoons. Makes it hard with green beans but forks are way too sharp.

  • Ex-Deputy

    My thoughts and prayers are with all involved. I never went to work wanting this to be part of my calls. After 20 plus years in the public service field. I realize it is all about reaction and training in a situation like this. It's not killing someone that is hard. It is living with it that's the hardest. Even if you are totally justified. Please understand and be supportive of the officers involved and don't judge. I am sure they will be judging there own selves for years to come. Cops are taught to shoot to kill not to wound. I believe the cops were just and very appropriate in there actions. The man had a shotgun and was actively shooting. They have a duty not only to protect the community but also to return to their families.

  • Anon

    You know I'm from this community and have a family member that is an officer that responded to the scene. It's disgusting that you people would use such a tragic event to feed your selfish need to assert your political positions and make others look stupid in the process. Meanwhile, three families and and entire county is hurting. All of you need to shut up and pray for all involved. Save your fighting for another day. Nicholas County has had enough of it today.

    • MrJ

      Well said, Anon.

      Some just don't get it. Prayers for all concerned, including the people of Nicholas County. They've had their share of tragedy.

  • Lilly

    At Last..Alzheimer's should of been taken in to consideration during the stand off. But more so the report from a local news was that eye witnesses say he stepped out onto his back porch never fired a shot and was killed..I wish this had turned out differently for all. But to say guns shouldn't be allowed in the hands of elderly people is waving a "come get me" flag to the perps watching and waiting.

    • Ann

      I beg to differ... He stepped out on that back porch and began firing upon the officers that were at the back, one of those officers was my husband... this man continued to fire upon them and they had no choice but to fire back and that's the real story....

  • Lilly

    I am from West Virginia!! Born and raised. My best friend is a state trooper. The concern here shouldn't be gun control but the issue of the ineptitude of the police to shoot a 84 yr old man. I hunt just as many Mountaineers do but I also carry for my protection and the protection of my family. I've had friends and family who have had terrible tragedies come to them who now refuse to be victims again and carry. Laws like the ones many propose would keep guns out of the hands of people who have the right to protect themselves from those who would other wise harm. If people armed themselves for protection just maybe tragedies that have happened in the past could of been prevented.

    • Sara

      Ineptitude of the police officers? Good gracious God, woman! What part of he SHOT two officers (both of which have families) and continued to open fire on multiple other officers do you not understand??? Alzheimer's is a terrible illness, but those officers acted in a responsible manner by protecting the community when this man refused to give up! The only ineptitude I see here is your ineptitude to grasp the concept they were being shot at by this man!!! If you will leave a number where you can be reached, I will pass it along to Nicholas County 911 so the next time a situation like this arises they may contact you to gain some of your wisdom on how to handle the situation, or better yet, YOU go out and put on a uniform, kiss your family good bye, and wonder if you will make it home to them at the end of your shift.

  • bjorn

    I am not a religious person. I do, however, believe it's time for God to "wipe the slate clean" and start over.

  • Sherry

    I never ceased to be amazed at the ignorant arguments "guns rights" advocates use to plead their case. Prayers for the deputies recovery & for their families & loved ones.

    • M.Corp0317

      What about the ignorant argument you make to resolve our Constitutional rights so that you can feel safe. " Those who give up essential liberties for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security." - Thomas Jefferson

    • DonaldH

      Sherry, if you would like to live somewhere where you "feel safe" from an armed public-- might I suggest Cuba,, or maybe Iran-- Russia might be to your liking as well or maybe South Africa... Who cares where you go,,, JUST GO!! and take that idiot Joe Manchin with you

      • Sherry

        As a resident of this state, I have as much right to my opinions as you. But it is beyond me how this very sad occasion becomes a platform for unregulated gun "rights."

  • Lilly

    Its our second amendment right to bear arms. We should pray for the officers and their families but it needs to be looked into as why a elderly man was shoot. As this reads no harm came to the neighbor so why was this 84 yrs old man shot and killed?? What was done to provoke such violence?So many people are being killed because of the arrogance of officers.

    • Sherry

      Lilly, obviously are, also, anti-law enforcement. No concern for the deputies. I used to get upset when people in other states ridiculed the prevalent igorance of West Virginians on so many issues. But since living here, I understand why they do.

      • AX MAN

        Sherry, Then why don't you leave, it normally takes an idiot to know one.

        • Sherry

          I have as much right to be here as you. I am finding that folks here use the "leave" if anything critical is said about WV. The fact is that most West Virginians do NOT agree with your opinion on background checks. The only persons concerned are those with something to hate?????

      • M.Corp0317

        This is becoming a problem in our great state. Idiots moving here from the north and trying to change who and what we are. If you don't like the way things are here move back to your true home. Guns have always been and will always be the right of a free people and society. You even have the right to move along without anyone stopping you.

      • DonaldH


    • At Last

      Hmm, Lilly... maybe it had something to do with the fact that the elderly man shot two deputies who were simply responding to a disturbance call. Would it have made you happier if the elderly man continued to fire his weapon injuring (or worse) additional law enforcement officers? Would it have made you happier if stray fire from this elderly man hit neighbors and children? Please enlighten us or better yet, explain why the elderly man (who was reported to have dementia) was allowed access to firearms to begin with!

    • Norma Thayer

      The neighbors were good people. This old man was also a good person. The disease alzheimers or dementia has NO knowledge between right and wrong. I am a neighbor and I listened for 4 hrs as gunshots were fired. I am thankful I was as far away as I am. I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't want this man wandering through your neighborhood with a shotgun, not knowing what he was going to do. So the law was called and when they approached the residence, the officers were shot. It sounded like a battlefield, you never know what he was thinking, maybe he was thinking he was back in a war from years ago. I'm sure he probably never even remembered what the dispute was about! I heard him firing shots at the officers and them returning fire and trust me, I never want to hear that sound again. When he exited the house, he did so with a gun in hand, what choice did they have after him shooting the other 2 officers? Yes, there will always be lots of questions, with no answers. Prayers to the officers and their families, and the family of the elderly man. A sad situation, but people need to know the details before they go off on others.

      • Sherry

        Thank you for your insight. I, too, will pray for the officers & the families of all involved.

    • donnie

      Arrogance of the officers ?

      Do you have any idea how many times officers deal with idiots that have decided that whatever stupid act they committed requires them to arm themselves ? It happens a lot. I deal with idiots a lot. It has nothing to do with gun control. It has everything to do with mental health and taking responsibility for your own actions.

      People want to blame guns, blame cops, blame religion, blame their past life . The list goes on and on when in reality the only person to blame is themselves. That guy was the one responsible for the outcome of that encounter.

      Yes, I am a cop. Been one for 25 years and I can tell you from experience that 99.99% of us don't want to shoot anyone . Its just a part of the job.

      Keep in mind that when dealing with a cop, YOU are the one who determines the outcome of most encounters....not the cop.

    • Dee

      It started with an argument between neighbors, and he shot at his neighbor. When the troopers arrived, he shot them. Other officers arrived to try to talk him into giving up the shotgun. He wouldn't stop shooting, even after they used tear gas. There were police officers in harm's way, as well as neighbors. It's a sad situation.

      • Ann

        The first officers in the scene were
        Nicholas Co. Deputies not the WVSP... and Deputies were shot and injured....

  • Ryan

    You folks continue squabbling about gun control. I am going to pray for the officers involved, their familes, and the medical staff treating them.

    • LC

      Neither will picking on people on the interweb

      • Andrew

        In a June Daily Mail / Repass poll, 75% of WV residents said they would support a law requiring universal background checks for firearms purchased at gun shows. Even southern states like Texas support it at 72%. Arkansas 60%. Tennessee 67%. Georgia 71%.
        Fortunately, Lee Arthur and Chad, there are a lot of us “idiots” that are much wiser than you.

  • Chad

    REALLY Andrew! You think laws are going to stop all the acts of gun violence? You are crazy my friend. There are laws agains drugs and mentally ill or criminals are getting them everyday on a regular basis! Wake up Andrew! It's our right to bear arms! It's your Second Amendment, if that means anything to you!

    • Kevin Hinton

      I totally agree with you my friend.

  • Robert Martin

    Laws against criminal acts are on the books already. Legislating a safe environment is impossible.People just want to write laws that make them 'feel' safe. Expensive and ineffective. Manchin is a freshman sellout and a fool.

  • Andrew

    It's the mentally ill or a criminal like this guy
    that has shot two deputies, that Sen. Manchin is trying to prevent from having weapons. He's trying to protect children in schools who get blasted; law officials who get shot; and innocent people who get killed everyday by guns in the hands of the wrong people. Wake up West Virginia!

    • lee arthur

      Andrew , are you so stupid that you can't figure out that these low life scum get their weapons on the black market. What's wrong with our country are the idiots like you.

      • Sherry

        Aside from hunting, no one needs a gun. Do you buy yours on the black market? And what makes you an expert?

        • Jonus Grumby

          Any other of the Bill of Rights that you would like to repeal? How about the First Amendment to squelch those who disagree with your rants?

        • mr b

          Sherry aside from hunting what are you gonna do when some black guy from detroit breaks into your house demanding drug money?

          • Sherry

            Mr B,
            Your racial comments are stupid & inappropriate & irrelevant to this discussion. I'll pray for you & the deputies who were wounded doing their jobs.

      • TH

        Mr. Arthur, are you stating for the record that the 84 year old suspect, who was shot and killed, was using a gun he purchased on "the black market"?

      • hillbilly

        And if these people get their guns on the black market, what makes you think that more background checks (or less background checks) are going to make any difference???? Manchin's bill is just a knee-jerk reaction "do-anything-we-can-to-make-it-look-like-we-can-actually-help"
        type of thing.. it will make no difference.

    • Dee

      The shooter was an 84 year-old man with Alzheimer's. People with dementia shouldn't have access to weapons.

    • Kevin Hinton

      People, wake up and smell the coffee. How many years have heroin, cocaine and pot been illegal, but yet we still have problems with those? Hmm... So if we make guns illegal that will just automatically solve the problem, correct? Hardly. The only thing that will do is make crime worse, because then criminals will know we now have no way to defend ourselves. They will be breaking into houses left and right because they know we can no longer shoot them. Get a brain people, come on.

  • Alice Click

    Joe Manchin must think all West Virginians are idiots. Sen. Manchin's ad saying the NRA backs criminals being armed to the teeth. CRIMINALS have been armed to the teeth. And they do not REGISTER guns. They just steal them. Call Joe Manchin and tell him to stop deceiving the good people of this state!

    • Mike

      This is a great idea, if you're a complete idiot...

      • Sherry

        Alice, do you live in the real world? More guns are all West Virginians need. I have never been a huge fan of Sen Manchin, but he has it right on gun registration & background checks. His position doesn't go far enough for me.

        • MrJ

          Alice posts the strangest rants. I didn't see the Senator's name anywhere in this article, nor are her comments completely germane to the story. This situation had nothing to do with gun registration, etc. It was a violent standoff between authorities and a law breaker.

          Instead of trying to score political points we should be praying for all involved.

          We still pray, don't we folks?

          • DonaldH

            What law breaker---I didn't read anything that convinced he was a "law breaker",, not yet, anyway.

        • Bill Matics

          Sherry, gun control wasn't Joe's thing. You should read what he tried to get passed for that idiot Obama. Every other violation of his gun control plan would charge you with treason. Thank God it didn't get passed. They need someone with common sense to write a gun control plan. I'll never vote for that idiot again.