MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia landed its second commitment in the span of 16 hours as Walter Rauterkus, a two-star offensive lineman from Avon (Ohio) High School, chose the Mountaineers over Ohio. photo

Two-star prospect Walter Rauterkus of Avon, Ohio, became the fourth offensive lineman to commit to West Virginia’s 2014 recruiting class.

At 6-foot-6, 295 pounds, Rauterkus was drawing interest from several Big Ten and Mid-American Conference programs.

“Rauterkus is a late bloomer,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “He only stood 6-foot-2 during his freshman season before developing into the big offensive tackle he is now.

“A former basketball player, he has great feet and has the frame to easily add 25-plus pounds in college. This is a pickup that has his best days ahead of him, and the Mountaineers were the first to offer him a scholarship and ultimately that, along with his relationship with Ron Crook was enough to seal the deal.”

Rauterkus is the 10th overall commitment for WVU’s class of 2014 and the fourth on the offensive line—meaning Dana Holgorsen and his staff will probably begin concentrating elsewhere as they aim to maximize a relatively small class of 18 or 19 signees.

West Virginia’s other offensive line commitments include another Ohio player—three-star Josh Krok of Niles-McKinley High— along with two-star recruit Amanii Brown of Morgantown and three-star Justin Scott of Pierce (Calif.) Community College.

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  • Boomgrounder

    Our new O-Line Coach Ron Crooks is coming from Stanford where they've been known for having one of the best offensive lines in the nation over the last few years. The Mountaineers are prioritizing the O-Line in their 2014 recruiting class. Building for the future. Coach Crooks will coach'em up!

  • Mike

    All I keep hearing from everyone is oh he is just a 2 star recruit... People need to stop looking at the stars and look at the athlete. WVU has had a many winning seasons with 2 and 3 star kids. I don't remember Pat White having a lot of stars beside his name and how did that turn out for us..

    • Daniel

      It got us "Billy-Bob" Stewart for head coach! All joking aside, Pat was a great "collegiate" player. NFL: nope. Different game, different athletes. This staff is trying to make up ground for the misguidance of Stewart. They have done a great job in restoring what was depleted by "Billy-Bob." Remember, Coach Nehlen and "Rod the Fraud" took at least 5 years to build the team they wanted. Relax, it will be alright!

  • Joe

    The next Braham?!

    Certainly has the core frame to go there!

  • Allan

    You're settling for too little. I want a great offensive line, great running backs, great wide receivers and tight ends, great great QB, great defensive line, great linebackers, great defensive backfield, great special teams and last , but not least, hot hot other words, I want it all!!

    • cutty77

      @ ALLAN,
      You get those 2 positions filled.They rest will come believe me. Those incoming running backs are looking at the O-Line Commits. How many first round running backs have come out of Bama the last 3 years. About the same as Bama O-Linemen. Ask Notre Dame about Bama's O-Line.

      • eliotz

        Cutty, you are so right. Any back or even receiver worth his salt is going to look at the O-line before he makes a decision.

  • cutty77

    You win Football games with 2 positions. O-Lineman, an Defense Backs. Look at all of WVU Best Teams in football,and you will see both. Then go to The NFL and you will find same thing. What does The SEC Teams have. If you have a Great O-Line i could get a first down with WINGTIPS ON. lol

  • richard

    welcome to west virginia Walter. glad you're a Mountaineer! work hard and do right and you will be a great addition to the Mountaineer family. thanks for picking WVU.

  • Shawn

    Before anybody comments on why we keep getting Offensive players let me stop you and say...."you cant have enough O-Linemen."

    • Wemakerain

      I swear they keep getting bigger and bigger too. I remember us having guys 250-260, gaining 20 lbs redshirt year and 20 lbs sophomore year to get to his size. Makes it easier if they are that big and can move well. I like them big, smart, and mean this guy has 2 for sure

    • Allan Taylor

      Correct, Shawn. And it doesn't hurt that an O-lineman like Rauterkus has a 4.0 in high school. This on the heels of Tyree Owens last night, who sports a 3.6 and seems excited about his major at WVU.

      • Shawn

        You can thank the new offensive line coach for that. You need some brains to go with that nasty front line.