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West Virginia quarterback Paul Millard won his first college start, though it included more hand-offs than a typical Dana Holgorsen offense.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Numbers can be deceivingly refracted, but the 65-to-6 disparity in Week 1 snaps sure felt conclusive: Paul Millard is West Virginia’s starting quarterback.

Clint Trickett, however, remains a developing option at No. 2 and might be called upon against Oklahoma next Saturday.

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Clint Trickett was 0-for-2 passing against William & Mary, but could be called upon against Oklahoma. “Depends on how the game goes,” Holgorsen said.

“I still think Clint brings something to the table that (Millard) doesn’t, so we will continue to rep Clint,” coach Dana Holgorsen said Monday.

With the Mountaineers on the verge of being stunned by William & Mary, Millard orchestrated a second-half rally and a 24-17 victory. An usually heavy reliance on the running game meant Millard wasn’t pressured to win the game with his arm—in fact, his 25 pass attempts were the fewest for a Holgorsen starter since he became a Division I coach in 2000.

“He did a good job of managing the game, and I thought he got us into several really good run checks.” Holgorsen said.

When Millard did throw it, the results were positive: A 69-yard scoring bomb to Ronald Carswell and a 76-percent completion rate hurt by three passes that glanced off receivers’ hands. With Holgorsen expected to rotate quarterbacks, Millard gave way to Trickett for only two second-quarter possessions, each of which ended in three-and-outs.

“Really happy with how Paul performed, and right now it looks like he’s our guy,” Holgorsen said. “But with that said, we’ll continue to rep Clint to get him in position to use him when we need him, because more than likely we’re going to need him at some point.”

That point may arrive as soon as Saturday, when WVU heads to Norman, Okla., as a 21-point underdog.

“It all depends on how the game goes,” Holgorsen said. “(Trickett) has played against Oklahoma before, and he knows what kind of speed that they have, what kind of athletic ability that they have. He’s been in that situation before, so I think he’ll help us from a maturity standpoint and being able to move the ball if we need to.

“We’ve just got to continue to rep him. He doesn’t understand the offense as well as Paul.”

While Holgorsen said the 409 yards West Virginia compiled “might seem satisfying to some,” there was nothing satisfying about his offense going three-and-out six times on 12 drives (the end-of-half, one-play possession excluded). Nor was he happy about WVU forfeiting early momentum with a negative-yardage play that stalled the second drive and led to a 55-yard field goal miss. Another promising drive to open the third quarter ended at the William & Mary 5.

“I don’t care about stats, I don’t care about numbers — I care about being efficient,” Holgorsen said. “There’s a lot of times we weren’t very efficient in finishing drives, but that’s part of the process with inexperienced kids.”

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  • Justin

    As a parent u expext the best from your child, u don't give them gifts for D+ plus grades, such as a fan doesn't praise a team for playing D+ football. Was last year a rebuilding year also? Its a put up or shut world and its magnified when your making big dollars.

    • EPR


      • Justin

        Thank you grammar king...

  • Chef Camille

    Thank goodness the Pirates are in a pennant race. Maybe through late October I could be watching baseball. By then the train wreck will be over and we can start posting about all the great "three star" recruits that will be coming or better yet we can start beating up on Huggins.

    • EPR

      Who cares about baseball? Watching baseball on purpose is like wiping before you poop. It doesn't make sense.

      • Larry

        True, very true, I was going to watch a baseball game the other day, and then I remembered I had some paint I had to watch dry.

  • joey


  • Rick

    Just 21 points. What does Vegas see that we didn't in that hard fought win against powerhouse William & Mary...

  • Mike

    The only way Trickett is going to learn the offense and get more comfortable with it, is to play. Once he knows the offense like Millard, the QB battle will be even.

  • Bobby M

    TRANSLATIONS - "were going with Millard!"

    Spot the BALL! Get it done this time! Rock N ROLL RUMBLE!!!!!!

    I'm ready SOONER now OR later!

    • EPR

      K thnx bye

  • jlee

    Last year Sims was just a decent running back in a non-dominant conference full of weak football teams like Marshall. This year, since he plays at WVU, he is being billed as this great running back. Give me a break, he only got 120 yards on 23 carries against a FCS team!

  • Larry

    Both Millard and Trickett are listed as 6'2", Trickett looked noticeably shorter to me.

  • John b

    Truth teller do you actually believe what you wrote? This (WVU Football) is big business. Many like myself buy season tickets and make donations to the school. We all have opinions and some opinions are more important than others. Your entitled to your opinion just like the rest of us are entitled to ours.

    • Charles

      As a season ticket holder then I'm sure you was complaining just as much in 05 with a qb controversy and a 15-7 win over a 1-10 Syracuse team. Because we can figure out a whole season on one game. That d was maligned and you guys wanted casteel fired. How did that work out. Funny how short memory works

  • truthteller lol

    Get off your high horse you JACKA$$!
    You are such a better WVU fan than everyone else. HOW can we learn from you? How dare anyone that considers themselves fans of the Mountaineers give a critique of a lackluster performance?

  • TruthTeller

    Is that all you so called WVU fans can do is cry cry cry. You know it is easy to sit there on your bum and do nothing but moan and complain about the players, stats, coaching. This is a rebuilding year for WVU. You need to stop acting like a bunch of little school girls and appreciate the fact that we got a win. It is not your job to coach this team and you certainly are not on the team so just keep your opinions to yourself or go jump on the Huntington High school band wagon.

    • Guardian

      Personally, I'm glad we didn't open against Marshall this year - and all of us should be. Doc seems to have himself a pretty good ball club this year and if Saturday is any indication, had we opened with Marshall, they may have indeed got their historic first football win against WVU.

      • Bondo

        No way. A bad West Virginia team is always better than a good Marshall team. They had 7 tries to get that victory and didn't.

      • Charles

        Idc what happens in huntington. Not my concern. We are not playing them because it doesn't do any good for wvu. Period!!! We drew over 56000 on Saturday which is more than we drew for Marshall twice at home. Mountaineer fans watch wvu. Marshall does not bring a windfall in morgantown. It just brings one to huntington. We are not Miami of ohio.

        • leroy jethro gibbs

          go marshall , they are a state university and i will support them also
          go mountaineers!

          • EPR

            F**K Marshall.

        • Guardian

          When WVU plays at noon and Marshall a night game, how does it hurt to watch? You seem to forget in your loyalty that the same loyalty you espouse "should" also encompass degree carrying alumni of WVU - of which Doc and his offensive coordinator Billy Legg each have one. If they play at the same time, of course I will be tuned in to WVU or else at the game. Besides, you're preaching to the choir - I never saw the need to play Marshall in the first place for a lot of the reasons you cite and a few more that you don't. However, don't let your judgement be closed minded - Doc has a pretty good team this year and I'm glad for him in the context of being glad that a fellow WVU alum is doing well for himself.

    • Mike

      Chill out, it's a discussion, you sound like a little girl.

      • you're an idiot too

        Little girl seriously? ! We going back to middle school here?

        • HAHA

          @you're an idiot
          Please learn the difference between there, their, and they’re.
          You're the idiot!

          • haha?

            Could you copy and paste the grammar errors?

    • you're an idiot

      Nobody said anything about coaching the team. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. And if you consider a 24-17 win vs W&M a good win thats your opinion. And how about you get a little more creative with your insults. Who said anything about MU in there post nobody is tjinking about them.

  • bva24

    Millard is a statue back there. I fear for his safety against OU. Trickett can move, which is need with this Swiss cheese O-line.

    • Bobby M

      Since when did tricketts become PAT WHITE???!!!! I keep trying but I'm not doing good at understanding that argument! This DOES not make SENSE!

      • you're an idiot as well

        Who compared Trickett to Pat White? Nobody! How bout you look at the product on the field this year and realize if these coaches satisfied with Millard they wouldnt have went shopping for a transfer!

        • Bobby M

          SHOPPING for transfer!? Did you REALLY say that??!!! HAHA! ha!

          OK MR COACH - tell me one team in the entire country that would PASS up the chance to get a PROVEN QB added to there roster! Of course they took the QB like ANY TEAM would take the QB!

          GOT IT? Tell me one team and I'll be waiting for your answer MR COACH!

          waiting! (point PROVED! Rock N Roll RUMBLE!)

          • IDIOT

            I realize your reading comprehension skills are lacking. These coaches have been with Millard for two years prior to this year. If they were comfortable with him they would not have been looking for someone to come in and compete immediately with him amd Ford! And you just want one team...Oregon!

          • you're an idiot as well

            THEIR TEAM? Would Fla St take a transfer right now to compete with Their QB? Clemson? Oregon their qb is a sophomore or junior would they? Since you like living in the past...did we bring in transfers with bulger or pat when they were juniors? And just bc someone has an opinion about football doesn't mean they want to be a coach.

      • EPR

        It's trickett, not tricketts... Douchebag

  • Jt

    Patience! This is a young team, we just have to be patient. Millard and Trickett will be fine, Sims is a beast, 6-6 record, minor bowl.

  • Brent

    Hopefully he learns the offense soon! Millard has average arm strength at best.

    • Bobby M

      Millard has average ARM???! Did you see Trickets arm??? Oh YEAH I forgot! That amazing 8 yard pass was impressive RIGHT?

      Look I'm saying that maybe Tricket will be the all star QB some are saying BUT as of right NOW - Millard is the ticket! How can you say Millard has a average arm when he just started FIRST GAME EVER in his WVU career!??!? Give the GUY a CHANCE!

      WOW! Some critics here are the worst! Its been ONE GAME! JUST ONE! Now suddenly Millard is next Brad Lewis and Tricket is next MARC BULGER! REALLY?!??!?! In one single game?!?!?!

      Get a grip!

      • brent

        That wasnt his first career game! And if you think he has a big time arm why hasnt any of the coaches went on about it!? All ive heard is he manages the game! And where did you learn to read? Did I compare anyone to Brad Lewis?

        • big-johnson

          Calm down Bobby, you're going to have a heart attack.....The only good things I saw was the running game and the pun ter.....Millard was very accurate and hopefully will open up with some longer passes......

  • Oh Did Ya?

    Trickett is the better QB. Millard knows the system better. They will need Trickett's mobility this year especially if the line continues to play as bad as they did Saturday.

    • j the c

      My niece spoke with Tricket during the week prior to the game, and pronounced him arrogant, squared!

    • WVU fan

      All I can say is that both QBs or horrible compared to the last 4. Ford might as well get his chance. The Oline is horrible also. I'm really disappointed in this year team. The backs and Receivers are good other than that shame shame shame. I say put Mario at QB and lets option it all season.