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Skylar Neese and Sheila Eddy were friends and classmates at University High School in Morgantown.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A second teenage girl has been charged as an adult in the 2012 murder of teen Skylar Neese. 

Shelia Eddy, 17, was elevated to adult status Wednesday in Monongalia County Circuit Court by Judge Russell Clawges.

Earlier this year, 17-year-old Rachel Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Neese’s death. According to court documents, Shoaf admitted to stabbing Neese to death the night the Monongalia County girl disappeared. 

Eddy was also charged in connection with Neese’s murder, but officials did not release her name until today because she is a juvenile. She could be indicted soon.

Monongalia County Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown released a brief statement following the hearing: “The juvenile matters pending against Shelia Eddy were transferred to the adult jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Monongalia County.  All further proceedings will take place in the criminal court jurisdiction.”

Neese, Shoaf and Eddy were all classmates at University High School in Morgantown. Dave Neese, the victim’s father, has said he thought the two suspects were Skylar’s best friends. Prosecutors have not publicly discussed a motive in the slaying. 

The prosecution will recommend a 20-year sentence for Shoaf, while the defense will request she be sentenced as a juvenile, which would likely mean a lighter penalty. Her plea agreement requires her to “offer truthful and forthright testimony in any subsequent proceeding deemed necessary.”

Skylar Neese disappeared July 6, 2012, when prosecutors said she snuck out of her bedroom window to meet with Shoaf and Eddy. 

Monongalia County Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown said Shoaf and Eddy drove Neese to Greene County, Pa., where they stabbed her to death and tried to bury her body. 

Six months passed before Shoaf finally came forward and talked to police about her involvement in the murder. Neese’s decomposed body was found in a ditch about 20 miles west of Morgantown.


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  • Smarterthanyou

    What scares me the most is a jury of peers with the brain damage of half of the people who commented here. Kill teenage girls?? Do not let trolls tell you these girls deserve to die. Not some over 30 hypocrite who believes in what got us where we are today. I hope you people do not make into to office, we will be doing the same stuff we are doing now. Blaming others, and never truly helping.

    • Judge Judy

      Easy. We wait til they're twenty, sit one in the electric chair, the other on her lap, and let them ride the lightning, baby!! Skylar Neese was shown no remorse by her supposed best friends. Let's set an example. Kill someone, be killed by the state.

    • Jr

      You idiot

      • Bella Simmons'Cammon


  • Bob


  • corrine

    Everyone is pushing for the death penalty but don't you realize life in prison would be far worse punishment than death. Life in prison with no parole to suffer with harden criminals and have to think everyday about what you did to be put there. Death penalty is the easy way out.

    • Bella Simmons'Cammon

      true so true connie they do need too live so they can relive this for the rest of their lives....but it is costly

  • me

    News flash. These teens will not see adult jail until they are 21. They may on trial as a adult but they will still be in a juvy center until they are 21. Thanks to our law makers and politicians

    • Bella Simmons'Cammon


    • ...

      Actually in the state of West Virginia if you are tried as an adult you go to an adult facility.

      • blue line supporter

        If you are charged as an adult when under the age of 18, you remain in a juvenile facility until you either turn 18 or earn a HS diploma. It is then you are transferred to an adult facility to serve the remainder of your sentence.

      • corrections employee

        They can and probably will be transferred to an adult facility IF sentenced when they turn 18. According to my sources, and I will be chacking the laws, no murder charge gets a day-for-a-day, so hopefully they both will be bitter old biddy's when they get out--if they even go to prison. Lots of cases, the judges get a little sentimental and 'forgives" and gives criminals only time served. I look for this to happen in this case. It has taken too long to get all the evidence together, and people (jurors) tend to forget.

        • blue line supporter

          You do get a "day for day" or a "day off the back" if there is a definitive sentence or a top number of a sentence, i.e. 10 years, 15 years, 40 years, etc. meaning you have an ultimate discharge date. You DO NOT get day for day if you have a Life with Parole charge because you don't have a discharge date. Death is the discharge date. You would be ELIGIBLE for parole after serving 15 years.

    • Blue line supporter


      If they are charged as adults the juvenile system dictates that they are transferred to an adult facility when they turn 18 or have graduated from high school. Yes, they still have the capability to earn an education while incarcerated to those that were unfamiliar with the system. They are not transferred at 21 like you stated.

  • chasmo

    SamWise: Certain CRIMES deserve the IMMEDIATE DEATH to those INDIVIDUALS ! No appeals /etc... We have soooooo many Lifers w/out Mercy that have done such brutal crimes. This murder is up there with the rest of them~~~~ Come on Legislators , let us VOTE on the DEATH PENALTY - especially since its our hard earned tax money keeping these scumbags alive .

    • Bella Simmons'Cammon

      Yes Sir we are paying for their housing....W H Y

  • Gloria

    Second degree murder? This girls should be charged with first degree murder and be punished as all other murderers. A murder is a murder. The justice to the death of Skylar and her family should be punishment to the extent of the law of the murderers. Why should they spend even one day out of prison ? They sentenced Skylar to Die at their hands and she will NEVER have one day again to spend with her family. Our laws should be revised ASAP to many murderers are just walking out free from The courtroom or getting sentenced to less yrs than someone dealing drugs. DIGUSTED WITH OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM !!!

  • ron "from morgantown"

    It took so long because its a compicated case , the victim wasn't just killed but also suffered , look for other crimes to be solved as a result of this latest arrest , some bank robberies are tied to this investigation .

    • B.

      I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about. There are no bank robberies tied to this case.

      • ron "from morgantown"

        I usually don't say or write anything unless I have a solid source , ( in this case its law enforcement ) , but I could be wrong . I'm don't like to be provocative or melodramatic , so let me check again , thanks .

  • Swansea 2

    So, I'm a University High School student presently, and to hear about all that has happened this past year just sickens me. I did not personally know Skylar Neese, but I was quite familiar with Rachel and Shelia. I had class with them both & sat right beside them. It really shocks me that these girls would do something like this. Rachel was a very talented girl. good grades, she was involved in school plays/musicals. Its honestly just a waste. I never expected this from her. I can't believe someone would do this to a girl (SUPPOSEDLY THEIR BESTFRIEND) all because they simply "didn't wanna be her friend anymore". Its pathetic. I'm disgusts me to the highest extent even more when they tried to play it like they didn't know, like she was missing. Spending time with the parents "searching" and "wondering" what happened to their so called bestfriend when they damn well all along knew what happened & what they had done. It scares me so much knowing that this happened to people that i actually know. I feel unsafe all the time. You really can't trust anyone anymore, not even your "bestfriend"

    • Bella Simmons'Cammon

      Very well spoken.......

    • JEW

      I feel for all of you that knew these girls, walked beside them in the halls, sat beside them in the classroom. It is scary to think as you stated that these two girls acted so upset over Skylar;s missing, spending time with the family and friends that loved her. Acting like they were so devastated and yet so heartless as to know they killed this young lady and moved on like it was a natural thing to do. I have a hard time with the death penalty, but in this case, I do not think 20 years is enough for taking a life and in such a violent and senseless way. Life in an adult prison is what they deserve, no TV, no computers, no weight rooms, just confinement to live the rest of their days thinking about Skylar not having her life, spending time growing up and raising a family. We reap what we sow, and in this case, they need to stay behind bars for the rest of their life.

  • lisa

    These girls should get LIFE!!! If you take a life you should never be able to see the light of day! Poor Skylar never will!! My heart aches every day for Dave & Mary that they will never see their little girl grow up.These so called BFF's kill Skylar just because they dont want to be friends anymore?? BULL!!! LOCK THEM UP & THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!!!

  • Edward Biser

    Wow Only 20 years !!! And the family faces a lifetime of sorrow. The sick monsters will be out long before that. How can that be justice!!

  • Rose Nestor

    20 years sentence is not enough time to even discus,as it is written,The Lord has said it,An eye for an eye,both of them 2 jealous girl's should get the same death sentence as they both conflicted on this beautiful young lady trying to grow up in the world,but her life was sudden taken by these so called BBF's.
    Do the right thing to both,take these 2 sociopaths out of our friendly city of Morgantown,WV before they both kill another human being for being pretty,more popular,more friend's maybe,these 2 took something from a loving mother and father,THEIR CHILD!! Do what Texas does,YOU KILL,YOU WILL BE KILLED RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!
    Please don't let this go undone,like my case was in Marion Co.WV,I was found 10 min's from dead,life flighted to Ruby,in ICU under a AKA name,wake up to people I didn't know (MY CHILDREN & FAMILY) 8 black men an 1 white woman my abuser's,but only 1 man got 2yrs. for a lesser crime than what he did to me.for telling on drug dealer's in Marion Co.,when he got out he only got 2yrs. probation,now tell me the justice that I got! I'm gonna tell you,NONE!!!!! I live to hide everyday of my life,change my looks,had to relocate to leave behind my family and friends,live to cry on a daily base's...
    Signed Feared for life,,,,,,,,,, :'(

    • WV

      Shut up. This ain't about YOU

    • JimmyTwoTimes

      Having such resentment only hurts you, nobody else and we live in a nation of laws, not the bible. You should pray for God to take all your fears. It sounds like you need to.

      • joe

        Our laws were based on the bible. As far as I'm concerned those two girls deserve the same death they dealt to Ms. Neese.

  • Disgusted

    Whether one came forward before the other or not, neither of them should be given a lighter sentence. They both planned it, and went through with it. They both stabbed this poor girl to death in a vicious, violent crime. What monsters they are! And they both went on with their lives! They deserve equal punishment! This was premeditated and neither of the sociopaths came to their senses and stopped the plan to commit murder. I am appalled and shocked at the evil in these two girls at such young ages. Throw away the key!

  • dipalm27

    What is taking so long? We here in Morgantown have known for months who was responsible for Skylar's death.

    There is more to this story than the police are letting out. Parent involvement? Why was there no kidnapping charges, or federal charges? They killed her in Pa.

    This whole thing sickens me. Good behavior and juvenile time, Rachel will be out by the time she's 30. Young enough to have kids of her own. Scary

    • Deb

      I agree, she will be out to have children. She should never be allowed to know that privilege. 20 years in my opinion is a slap on the wrist

      • Dee

        So agree. life

    • Jeff Majority

      Oh, Dipalm, you forgot also in time to get on Oprah and later write a book and finally receive royalties on a movie...America is a Sick Man!!!

    • bee

      Of course there was parent involvement. Sheilas dad lives ON THE ROAD that they tried to bury her on.

      • corrine

        Anyone that knows sheilas dad knows he is not physically capable of helping her. He is physically handicapped. This was of her own doing. She should be punished as the law see's fit. Both of those girls took a precious life and should pay for their crime. I just hope that the Neese's breath a sigh of relief that justice will finally be served. My prayers go out to all families involved.

      • corrine

        It is a series of back roads that all inter twine. Her dad does not live specifically on this road.

  • David

    These two little girls like all killers should get the electric chair. You should get one appeal and if it fails you should meet your maker within 30 days. Why do play patty cakes with these violent homicidal killers in our society?

    • ash


    • Jason

      I used to agree with that notion. But now I can see the other side. Few reason's come to mind. A) our justice system is not 100% accurate all the time and death sentence is a non-reversible answer. Imagine if it were YOU or a family member of yours that is wrongfully convicted of murder and you went to death row in 30 days and you were innocent. B) Killing a guilty person does not bring back the person they killed and typically it doesn't even bring comfort to the family of the victim. C) Death penalty only deters crime in rational/sane people, mentally unstable people that are willing to murder another human typically does not consider or care about the consequences and rational/mentally stable people are not going to be the ones murdering other people. D) sometimes there is worse things than death, such as, being a teenager in an adult prison....anyway..that being said...personally..I guess I don't mind and eye for an for me..on paper anyway.

      • joe

        The death penalty for all convicted of heinous crimes would drop prison populations and save tax dollars for those of us that are out working to support ourselves and families everyday.

      • Brittany

        I do agree with some of your points on the death penalty, although I also agree and feel as 20 years is a light sentence. They took someone's life before it ever even began, and then pretended to lie and "search" for Skylar. They went to her parents house and blatantly lied to their faces. Pretended to show concern for a girl they knew was no longer alive because they murdered her. That is sick, I feel like they took a life they should be sentenced to life. In fact a life of solitary confinement. But that's just my opinion.

      • Shadow

        The Death Penalty saves money. It will be scarce in the future.

        • patty wilson

          I don't know if this is true or not, but I actually read somewhere that it actually costs more to put a person to death than it does to give them life in prison. That said, I do think they at least deserve life in prison, but sadly in too many cases this does not occur.

          • wags

            It does cost more because of all the legal work involved. A condemned person cost exactly the same amount to house as anyone else. It's the appeals process, all the legal wrangling trying to get the death sentece overturned. They usually start with picking apart the original trial, then move on to claiming mental problems or retardation, then consitiutionality of the death penalty (no matter how many other challenges came before). Look up Danny Lee Hill for a perfect example he's been on death row in Ohio for about 30 years now.

          • jdortiz

            Yes, the death penalty does cost more. It's because of all the appeals they are granted. They get lawyers appointed to them and just the transcript of the original trial itself can cost as much as $70,000. (I know because I used to work for a court reporting firm) Since they are usually considered indigent, the taxpayers incur all of their legal expenses. Sucks, huh?

          • WVWho

            I guess I miss the logic on costs. A bullet runs you about a dollar max....

        • Mac

          The death penalty has proven to be more expensive, not money saving. Not that I'm opposed to the death penalty, I'm very much in favor of it for specific instances.

          • wags

            Again, look at WHY it's so expensive.

          • Jeff Majority

            We could wait until we had enough and do several at a time be placing them in a piranha tank. Saves money feeds nature and you don't have to bury them...more expensive to serve justice...we have really lost our way.

        • SamWise

          The death penalty costs FAR more money than imprisonment for life. Inform yourself or keep your mouth shut. It also causes those of us with a conscience to sink to the level of a depraved murderer. It also validates the killing of human beings as an acceptable way to solve problems. It also doesn't prevent violent crime, at all. Non-death penalty states have much lower murder rates than death penalty states.

          • Anna

            I have to agree with you SamWise. I cannot comprehend how it feels to lose a child to murder but i cant help but feel that life in prison without parole would be a far more appropriate punishment. Lock them up alone for 23 hours a day just like they do on Death Row but we need to teach our kids that taking a life is never ok.To kill someone, is murder. Regardless of the circumstances.

          • DropZone

            A $2.00 bullet solves the problem. Not very expensive. It costs about $55,000 a year to house an inmate in a maximum security facility.
            SamWise, you are a complete liberal idiot. Take your flawed logic to Fantasyland.
            Fry these murderers.

          • sigh

            mauldawg, where do people like you get your figures from? from your over-inflated sense of superiority? People like -you- are an even bigger part of the problem in the USA today. There are plenty of other countries who don't use the death penalty and manage. I suppose they're just nations full of terrible, puny, liberal minds, right?

          • wags

            It only cost so much because they are allowed to drag out senseless constitutionality challenges, and decades of redundant appeals and legal challenges of their convictions. The trials are more expensive as they should be. If you don't want to execute them, how about you adopt one. If you've ever been around them (I have) you'd understand capital punishment, and have no problem with it.

          • wv4evah

            wise man samwise

          • Jeff Majority

            Well Sammy, we could just send these killers to live with you and you can welcome them in with big hugs and sloppy kisses...perhaps we could ask the government to give you a tax cut...that would save money all the way around...and save me money from becoming better informed as you a joke!!

          • mauldawg

            You are nothing like your name.wise. The death penalty is what both of these girls need. The death penalty will prevent these two scum bags from killing anyone else. Your little liberal mind cant figure that out. Where do you get your figures from. People like you are part of the problem in the USA today. Lets not punish those that kill,rape or commit other violent crimes. Lets just lock them up for a few years and turn them loose. The liberal mind is a terrible thing. I hope know one harms anyone in your family,but if that should happen you can visit them in prison and tell them they are not at fault. Just like all liberals just blame someone else.

          • Chris

            Currently 34 states still have the death penalty. At this moment there are more people on death row than any other time in U.S. history. A prisoner sentenced to death row as opposed to life without parole costs the taxpayers millions of dollars. In California the additional cost per death row inmate is $90,000. That means it costs California taxpayers approximately $64 million dollars a year. In Florida it costs 3.2 million dollars for each execution. Texas has paid over $183 million dollars on the death penalty for the past 6 years.It is not just the cost of housing the inmates. Death penalty or capital crime trials are more expensive than other murder trials. One trial can cost $100,000 and up. This cost is for the original trial and does not include the cost of appeals. Local government is who must absorb these costs. The county where the trial is held must find the money to pay for these trials with little or no help from the state. Our economy is not able to support these costs. Cash strapped California could save $78 million dollars a year on trial costs alone if they abolished the death penalty.The death penalty is also costing us in other ways. Due to budget cuts many states have had to cut spending on law enforcement. This has led to the decrease in police officers and correctional officers. This leaves many communities insufficiently protected. Most states have also had to start early release programs for inmates. In some states prisoners are being released after only serving 20% of their sentence. The rate of re-offending has increased since these programs were started. Other crime prevention programs are being cut to afford to keep the death penalty. Many of these programs have been proven more effective towards crime prevention than the death penalty is.


    Better grab your kids and hug them tight tonight.

    These girls look like the kids who are friends with my children. Just everyday teenagers.

    Man, what is this world coming to?

    Prayers go out to all the families involved, it looks like they all are probably suffering in one way or the other.

    • Halley's Comet

      The world is coming to a place where those who Murder may only get 20 years???

      That is our problem; there is not true punishment anymore that meets the crime.

      The Ones suffering here are the Neese Family.

      It appears those accused of this crime will get 20 years of free meals, TV, and a work out room to stay in shape.

      We need Severe penalties for those who take the life of another

      • Dude

        Capital punishment

      • SomeoneWhosBeenThere

        You are right. 20 years is NOT enough and in WV, that means she will really only spend 10. My brother was murdered when he was 16. The man that killed him was convicted of 2nd Degree, sentenced to 25 years. He was out in 12 with only one year of parole. There are stiffer penalties for non-violent crimes. I just don't get it.

      • JS

        You are so correct. If these girls would have taken a weapon and robbed a bank...they would serve more time in prison. What a freakin' shame!!! Prayers go out to the Neese family.

        • Rich

          Completely false. If they had robbed a bank as youthful offenders, and no one was hurt they would end up getting a plea bargain basically putting them in a high school with walls and fences, getting an education, and they would likely be out in a few years. 20 years in prison is a lot different, despite opinions it might not be enough. The law isn't perfect, but if you don't have a clue, you can't insult it either.

    • SamWise

      Prayers? Are you out of your mind? It's a little late for that.

      • Bull

        I'm with him what does praying ever do? She's gone now

      • Lou

        How can it be late for a prayer? Are YOU out of your mind? Now is when that girl's soul needs it.

        • GregG

          So what do you suggest Lou? Putting Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf on Santa's "naughty list"?

        • Bull

          Lou, praying doesn't do anything, grow up.

          • Red Dwarf

            How do you know? Or are you the proof?

    • Dee

      Everday teenagers? I don't think so!! 20 years is not enough for this crime. I cannot even imagine the pain the parent have and are going thru.

      • Deb

        I agree, 20 years, is not enough for taking this young girls life.

        • William

          I've got the rope, does anyone have a tree?

      • kate

        Um if you read the comment right...she means they look like everyday teenagers! Wtf..
        Read it again

        • Dee

          I know she stated, "LOOK like everyday teenagers", and I am JUST SAYING, "Those two girls that took the life of another IS not everyday teenagers".

          • Lindz

            Dee, then why did you say it like that? You made it sound like HMAALLTHEWAY was saying that they ARE everyday teenagers.

      • John Tate

        I think Hmaall means they LOOK like everyday teenagers. Not that they are.