MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia barely had toweled off Saturday night when Kirk Herbstreit told Texas-Kansas State viewers the Longhorns had only two “gimmes” left on the schedule: Kansas and West Virginia.

Yowza, Herbie! What a precipitous plunge for Team Gold & Blue—from beating UT in Austin last season to occupying space in the squalor district alongside the Jayhawks. As one can imagine, Herbstreit’s words sparked a flashfire across WVU message boards, where only Mountaineers fans are allowed to predict the sky-is-falling, not some TV outsider with perfect teeth, cerulean eyes and a strong jawline.

Wait, where were we? Ah, yes, this week’s updated power rankings, where KU and WVU might look like gimmes, but there’s still room at the bottom for Iowa State …

1. Oklahoma State (3-0)
Result: Coaches for the 11th-ranked Cowboys had the week off to prepare for West Virginia’s offense—and hopefully, to finish some yard.
2. Oklahoma (3-0, 1-0)
Result: The Sooners were idle leading up to this week’s “Battle to Salvage Big 12 Pride” at Notre Dame. Huge game with national implications, the kind of matchup Bob Stoops’ program is so accustomed to playing that even a trek to storied South Bend isn’t receiving special emphasis. “We don’t really care,” Stoops said. “We go to a lot of places.”
3. Baylor (3-0)
Result: The Bears defeated Louisiana-Monroe 70-7 with Lache Seastrunk averaging 15.6 yards per carry and scoring his sixth touchdown. “Every time he touches the ball there’s chance he might score,” said coach Art Briles, failing to mention that every time ANY Baylor player touches the ball there’s a chance he might score.
4. Texas Tech (4-0, 1-0)
Result: The semi-charmed life of Kliff Kingsbury sees his Red Raiders draw a record crowd of 60,997 for Texas freakin’ State, stop the Bobcats twice at the 1-yard line and win 33-7. Now it’s up to No. 24 in the AP poll, and he’s doing it with two freshman quarterbacks.
5. TCU (1-2, 0-1)
Result: Idle. “I don’t think everybody should be panicking,” says Gary Patterson a week after admitting he nearly gave himself a heart attack pushing the Frogs to get over their loss at Texas Tech. Mixed messages are not the way to land the Texas job.
6. Texas (2-2, 1-0)
Result: Beat Kansas State 31-21, but even that momentum-changing win came at a price—with top tackler Jordan Hicks lost to a season-ending Achilles injury. (Nick Saban’s players NEVER have weak Achilles.)
7. Kansas State (2-2, 0-1)
Result: Surpassing a long, proud lineage of K-State receiving talents such as Jordy Nelson and Taco Wallace, Tyler Lockett set a school mark with 13 catches for 237 yards. But alas, the Wildcats’ long, proud lineage of dominance against Texas ended with a 31-21 loss.
tie-8. Kansas (2-1)
Result: Beat Louisiana Tech 13-10 on Matthew Wyman’s 52-yard kick at the horn. The Bulldogs fumbled away two fourth-quarter chances inside the KU 5-yard line, the kind of backbreaking mistakes a team can’t withstand against Kansas (excluding the previous 22 consecutive FBS teams who withstood them).
tie-8. West Virginia (2-2, 0-1)
Result: The Mountaineers were waylaid 37-0 at Maryland, and after the game WVU’s offensive players put up the same number of quotes as they did points.
10. Iowa State (0-2)
Result: Idle for the second time this season. The Cyclones’ scheduler is as bad as their play-caller.
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  • Curly Joe

    We are irrelevant.

  • Brandon

    "As one can imagine, Herbstreit’s words sparked a flashfire across WVU message boards, where only Mountaineers fans are allowed to predict the sky-is-falling, not some TV outsider with perfect teeth, cerulean eyes and a strong jawline."

    Just like your power rankings mean nothing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and maybe Herbstreit is right and maybe he's not. I mean honestly I think as fans we really shouldn't pay attention to the media. I work in the media and honestly a lot of it is just fabricated and opinion. WVU (a long shot) could use the Maryland game as motivation to finish strong and get themselves together. I hardly consider any game a gimme considering eight FCS schools on the first week of the season knocked off FBS schools. I think that is the problem I have with that comment. We all know that WVU has big problems including internal investigations but to all the fans out there just ignore the talking heads, bloggers, chat boards, and even Allan because I guarantee if WVU turns around their season, there will be some story on here with their so called expert opinion of how WVU got it together. In reality, all of these guys get paid to predict outcomes where most of the time they are wrong. You know why? Because in reality...Anyone can beat anyone on any given Saturday..To guarantee a "gimme" win for a team just makes you not credible any longer in my opinion..

  • big tom

    people have to realize, this ain't the big least, and before the down period of Maryland, they will pretty much dominating us.
    it's gonna take some time,, ,we aint' firing no one, well maybe deforest.
    we might not win anymore games this yr, but at least we can go to our games and drink flat 8 dollar draft beers... that's pretty classy , right?
    when our coaches start dipping into the JC ranks for immediate help, consider them very desperate,and that include huggins.
    we're down for about 3 yrs. accept it, we can't afford to fire anyone.

  • Devan

    Ole Stew is looking better with each and every passing defeat. Which are mounting.

    • Habib Haddad

      Some of the blame for this mess can be laid at the feet of Stew's poor recruiting, especially offensive linemen. He was a West Virginian, through and through though.

    • Chuck

      Yes, because losing to East Carolina and Colorado was so much better than losing to Oklahoma and Maryland.

      • Devan

        Yeah, and going 9-3 is so much worse than 7-5 and 4-8.

        You're a clown.

        • Chuck

          Holgy went 10-3 in his season in the Big East. We are in the Big 12 now, where we play several top 25 teams a year, not just one like we did in the Big East.

        • Devan

          Check that: 7-6 and 4-8.

  • al

    Fire Holgerson now. We should be getting better after 3 years. But we have gotten worse every year under Holgerson. Fire him now.

    • Allan Taylor

      Right now, Al? After Week 4? In that case, whom should Luck appoint as interim coach and whom should he hire at season's end? Unless you've got a better candidate chomping to coach, firing Holgorsen right now (and incurring the pricey buyouts for a program running at a deficit the next few years) is not the answer.

      • al

        Yes. Right now. We could hire any one of the high school coaches across WV and would do just as well.

      • Joe

        At this point, I would settle for a coach who would at least be entertainng during the postgame pressers ala John McKay with the Bucs....

        "Coach, how do you feel about the execution of the offfense today"?

        "I'm all for it"!

  • Benthere

    Actually there were several coaches that wanted the job after RR left. Jimbo Fischer and Butch Jones to name a few. Joe Machin , Ed Pastilong and Mike Garrison orchestrated the Bill Sewart hire. Someone who would come cheap and not push the organization hard on money and facilities. If either Jimbo or Butch had been hired the program would have remained at a high level.

  • Bryan

    Actually there's nothing the fans can do other than accept this season for what it is. As with all seasons win some, loose some, actually it's something that happens to every team. The difference here is the unrealistic goals of the fans. These coaches gave up their homes to move here to WV and I'm sure they will make every attempt to correct this situation. The better they do the easier it will be to get a better job at a better program, that's really what coaching is all about. Want a "true West Virginian" we'll had one and he went on to a better job period. The other two Saban and Fischer, we'll I'm sure they would love to give up what they have and come home, go head give them a call.

    • Chuck

      I agree 100%. All of these bandwagon fans forget what WVU football has been in the past. A recent run of success has spoiled so many people. The program has been on a decline since RR left, but we will rise again like we usually do. We aren't Ohio St or Alabama or Florida, but many of our fans have the same expectations as those schools.

      • BH

        Realistically, an 8-4 Big 12 record should be the standard for WV with an occasional 10-2 record or better as the goal.

      • Joe blow

        Chuck, if the expectations of this team are mediocre, WVU will be mediocre. 7 win seasons and blowout losses like last Saturday are not acceptable and should not be tolerated. I understand we're not Bama. But no powerhouse ever got a championship by settling, I guarantee you that.

  • tw eagle

    are the oakie st coaches doing their yard work themselves there days? how's holgerson at working a lawn mower? if childress doesn't find a phonebooth to change in soon, holgerson may need to brush up on his power tool skills . . .

  • chad

    i hate when Herby is right

  • john

    Allan we aren't that good but we are better than Kansas.

  • i aint no inbred pillbilly

    at the time rich rodriguez requested basically money....(after all that's what builds championship programs, ergo, alabama and lsu at the time spent over $115 million dollars each on their teams..more many ncaa titles between them?? we spent $65M) to build a championship program...usual half-assed wv mentality...leaving to go back to the commonwealth motherland asap, but they cant win one either maybe half to go to actually cheer on a winner. go mountianeers

    • Uncle Unctuous

      "usual half-assed wv mentality..."

      You mean, like not bothering to capitalize, spell or punctuate properly?

  • Rick

    Vegas was easy on us as well...only 21 point underdogs. We like being the underdog...maybe this will spark an interest in playing some football.

  • Hillboy

    Is 'waylayed' or 'waylaid?' Either way that is a charitable description of what took place.

    • Allan Taylor

      Gold star for Hillboy. (Time for a Red Bull to combat the mid-afternoon typos.)

      • Hillboy

        I wasn't picking on you---I wasn't sure myself. Great columns, BTW.

      • Charleston,WV

        Maybe you should give Holgorsen a Red Bull, or light a fire cracker under his @$$, to give him some motivation as well.

  • Fan in South Carolina

    I think that you are being generous in giving WVU a tie for 8th place.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    sorry , cant coment, am depressed

    • Tom

      Nobody cares