LOST CREEK, W.Va. — South Harrison High School football player Dylan Jeffries died Sunday, nine days after suffering a severe head injury during a football game.

The news of his passing was posted Sunday night on the Facebook page created to update friends and community members about his condition.

“Dylan has fought very had through this past week, but today his battle is over. He has gone to be with our Lord and Savior.” was the post added to announce his death.

The popular kid in the No. 22 Hawks jersey was rushed via Health Net to Ruby Memorial Hospital Sept. 27 from the football game between South Harrison and Lincoln high schools. He suffered a blood clot to the brain which caused him to collapse. For the past several days he had been in a medically induced coma.

Dylan’s injury brought the community together and had gathered followers and prayers from far and wide. Mileena Beatty posted the updates on the Facebook page.

“Today we ask that you not remember Dylan for this tragedy, but for the amazing person he was. Remember him as the friend that was always there. Remember him as the great athlete he was when he put on his helmet. Remember him as the comedian. Remember him as a loyal person. Remember him as a true person. Remember him as he was on earth, because none of that will change. He will always be our Dylan and he will always be with us in our hearts.”

She added a note for the players involved in the game,

“To the Lincoln football team; Dylan knew many of you and was very excited about this game. Please do not blame yourselves if you tackled him or came in any contact with him throughout the game. He would have done the same to you if you were carrying the ball. The Lord planned all of this, though we do not know why, we just have to accept that the Lord’s plans are greater than our wisdom.”

Funeral arrangements are expected to be announced at a later time.

Beatty concluded the Facebook post with this note.

“Rest peacefully, our sweet Dylan. May you be forever pain free and at bliss with our Lord while you watch over everyone that you loved and cared for. ….. Always Loved and Never Forgotten.”

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  • justin8101

    I think it sad that this has turned away from the original intent. While I agree that plug was inappropriate we need to turn our attention to those who are grieving for the loss of a friend, son, and teammate.

    I remember losing a friend of mine who I played football with. No matter where I am at when I see the #33 jersey the memories come flooding back and we wonder what might have been had that person not died so young. We have to come to grips with the fact that we are never completely safe but to live life we cannot stay on the porch. Rest in peace #33 Aaron Branch and rest in peace #22 Dylan Jefferies. God bless your parents for raising a fine young man.

  • theresa rose

    my son has also played against this young man we are from Braxton county and I know they all was also heartbroken have read it on their post ..this is a very sad thing all these boys get along great they love meeting altheles from other surrounding counties so I know from all of the team here our hearts was broken to hear of this young mans passing ...our thought and prays goes out to South Harrison and Dylans family ....

  • Eric

    My prayers and thoughts go out to the Jefferies family. I can not imagine the pain and grief you are going through. I know that the grace and mercy of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ will be with you in this time of need. My prayers and thoughts go out to the South Harrison High School and the Community. I have family who are actively involved in the South Harrison High School Community and I know how tight knit of a community it is. Find strength not only in God and the words of comfort in the Bible he leaves but also in each other. Take comfort in knowing that Dylan is up in heaven right now playing the game that he loves with the greatest football players of all time. My Heart My soul and my mind are with you in this time of need. May God be with you through this time and know that I as well as hundreds of football fans all over this great state are thinking of you through this tough time. For the others who want to try to start arguments and team up on the doctor, May God have mercy on you. The doctor was trying to help by educating you. I think that the book plug was a little too much, but it is not worth getting on here trying to start an argument over when you lose complete sight of what happened. I am a fan of the great game of football but we should not ban this game. This kind of thing could happen at any game Baseball is getting to be this way as well. There needs to be research done to help athletes to stay safe but not at the expenxe of doing away with the games that kids love and dream about playing. That is what dylan was doing playing the game that he loved. Take solice in the fact that dylan was doing what he loved and he died doing the thing that made him happy. God Bless the family of Dylan and God Bless SHHS and the West Union Community

  • Coach McClintic and football team

    Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and teammates of Dylan Jefferies.

  • Annette

    My heart has been breaking for this family and having my a senior playing his last year in football makes it more understandable as to how much these boys love the game. My prayers of peace go out to you.

  • Tupac

    Prayers to the family, this is terrible

  • Smalltime

    Thoughts and prayers to the young man and his family. As an athletic trainer I have dealt with the loss of an athlete. To his friends, deal with the grief appropriately! Celebrate the fact he was who he was, and smile because he would want you too.

    Also, hey look! Another doctor with an ego... IF you were trying to educate the unwashed masses you would have just given them the signs and symptoms. However, you plugged the book. Own it.

    • al

      Learn to read.

  • Kristain

    God has blessed Dylan. Took him out of all the pain and misery. Though death is sad and tearful to us here on earth. The spirutual world its a new begining, a new life.

  • t.r.

    prayers going out to Dylan's family and friends

  • Teri

    Rest in peace beautiful child of God !

  • Daniel Williams

    My deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Dylan, may God bless them.

  • Davy

    Tyler Consolidated HS raised close to $600 in donations for the Jeffries boy last Friday at our game. South Harrison comes to our facility on the 18th. That being said, who knew this tragedy would occur? No one. These things happen. The Hawks will be welcomed and we will be gracious, as we try to be with everyone.

    • south harrison Hawk mom

      Thank you Tyler Consolidated for keeping the Jeffries family in your thoughts and prayers, along with the South Harrison community. This family is going through something no parent should ever have to face, and with support from our neighboring towns, it is helpful In surrounding the family and students in continued love, prayers, and support. Thank you for thinking of the Jeffries family. they need all the support they can get! Prayers to all.

  • south harrison Hawk mom

    My kids went to school with Dylan, and I think it is ridiculous instead of posting a simple condolences to his family, friends, classmates, community, and school......you all are bickering over the "interpretation" of Dr. Roush's post. Really? Shame on all of you for being so insensitive and disrespectful to what the article was about to start with! Disgraceful that any of you posted and started such an argument. You obviously very quickly forgot about the intent of the Article, and became obsessed on attacking the doctor. Who cares what her intent was or was not...........remember the grieving family and community in all this... Dylans Family, Richard, Tammy, Shayne, Cassandra, and his school South Harrison high school and the Lost Creek and West Milford communities are grieving. A young man was taken far too soon.........you people need to learn respect!

  • Shannon in TN

    Our thoughts & prayers will continue to be with all who knew this young man. May God give you all comfort & strength during this time.

  • Sharyn Tallman PCHS

    So very sorry for the loss of this young man. As parents of football players this is our greatest fear. Collectively each student, coach and parent of Parkersburg Catholic High School will continue to pray for The Jeffries family and ask God to send peace to all who share in this tragic loss.