LOST CREEK, W.Va. — South Harrison High School football player Dylan Jeffries died Sunday, nine days after suffering a severe head injury during a football game.

The news of his passing was posted Sunday night on the Facebook page created to update friends and community members about his condition.

“Dylan has fought very had through this past week, but today his battle is over. He has gone to be with our Lord and Savior.” was the post added to announce his death.

The popular kid in the No. 22 Hawks jersey was rushed via Health Net to Ruby Memorial Hospital Sept. 27 from the football game between South Harrison and Lincoln high schools. He suffered a blood clot to the brain which caused him to collapse. For the past several days he had been in a medically induced coma.

Dylan’s injury brought the community together and had gathered followers and prayers from far and wide. Mileena Beatty posted the updates on the Facebook page.

“Today we ask that you not remember Dylan for this tragedy, but for the amazing person he was. Remember him as the friend that was always there. Remember him as the great athlete he was when he put on his helmet. Remember him as the comedian. Remember him as a loyal person. Remember him as a true person. Remember him as he was on earth, because none of that will change. He will always be our Dylan and he will always be with us in our hearts.”

She added a note for the players involved in the game,

“To the Lincoln football team; Dylan knew many of you and was very excited about this game. Please do not blame yourselves if you tackled him or came in any contact with him throughout the game. He would have done the same to you if you were carrying the ball. The Lord planned all of this, though we do not know why, we just have to accept that the Lord’s plans are greater than our wisdom.”

Funeral arrangements are expected to be announced at a later time.

Beatty concluded the Facebook post with this note.

“Rest peacefully, our sweet Dylan. May you be forever pain free and at bliss with our Lord while you watch over everyone that you loved and cared for. ….. Always Loved and Never Forgotten.”

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  • Art in Ohio

    This also breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. This hurts to have this happen to such a fine young man and family.

  • TuckerMtLions

    My heart is breaking this morning as I heard of Dylan's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Dylan's family and friends! RIP #22!!

  • Hillbilly

    Prayers and condolences to the family.

  • From the Palmetto State

    Words cannot express the sadness we all feel at the loss of such a young student and athlete. A boy who was doing what he truely loved playing sports with his brothers. From a former WV native (onest a Mountaineer, Alway an Mountainer), may the good Lord hug the Jeffries family especially close during these very difficult times.

  • Whodat

    Many prayers for strength and comfort. God will provide. It is apparent that Dylan has left a positive legacy, both at SHHS as well as the community.

    There will be another day in which God's children are all reunited.

  • Cathy

    Thoughts and prayers are with this family and friends of this amazing young man, RIP Dylan.

  • Mark

    From the Eastern Panhandle....Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family, the family of players and students and to your community for your great loss.

  • Dale

    God Bless Dylan and his family, loved ones, and many friends.

  • Michael

    Just unthinkable. I hope everyone can find comfort this morning. This is just not supposed to happen to a young man or lady. Prayers go out to his family, his team, his school and everyone nationwide that loves the sport Dylan loved.

  • Dr. Kelly Roush

    I am so saddened by the news of this tragic death. I wrote a book "Sports concussion and neck Trauma: Preventing Injury for Future generations" dedicated to a young 17 yr old football player that died of secod impact syndrome. I speak nationally on this topic and have fought diligently to prevent this type of injury by trying to educate as many people as possible on the symptoms to watch for, equipment fitting, preventivie techniques, blocking/tackling technique, etc. I have provided testimony on legislative laws and concussion bills to Congress and Senate. You may review the book at kellyroush.com
    We are praying for this family. I will continue to try to prevent this type of injury and I urge all of you to get educated on concussion and traumatic brain injury and signs and symptoms to look for.

    • Michael

      Metro News PLEASE remove this post from Dr. Kelly Roush. For a doctor, she has no bedside manners. God bless the family, friends and community at this most difficult time.

    • Tara O'Leary

      Congratulations, Roush. Your self-promotion sinks far below "shameless". I think you hit "repulsive".

    • al

      Speaking as the husband of Dr. Roush, let me educate Harpers Ferry, Redgal, and owhvivo. My wife, in no way has profited off the sale of her book and has no interest in doing so. She spends countless hours, week after week, and every year since the death of the young man she witnessed and assisted with at a high school game. She is on the sidelines, as the team doctor, for every single home and away game of our local high school (Point Pleasant High School) watching over every single life of every player on that football field. She feels and treats every one of those kids like they were her very own. She has taught and teaches conferences in WV, Ohio, and many other states. She has testified before the Ohio Senate and House on the issues related to head injury. She gives this time so that she may save the life of a football player in the future - maybe one of your kids. It might do you well to shut your mouth and listen.

      • lori taylor

        if we would have had more people like her my son would not have had brain surgery and then could not ever play head contact sports the rest of his life when someone with experience speaks maybe you could help save a live of a friend of dylans I am sure his family will try to help make sure this does not happen again our prays are with his family

      • Shadow

        I respect your wife's attention to a very serious problem that we are just starting to deal with. You only make progress on an issue by making more people aware of the problem, writing a book being one way to get their attention. It is sad that this young man's death is another way to bring it out as a problem that must be worked on.

      • Bill

        I am amazed how Dr. Roush who is only trying to get information out about head injuries can be kicked around so badly. I only hope that no loved one of the negative posters ever has a head injury which may have been detected early had someone read her book. Her information could prevent a more serious injury or save a life. Unbelievable!

      • Greg

        I believe the Dr was using her credentials to show that she is qualified to speak on the subject. A cheap book plug would normally come with a price, and where to purchase it. She allowed those interested to preview it. This is proof that too many people will find SOMETHING to whine about and spew pure HATE. Please dismount your high horse. Thank you for your continued work Dr., and thoughts and prayers to Dylans friends and family , may they feel the comfort of Gods presence.

      • cnbwv


        MetroNews needs to edit these comments ASAP.

        • jmr012

          Yes, cnbwv, your comments have most definitely been shameful.

    • junior

      I understand that Dr Rush is only trying to get the message out and help educate people. Head injuries are getting quite too common in this sport. I commend Dr Rush for dedicating his life in trying to prevent tradgedies like this one. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young man. God forbids anything like this ever happens again, Dr Rush please don't promote your book during a heart breaking time. God bless, Dylan Jeffries.

    • oWhViUo

      i honestly believe if you look up the word "scumbag" in the dictionary you would find this post and its author. I'm quite positive there are a few people here who would like to help you test your theories after reading your "book plug" on a memorial post. My deepest sympathies to the family of this young man and his friends who no doubt are questioning why.

      • i think tje people that are making such a big deal about the dr trying to help. your putting nasty comments and striking out. when you are supposed tobei paying your respectand sympathy to this family. what is wrong with you. may God bless this family.


        • Harpers Ferry

          May God have mercy on your soul for being unable to spell and unable to use proper grammar.

      • jmr012

        oWhViUo, your comment is disgusting. Show at least a modicum of class and apologize to the good doctor AND to other readers for our having to read your vile, baseless, and inappropriate comment. The doctor did *nothing* wrong.

    • Bill

      I read this post differently than Harpers Ferry and Realist. I see the Doctor as trying to educate us about the signs and symptoms after an accident that could indicate a serious traumatic brain injury while there is time to help the player or person. I have a grandson playing football, he loves the game. I for one want anything to help make it safer for him and all players to be known. I do not feel Dr. Roush has in any way tried to sell a book; however, you are given a chance to review the book. Who knows it might just help save someone's son or daughter! Football is not the only sport that one's head could contact someone else's head or object. It might even help you save someone you love after an accident at home or in a car. Our sympathy and compassion should be for the family and friends of the player who passed.

      • cnbwv

        If the good doctor's only intent was to educate, she wouldn't have posted her resume or mention her book. Prayers for this young man and his family.

        Shame on you for your cheap publicity stunt.

        • Get real

          And you would pray for this young man, where was God on Septembr 27? Your statement is a cheap publicity stunt.

        • jmr012

          Class yourself up and stop embarrassing the State of West Virginia any further than you have, cnbwv. The doctor did NOTHING wrong and her post was ENTIRELY appropriate.

      • pam

        Larry I agree with you this is sad, some people don't take time time to read thing clearly and I think that has happened here, so some of you with comments about Dr. Roush trying to plug or advertise his book you should reread his comment. thank you Dr. for doing what you can to keep our players safe. My heart aches for Dylans family.

      • WVMom

        I could not have said it better myself. My son plays football and if there is something that I can do to help him be safer then I want to do that. My deepest sympathy goes out to Dylan's family and friends.

      • Larry

        I'm with you on this one. This tragedy may also give more credence to those who say football should be banned.

        • jmr012

          Larry, Maybe football *should* be banned. I love football too, but maybe we might just have to find other ways in which to spend our time. If it saves lives, so be it.

    • RedGal

      Pretty tasteless to use this as a venue to promote your book. A simple condolence message would have sufficed.

      • jmr012

        RedGal, the doctor did not use this venue to promote her book. She mentioned her book to establish her credentials. Please work on your reading comprehension skills.

    • Harpers Ferry

      The fact that you practice in Cleveland and NOT in WV further proves that you just using this tragedy to further your own agenda. You are worse than an ambulance chasing lawyer.

      • Robert

        A local TV station on Friday nites always have a "hit of the night" and showed another play or players really leveling a ball ccrrier..I sent them a note saying I did not think that was so smart..especially one of these nites when a player gets seriously hurt..no matter what kind of a tackle it was...the reward trophy will not mean much.

      • jmr012

        Harpers Ferry, people like you who cannot comprehend what they read represent both a tragedy and a shame.

      • Pt Pleasant Resident

        Kelly lives in WV, and is the team physician for Point Pleasant's football team. She runs a sports clinic with Holzer Clinic in Gallipolis, OH, just across the river from Point Pleasant. She is an expert in the field of head trauma in sports and is trying to help educate others about this field.

    • realist

      Dr. Roush

      Do you really think this is the place to try and sell your book? His injury was not caused by second impact syndrome and even if it was you are being horribly selfish by trying to profit from tragedy. I have never seen anything more inconsiderate

      • jmr012

        realist, please learn to read and stop being so sickeningly arrogant, ignorant, and inappropriate. Okay? You are *completely* out of line.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Wow! How thoughtful of you to plug your own work and advertise yourself during this time. There are many words I would use to describe you, but I don't think this website would let me post them.

      • jmr012

        Harpers Ferry,

        Pipe down! The doctor was just letting us know why and how she is knowledgeable of such terrible injuries and wanted to pay her condolences and promote a good cause to further research.

        Dr. Roush,

        I apologize for those who have posted obnoxious comments full of accusations and ignorance. They can't help themselves. It's the only kind of thing that they know how to do.

        West Virginia and our nation desperately need more physicians such as yourself who study traumatic head, neck, and brain injuries and advocate for greater funding and research regarding the subject. On behalf of all West Virginians, thank you for your continued efforts.


      • Dr. Kelly Roush

        I was not plugging my book and I live in WV! The only reason I wrote this book is to make others aware of how serious head trauma can be and to give tips on how to possibly prevent this from happening to another child. It also might help to read the other stories of kids just like this one to help the people in this community get through the grief . I was at a game when a football player collapsed after the game from a head injury and I provided the emergency procedures for the athlete and was able to regain vitals but Two days later he was taken off of life support . The main blood vessel inhis brian had ruptured. It was a horrible ordeal and I helped a school where I did not know the coaches, players etc get counseling, etc and then volunteered my time as their team physician for 16 years after that because they didnt have anyone looking after them. It took me a long time to get over it and that is why I now do everything possible to prevent such tragedies as these and by the way I use proceeds from the book to purchase mouthguards and protective equipent for youth programs and toward cpac funds to support legislation for prevention of traumatic brain injury.

        • Joke.

          Go away. Whatever your original intent , you sadly missed.

          Now show the concern you are trying do pitifully to say you have and leave. Just. Leave

        • Andrea wilson

          God bless you. It is obvious that you only have pure, good intentions. Keep up the good work.

  • Bruiser

    May God comfort all in this terrible tragedy. The kind words that have been written show that this young man will be living in many peoples heart. My deepest sympathies.

  • Curly Joe

    Too sad for words. Prayers and sympathy to the family of this blessed young man, forever young.

  • Cory Boothe

    Prayers with the family, team, and community.

  • Chris

    So so sad may god look over this entire family and community in this very difficult time .

  • Rob T.

    And here we are complaining about the WVU program. Things are not as bad as they may seem! Pray for this family and community. Take all the anger about Saturday night and turn it into compassion for these people. Rest in peace my brother.