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Ford Childress was ineffective at Maryland trying to play through a torn pectoral injury.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia redshirt freshman quarterback Ford Childress is expected to miss the remainder of the season as he recovers from a torn pectoral muscle, according to two sources close to the program.

“He’s bummed,” said one of the sources.

Childress owned a 1-1 record in two starts this season, the last of which was a 37-0 loss at Maryland on Sept. 21 during which he played through the injury. He has not seen action in West Virginia’s most recent two games, both of which were started by junior transfer Clint Trickett.

Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson have been coy about the status of the quarterbacks competition throughout the fall as Paul Millard, Childress and Trickett took turns leading the offense. For two weeks the staff has labeled Childress day-to-day.

Holgorsen said WVU doctors initially suggested the pectoral injury would heal on its own. The injury became swollen and inflamed during the bye week as Childress took practice reps and “let it rip,” according to Holgorsen.

“We tried to get him back in the fold in practice last week, but it made it worse,” the coach acknowledged Thursday night on his weekly radio show.

Subsequent medical examinations in Childress’s hometown of Houston raised the possibility that the healing process would require the remainder of the season.

“The best thing to do now is put him back on the shelf and see how it goes,” Holgorsen said. “Right now, it could be a week, it could be two or three weeks, it could be three or four weeks. I don’t know.”

The staff has not named a starter for Saturday’s game against No. 16 Texas Tech, but Holgorsen said Trickett and Millard split practice reps this week.

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  • Big Larry

    Childress is gone. Trickett is not physical enough to stand the pounding he will take with no protection from the offensive line who is "offensive". That leaves Millard...

    In simple Terms..."We are screwed"

  • Bigdaddy

    THANK YOU THANK YOU....I been saying the same thing all year long...I can't believe that with any of the OB's and WR..that are on a DIV 1 Scholly that we can't do some of the things you mention..which would allow us to help the line and open up the run game for the big shots down the field later in the game.

  • Don

    All you guys are absolutely right about the horrible O-line, but good signal calling and execution can play havoc with an overly aggessive defensive rush. Where have the quick slants, screens, and short flat passes gone? All I see is 2 runs off tackle and then a 40 yard incompletion downfield.

    • jfk

      I agree we haven't seen the crisp short passing game since the first drive of the first game

      PS I hope this Crest kid coming in at QB next year is the real deal

    • scott

      For real...for the life of me i believe short passes are easier than 40 yarders...and it might allow the D to take a break, towell off, grab a gatorade. The Baylor game was strange...kept thinking ok, no way we will go deep again, lets try and build a little momentum....nope...another 40 yarder...another one that landed 15 yards from the receiver. Guess i,m just a fairweather fan huh Jane?

      Whatever...Lets go watchin from the Bluegrass

  • Dogeers

    Hope I can learn to spell Childress.

  • Dogeers

    Hope Chilrdess isn't one of those qb's that comes back and beats WV a couple times.


    I hope Ford can work on his footwork while his recovering, I feel he needs to be more mobile where ever he ends up...I could not believe how strong he looked in High school but he has looked weak in both of his starts as a QB for WVU. He was not ready to play when he got his chance to play... no Wally Pip story here....

  • ron "from morgantown"

    I really wonder about this injury and when it happened ,I had a solid source tell me it happened on Chestnut street Sat night after the Maryland game . However a second source , and equally solid , told me it actually happened PRIOR to the Maryland game . I think the latter is now true ( I said a couple weeks ago that I thought it was the former ,) . -I will check again . Either way , I don't think Ford will be with the team in 2014 .

    • Bondo

      Agree ron.

    • Bryan

      So your "solid " sources give you two different stories so your just going to pick one to believe and write about it on here? Sounds like a winner.

    • Larry

      I think you're right that he won't be with the team next season.

    • cutty77

      @ Ron what difference does it make if got hurt playing Marbles. Yes if i was Ford I would get out of this program. Our line can't block a Parking Meter.

    • ThatGuyOverThere

      You aren't the first person say something about this...A few weeks ago i heard rumblings about it from some insiders....I really hope he recovers well and is granted a medical red-shirt.

    • clark

      Ron, are you saying he's going to transfer?

    • rdl

      Will be looking forward to your next report.

  • ed

    Any chance he gets a medical red shirt?

    • edward myska

      Not possible because he took a red shirt last season, would be nice but cant happen.

      • JamieNitro

        Medical redshirt is completely different than the normal redshirt. He should be approved for a medical redshirt if he cannot play the rest of the season.

        • Rick S.

          Great call by Chet -- NCAA rule 14.2.4 states that the player must have played in less than 30% of the games (or no more than three games, whichever is greater) and the player must not have played in any games after the halfway point of the season, and lost for the season due to injury or illness. For the record, the injury does not have to be sports-related.

          So Childress will be eligible to apply for a medical hardship waiver. That said, there is no guarantee it will be granted. But at least there is hope.

        • Chet Ubetcha

          I think the rule is you are eligible if you are injured and lost for the season, and have played in less than 30% of the games in a season. I think he is eligible NCAA permitting of course

      • Tdubb

        He didn't take a Medical Redshirt last year. You get 1 Redshirt and then NCAA can approve any medical Redshirt following. Has happened tons of times

  • WVWho

    Who cares how he hurt it the big thing is Trickett is one good pop away from the team having one qb. That O-line needs to improve QUICKLY.

    • J the C


  • big tom

    too bad, he was my favorite qb,, young inexperienced but with a future,,, now we look to a crippled trickett, and millard who just doesn't seem to have "it"

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    I hope he comes back stronger than he already is. Hoping for a speedy recovery...That type of injury is hard to pinpoint what happened...Could have been just a complication of many smaller injuries from training, playing, and or life in general.

    • Rob Hovatter

      If it is torn he will never recover full strength in the muscle. If he has surgery he can recover 85-90% of the previous strength as opposed to 75-80% through rehab alone. In my opinion, if he is done for the season, surgery is the best option.

  • Jason

    maybe it is his left pec...which would be uncomfortable and painful, but not the the same as the pec on the same side as your throwing arm. Sometimes hitting the ground wrong with arm bent the wrong way can cause an injury like this.

    • clark

      It is his throwing side.

  • Maybe just a rumor

    I've heard that it didn't happen on the field or while playing football.

    • Big Dave

      I heard the same rumor.

      • Larry

        Beer pong injury?

  • Big Dave

    Does anyone know the real cause of his injury? A pec requiring surgery is a very painful injury. I don't see how he injured it in the Maryland game and continued to throw passes. Especially doing so without any signs of pain.

    • BJones

      I think the "real cause" of the injury is no offensive line. Our QBs are getting killed.

    • Concerned

      There were signs, most notably the goose egg and the pathetic amount of yards.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Be praying for a quick recovery. Why not get both QBs ready? What ever works.


    • Bald Headed Pig Cop