MURFREESBORO, TN—  On a night when defense was hard to come by, Middle Tennessee State had just a bit more offense, scoring on the final play of the game to upset Marshall 51-49.

It appeared as if it would be Marshall that was going to celebrate the come from behind win.  Down by 45-41 with 5:03 left Marshall methodically moved the ball down field.  Essray Taliaferro ran the ball seven times on The Herd’s final 8-play drive, including a 2-yard touchdown run that gave Marshall the 49-45 lead with 2:29 remaining.

But, the Blue Raiders would come back.

Logan Kilgore hit Tavarres Jefferson for a 24 –yard reception on third and 12 from their own 19.  Then facing third and four, Kilgore again found Jefferson for a five-yard gain. Middle Tennessee would move the ball down to the Marshall 27 where if faced fourth and five and again Kilgore found Jefferson, this time for an 18-yard pick up.   Kilgore then moved the ball down to the Marshall nine-yard line with just three seconds on the clock.

On the final play of the game, Kilgore again targeted Jefferson.  Kilgore fired a pass to Jefferson in the slot who made the catch in the endzone for the game winning score.

Jefferson was targeted seven times on the final drive and came up with five catches including the game winner.

Marshall’s defense struggled to contain the Blue Raiders all night.  Middle Tennessee rolled up 585 yards of total offense.  308 of those yards came on the ground as Blue Raider running backs gashed The Herd’s defense.

The offensive output on Middle Tennessee’s part was certainly unexpected.  The Blue Raiders came into the game ranked 104th in the country in total offense.  However, the Blue Raiders didn’t play that way as two running backs eclipsed the century mark.  Jordan Parker led the way with 127 yards on 21 carries.  Reggie Whatley carried the ball 16 times and rushed for 104 yards.

Meanwhile, Logan Kilgore completed 22-of-40 for 277 yards and four touchdowns on the night.

Essray Taliaferro led Marshall’s offense, rushing for 134 yards on 24 carries and two touchdowns.  Rakeem Cato was 19-for-35 for 235 yards and three touchdown passes.

The Blue Raiders drew first blood on their initial drive.  Kilgore hit Kyle Griswold for a 16-yard touchdown pass to cap off an eight play 71 yard drive.  Marshall would answer on the ensuing drive thanks to a 39-yard pass from Cato to Jazz King.

It looked as if Marshall was starting to build some momentum.  Darryl Roberts came up with an interception as Middle Tennessee was driving near Marshall’s redzone.  However, The Herd went three-and-out, and then the mistakes started.

Tyler Williams’ punt was blocked and recovered in the endzone for a Blue Raider touchdown, giving Middle Tennessee 14-7 lead.

Marshall tied the game on the second play of the second quarter on a 1-yard touchdown run by Essray Talaiferro.  That was set up by a 30 yard pass to Gator Hoskins that was initially ruled a touchdown but after review officials spotted the ball just outside the goal line. Cato found Hoskins again with 4:00 left in the half from six yards out giving The Herd a 21-14 lead.

Middle Tennessee would get the ball back with 1:58 left in the half after Marshall’s offense could not run out the clock.  It would be a sign of things to come later in the game.  Kilgore orchestrated a near perfect two-mintue drill that culminated with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Christian Collis.

That was the first of five consecutive scoring drives for Middle Tennessee.  In the second half, Marshall did not force a punt until 8:17 remaining in the game. Jordan Parker rushed for a touchdown, Logan Kilgore punched one in and he threw for another.  Additionally Cody Clark connected on a 37-yard field.

Marshall answered with a two Kevin Grooms touchdown runs, a 6-yard touchdown pass to Tommy Shuler and a Taliaferro scoring run.

Marshall falls to 4-3 on the year and 2-1 in C-USA.  The Herd will be back at Joan C. Edwards Stadium next Saturday to play host to Southern Miss.  Kickoff is set for noon.

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  • BleedsGreen33

    I truely believe there is not a dumber groups of mouth breathers out there than WVU fans. You all are obsessed and need to get a life. For a team that is not your rivals you sure spend a lot of time trolling blogs, articles, and message boards.

    What a bunch of losers.

    WVU fans are poster children for abortion.

    • Watta Dummy Williamis

      The thing is you NEVER see a Moo fan trolling WVU articles on this site or any other do you?;)

    • Larry

      *truly *group

  • ron51

    marshall could go 12 and 0 year end and out never end up ranked high enough to end up in top four cause they play in really weak conf.

    • Jason

      I disagree...if MU beat VT in that triple overtime game and ran the table in the conference....they would be ranked right now. But there is little room to trip up, a loss like this would have sent them out of the rankings quick. They need to win the big games and blow out the teams they should beat.

  • Big Larry

    It was actually a good game up until the last play when Marshall thought the game was over and then not realizing there was one more down to be played...

    • wvman75

      Heh, heh. Marshall sucks.

      • Jason

        heh, heh. WVU is worse and they are about to lose their AD and probably head coach (if they can afford to fire him)

    • Jason

      By the same to give MTSU credit for not giving up. That is just sports sometimes.

  • firebong

    WVU fan here.It's a shame MU lost this one.I watched most of it and really thought the Herd was gonna pull it out.Hey,I pull for both state teams,what can I say.

    • Jason

      True...I grew up a WVU fan..ended up going to MU and I still pulled for WVU, until everybody I knew at WVU started talking S to me for no reason and always seemed to have this undeserved sense of arrogance, I got the "screw me? Well screw you!" attitude for years...I just now started to get over it...I will watch both teams..I pull for MU always...I used to root against WVU and wanted them to lose every game...just recently..I stopped rooting for WVU to lose..I am kind of indifferent if they win or lose..but I will still watch both.

    • Brett

      As do I. I don't like to see either of our state teams lose. MU first for me, but that doesn't mean I want WVU to lose.

  • Independent View

    Anyone watching this on TV last night knew that the QB' s target was Jefferson and they left hin open in the middle? Unacceptable! This final play mirrors the final play of last year's WV Oaklahoma game, everyone in the stadium knew who the Sooner QB was going to throw to and he was on the line completly unguarded, caught the ball took two steps into the end zone, untouched game over Sooners win.
    As for the Blundering Herd, the coaches had just called a timeout to set the right defense. Didn't any of the coaches say, "watch Jefferson, he's caught six passes on this drive alone and will probably be the go-to-guy"? Inexcusable!

  • Rick

    Marshall and Holliday just can't seem to win on the road. 3-1/2 season and his record is two games under .500, that's not getting it done. As much as I like Holliday, his team needs to play and execute better. They haven't won consecutive roads games during his tenure and you can't win titles with that kind of record. If they don't finish strong, Marshall needs to find a new head coach.

    • Jason

      Also..please remember..MU is one triple overtime and 2 points away from being 6-1 right now...that is better than we have had to deal with for years. This isnt a bad team...just need to keep getting better.

    • Jason

      Let's see how the season plays may or may not be right...but the problem is..who would take his spot...I dont think there is really any better options out there right now...even though they lost yesterday...I still see major improvement as a team..the O is top notch..and the D is not good..but better than last being said..I do see long as the program moves forward and not backward....can't ask for much more.

  • scott

    tell me again why they left the MAC?

    • Interesting123

      TV revenue and a better bowl lineup. Next question.

      • Pudge

        TV revenue????

        • Jason

          Ummm...yeah. Google: ncaa football leauge tv revenue deals

      • Bondo

        Dont assume you'll win 6.

        • Jason

          It doesnt matter...the leagues divide up the $ amongst the being associated with a league with more automatic bowl tie-ins means more $...that is why Notre Dame wants to stay independent because they get to keep all their is all about the dollar and tv deals. WVU will make more $ by just being in the Big XII with the bowl tie-ins...but some experts say this year, the Big XII might not be able to fill all the automatic bowls because they wont have enough 6 win teams to fill the spots.

      • Jason

        Exactly...more bowl tie-in's and more $$...just like every other program that got jostled around the last few years....NCAA football and basketball is all about the dollar..make no mistake.

        • Hailey

          Beef o Brady's bowl...yummmmm

  • Florida Boy

    "Marshall lost" who cares.?"Marshall wins" who cares?
    I would say that in this situation they need to......................Who cares?

    • Jason seem to care?

  • Larry

    Terrible, terrible loss, by the way, did anyone see the crowd on TV? It looked like a high school game, very embarrassing that it was televised.

  • WVU 4 Ever

    Ha Ha Ha. I love it.

    • Jason

      You love the misfortunes of others...that is are a great human being. MU's loss makes you somehow feel better about WVU's lost season? You just could not deal internally with the mere suggestion that MU may field a better team than WVU in any given year. Get over me...WVU has it's own problems right now to focus on. But hey..if it makes you feel better about be it.

  • Jdawg

    Wow U got beat by Middle Tennessee State University and MU left I-AA before they did!! Looks like they ahead of the curb on the herd and have already passed your program up

    • Interesting123

      Ahead of the Curb? Must be a WVU Grad.

      • Jdawg


  • Brett

    I would definitely say they brought last years defense on the bus to Tennesee. I was worried at the beginning of the season this might be more of a game thannit ought to be.

  • clark

    Sounds like a coaching blunder letting that receiver get open time and time again.

    Was there no safety help or double team on this guy on that final drive?

    • Bondo

      Interesting123 I was a WVU fan AND a Marshall while you were still breast feeding. If you like Marshall in the first game against WVU fine, you're just wrong, that's all.

      • Interesting123

        It take it that it was the Holiday Inn Express.

    • Grant

      Marshall dropped two balls that should have been interceptions on the last drive.

      • Jason

        100%, unfortunately DB's tend to be WR's that can't catch..that is why they play D...this was a tough loss....back to back road trips is tough..but the season is not over..they can still win CUSA...just need to get that kicking game squared away.

      • Art in Ohio

        A WVU fan that wanted Marshall to win. Dropped balls on defense and several on offense. Marshall let this team stay in the ballgame and guess what....the home team wins. (except for the Texas Tech game).

      • Interesting123

        Exactly, it comes down to a lack of execution. Same with special teams. If you make mistakes and let teams hang around they can jump up and beat you.

    • Patrick

      I was completely baffled because, on the play to get Middle Tennessee down in the red zone, Marshall had no one covering the slot receiver.

  • Melvin Meade

    Doc has coaches watching WVU film and the defense has responded.... what a stinker ....

    • Bondo

      Marshall always did want to be like WVU.

      • Interesting123

        Why would Marshall aspire to be a mediocre football program?

        • Shawn

          They don't have to aspire...they are!

          • Jason

            We will never know..but a season opener this year would have seen MU beat WVU pretty handily, especially if it were in Huntington...right now....they way they both are would probably be a toss up..depending on which team showed up that week. MU would definitely score points...but who knows if MU's special teams or D would show up...and WVU is a team that has the potential to lose to a William & Mary and beat a ranked who knows. (and honestly..who cares...they both have bigger problems to deal with...It would be a fun bowl game though...I would go to it if they theoretically played at the Ravens or Redskins would probably draw a good crowd for the relative close proximity..the TV ratings would be poor though, the state of WV just doesn't bring a lot of #'s to the table in the ratings category)

          • Interesting123

            Bondo: Is that opinion based on years of coaching experience or did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night? I like MU's chances to open the season against a Millard led offense. That game would be worth at least 3 good Furfari columns thrashing everything WVU.

          • Bondo

            Interesting123 just be glad you're Marshall team didn't get to play WVU this year like you were wishing for at the beginnig of the year. If so, you would have found out just how 'less than' mediocre Marshall really is.

          • Jason

            Got news for you..they both are right now....WVU probably has better athletes on the roster...but they can't put it together to be consistent at all...WVU is just floundering trying to find some kind of identity under this coaching staff...Marshall has by far a better (probably a top 15) Offense in the country...but their D is mediocre (which is better than they had the past few years...and their kicking game is not very good. We will see how the season plays out. All hope is not lost.

          • Interesting123

            Note the word "aspire". Just like WVU aspires to not look inept this weekend. We will see if they succeed though.

  • mauldawg

    MU what a power house!!! Just show's you how weak C-USA really is.

    • Jason woke up bright and early to be the first to post a message at 6:39 a.m....about a team and conference that you think is "insignificant" sure go out of your way and spend time almost every day to make a point telling everybody how weak CUSA is...your actions really do show how much MU and CUSA means to makes me feel good that you feel so threatened...haha!

      • mauldawg

        We have lost to top 25 teams. MU has lost to bottom feeders except VTech. Must be hard to lose to teams ranked in the bottom half of college football. Not threatened at all just cant stand MU and its fake fans. Any time MU can blow a game just makes my day.

        • Jason

          Classy. You are filled with a lot of hate and negativity to spend your time posting on articles about another school you have no association with. It is college football, lighten up a little. Personally, you should keep it up. Keep changing your names and making posts on here...I think it is hilarious that "fans" from other schools feel so threatened they feel they need to spend their time talking trash on here. I actually see it as a compliment. It means MU matters to you. I don't see Alabama fans on here talking trash, because they honestly do not care. You do. Haha!

          • Jason

   care about follow Marshall.hahaha.

          • mauldawg

            Alabama fans don't even know you have a football team. MU would be the scout team for Alabama.

      • Jason

        Mauldawd...I bet you follow the news and post messages on the Valley City High School football team in Valley City, North Dakota too..don't you? Well, you probably do not, because the Valley City High School "Hi-Liners" are of no significance to you. Which leads me to believe, either you feel threatened by MU/CUSA having success because that would somehow take away from "your team" (which it would not), or you are just flat out miserable and enjoy watching others not be successful. Either