CHARLESTON. W.Va. — The West Virginia National Guard said Friday it is processing military identification cards for same-sex couples at state facilities.

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called out National Guard groups in 9 states, including West Virginia, Thursday saying they were causing “division among the ranks” for not processing  the cards and forcing the couples to obtain them at federal facilities.

West Virginia National Guard spokesperson Lt. Col. Melissa Shade told MetroNews Friday the West Virginia Guard is processing the requests.

“It’s not our intent to turn away anyone,” Shade said. “We are processing all of the requests that we receive.”

A military ID card has been issued to a same-sex couple from the Martinsburg-based 167th Airlift Wing. Shade said that happened the first week of October. She said another request is being processed out of the Charleston-based 130th Airlift Wing.

Defense Secretary Hagel was critical of the state Guard groups during a speech before the Anti-Defamation League in New York City Thursday. Leaders in some of the states that Hagel mentioned have said they will not process the requests but the couples can get the cards by going to federal facilities in their states. 

The U.S. Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional in June. Secretary Hagel promised benefits for military couples by Sept. 3.

Lt. Col. Shade said the West Virginia Guard has received three requests in all but one was sent to a Pittsburgh-based Guard unit for processing because it was closer to where the couple is located.

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  • WV Bud

    When I was in the military, 40 years ago, you never heard of gays. they were referred to by other names. I never encountered many either. Hitch hiking back to WV from Ft Bragg, I usually was picked up by one or two around D.C. And that was usually after the sun went down.



    • Chuck Anziulewicz

      I actually disagree, and I say that as a law-abiding, taxpaying Gay American. Reparations are not the answer. Fair and equal treatment is all that is required.

      People who are Straight (i.e. heterosexual) have never had to worry about being fired from their jobs, kicked out of their rental properties, turned away from businesses, targeted with vandalism or violence, or denied the right to marry the person they love solely because of their sexual orientation. Is it asking too much that Gay people shouldn't have to worry about these things, either?

  • Owen Boone

    Too little, too late. Gay people should get some form of reparations for the injustices they have endured. Maybe in the form of affirmative action.

  • wvtd

    homosexuals are unstable , like bradly manning and they have no place in the military.

  • mauldawg

    Debra You are about as stupid as the members of the Supreme Court.

    • Debra

      Wow, if that's the group I am being associated with, I feel really good.

  • sunnycal

    there is no " constitutional justification " for giving gay people the same legal rights as married couples ( one man, one woman )

    • Debra

      Supreme Court begs to differ with you, and that is what matters.

  • Editer guy

    Military personnel swear to uphold the constitution of the United States. They do not swear to uphold the Bible The constitution--according to the Supreme Court, which is the only body legally appointed to tell us what the constitution means--says that if the Guard can not give a benefit to soldiers in one state and not give the same benefit to soldiers in other states. Military personnel do not swear to uphold the Bible, so like it or not, homosexuals, men who shave, people with tattoos, people who eat fruit from trees less than five years old, people who wear clothes made from more than one type of fabric, and all sorts of abominations are tolerated in our armed forces.

    • Debra

      Amen Editer Guy.

  • WV Bud

    I"m with you Barry.Gays are wrong.They should"nt be getting this. Does no one believe in what the Bible says anymore? Sodom and Gomorrah?

  • Judy

    Barry Bledsoe, a God fearing man who judges others? What a wacko!

  • Joe

    Sorry all....meant to write "died during WWII".

  • Joe

    Regardless of one's position on this issue, West Virginia has sacrificed for native sons and daughters in the defense of our country than any other state in the union.

    His comment regarding WV, among others, causing division in the ranks is completely out of line.

    By the way, Mr. Secretary, know how many WV'ians does during WWII in the European Theatre to rid the rule of Nazi's? Didn't think so...Would have been a good fact to know since you were speaking to the anti-defamation league.

  • Barry Bledsoe

    And it just keeps getting worse.

    • Chuck Anziulewicz


      How so, exactly? Gay military personnel have always served their country with as much distinction as their Straight counterparts. And the courts are slowly but surely acknowledging that there is no Constitutional justification for denying law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples the same legal benefits and opportunities that Straight couples have always taken for granted. How is that "worse?"

      • mauldawg

        To dear little chuckie anziulewicz, . Have you ever served in the military. I doubt it. You have been to busy having the American people supporting you. Todays military men and women do not want gays in the military. This is a law that was passed by BHO and his American hating followers. Todays military members can not speak out for fear of being punished by the gay leaders of todays military. Its a sad day in the history of this once great country.

        • Chuck Anziulewicz

          DEAR MAULDAWG:

          Everyone in the military knows that Gay soldiers have always been there. Everyone in the military knows that Gay and Straight soldiers have always showered together and bunked together. None of that was ever going to change whether “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was kept or repealed. I don’t know why people are still getting all bent out of shape about it.

          For what it’s worth, I really don’t care if any soldier, Gay OR Straight, is disciplined or booted out of the military because of inappropriate conduct when on-duty. That’s not what’s at issue here. A qualified soldier should not be at risk for losing his career simply because of who he’s dating on his own time.

          Hold all soldiers to the same standards of professional behavior, regardless of their sexual orientation, and the military will be able to do its job just fine. We never needed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to accomplish that goal.

      • J the C

        Oh God, I meant well said Chuck!

      • J the C

        well said, Barry.

      • Bigfish

        Amen brother.

      • RealConservative

        Just thank them for their service, provide the services they are supposed to receive while protecting our country, and stay silent.

        The display of ignorance on the WV Metro News site is astounding, disgusting, and disappointing.

        • Spell Checker

          Regarding the display of ignorance RealConservative, you left out the word "routine".

      • Debra

        Thank you Chuck. Amen

      • David