MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Bob Huggins said his team had enough open 3-pointers to win the game, only they didn’t make enough of them.

West Virginia made just 3-of-18 shots from 3-point range and lost 73-70 to Purdue at the WVU Coliseum, another tight loss for a Mountaineers that can’t get over the hump against quality opponents.

“We took 18 3s and how many of them were hard 3s?” Huggins asked. “You’ve got to make some of those. … Eron (Harris) took a couple hard ones because he had to, but the rest were just step-in shots.”

Purdue also outrebounded West Virginia 45-38, despite missing 6-foot-10 freshman Jay Simpson to illness. Huggins was asked what WVU could do at this juncture to become a better team on the boards:

“Get those two guys eligible,” the coach said, referencing freshman Elijah Macon and Jonathan Holton. “That will help a bunch.”

Watch Huggins’ postgame news conference as WVU (7-5) prepares to take a three-day Christmas break.

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  • The dude who made comment

    madhatter please stop posting. We're all losing IQ points listening to your mindless drivel. Our HOF coach is going nowhere.

  • john c

    love these idiots who want to question a hall of fame coach smh this program is fine and the next few years will be the best we have had in my lifetime!!!

    • madhatter

      just look at his record,, over the last 78 games ,wvu is one game over .500. If you're satisfied with mediocrity fine, i'm not, he's getting paid too much to field non competitive teams yr in and yr out.

    • Barry

      I love these idiots who call everyone else idiots.

      • Jay

        I love the idiots who call people idiots who call others idiots. It's idiotic.

  • madhatter

    the edge that separates a good from a great coach is very small, but huggins has lost that advantage.Who knows why, the wizzard of westwood didn't lose it with age, in fact he got much much better, but bobby seems to have strayed from the path and has other priorities in his life... Once lost, it never really comes back.
    He is in denial and blames only his players, his recruits, for not being in the right place, not making baskets, not running the face break correctly,etc..Never will he say it's his fault , his coaches it's always the players, and he'll fix it, you know , we heard this all last yr.
    A man making this kind of money ought to have some moral obligation to the people of wvu and wv to step aside when he no longer can do the job,,,, Bob , it's time,, just look at the last 3 yrs, now going on 4, look at the attendance, you are destroying the program my friend, i am sorry to say it, but it's time

    • wvtd

      he would be much more successful at fund raising at this point in his life. to much booze and food is taking a toll on him. maybe it is time he rests on his laurels and takes the next step into retirement for the good of the state and wvu.

  • Troll

    What do you expect when you have three players on the roster from WV. No depth is what you get. Had all the recruits qualified two of those wouldn't be dressing and the depth would be better. The way it is as in football this team just isn't very good this year. As far as Huggins goes he's forgotten more than you, I and many other D1 coaches could ever hope to know. It just amazes to see fans think for some reason WVU should win every game and be great year after year, it just doesn't happen. Oh well one thing for sure, these kids will keep playing the coaches will keep coaching and you guys will keep complaining. Look at the bright side at least you get to complain and I think that's the only thing that makes most of you happy. So blast away and Merry Christmas I'm sure you all deserve it since your so perfect.

    • joe


    • Barry

      Yeah, that was a fantastically well said yet worthless and illogical arguement.

    • wenkev

      Well said!!!!

      • Big Larry

        What else did you expect?

        He's on the payroll...

        • Big Larry is So Small

          And you fell off the wagon...again

          You drunken Huntington Troll...Go back to the bar and spend the rest of this months government check

    • Stan

      That was fantastic.

  • 2cents

    Aaron Murray, the guy always in Bob's doghouse, just scored 48 in one game for Texas Southern. Now, I realize they're no premier D1 team, but the dude found a way to score. I don't know if he played 48 minutes all last year.

    • Steve

      He did not deserve to play. If you watched him you saw a kid that did not play defense, could not rebound and stayed in foul trouble, not to mention he whined al the time. At a lower level these things are not important. Forget Murray.

  • Barry

    This is the most negative, pessimistic and rude person that I have ever seen. It is no wonder players don't stay here. I can't stand to hear him after a loss. I know the reporters must hate asking him questions.
    He is consistent though. When asked a question the same answer is always given. They don't try hard enough. They don't sprint back. They can't make an open shot. They won't listen..... Wah Wah Wah.
    A loss is never Bob Huggins fault. It's those dang players. (Oh wait, Bob recruited and coached these guys).

  • Billy

    Some WV fans are a little bit out of their mind. I grew up in Cincinnati and watched Huggins turn an entire program around. He does things the right way and doesn't cheat. He runs a good program. He led WV to their first final four since when? 1954? Get off his back. Yeah the past two years have been disappointing and understand the frustration but at least he got rid of the kids from last year's squad that didn't want to listen and play hard. You can't give up on a guy who has won 730 games that easily.

    • Billy

      The post by Billy is not the same Billy that usually post on this site. This Billy is the one that dislikes the over glorified luck and his bad of misfits. Thank ya

    • Big Larry

      Thank you Mrs. Huggins...

      • Big Larry is So Small

        No Thank You for your brilliant comments, now please go back to watching the Herd against what ever high school team they are playing this week

      • Hailey

        No thank you, Mrs William

      • wenkev

        No, thank you, Big Laura, the girlfriend who Huggins dumped in high school.

        • Barry

          Oh! Snap!

  • tw eagle

    Coach , you gotta work with what you have in the lineup . . . Adrian and Williams both played well inside . . . best game and effort from both these young men . . .

    staten needs to "sit" until he puts in the effort EVERY TIME to play defense . . .

    missing 3's wasn't the reason you were down 8 points with 1:30 left in game . . . the guards are the setup men for the O . . . not the only shooting option on the floor . . . it's time to kick a couple of tails coach , or are you afraid the few kids you have will leave too ?

    Debo looked good with outside shooting in the games I actually saw , why did he spend the whole second half on the bench ?

  • William

    Don't worry WVU fans -
    Huggins just said "I'LL FIX IT

  • William

    How bad does it need to get till the Head Basketball Coach at WVU gets FIRED?
    "Sweatsuit" Huggins is one of the worst coaches in WVU history!

  • Big Larry

    Huggins was asked what WVU could do at this juncture to become a better team on the boards:

    “Get those two guys eligible,” the coach said, referencing freshman Elijah Macon and Jonathan Holton. “That will help a bunch.”

    Macon and Holton are not excuses Huggs...How can you bring them up when they are not even a factor and never will be?

    A month ago Huggins brushed off the idea of not having any depth stating that in the past he won with only 8 players. Now he is using Macon and Holton for excuses...

    NOTE: This statement qualifies to be added to the file...

    "1001 of the stupidest comments, remarks and statements made by Bob Huggins"

    • Big Larry is So Small

      And that was the 1002 Stupidest comment ever made by another human being!!!!!!!

    • Allen

      The bandwagon is getting lighter. I have more elbow room. Hope the Herd enjoys the new haters it is getting as fans. Beware they have a losing record against Huggins.

      Merry Christmas.

      PS - Don't overturn the wagon jumping on so fast when the team makes the NIT this year and then makes the NCAA next season.

      • 4WVUbut!

        Let's face it! Our athletic programs are in decline! Our coaches are paid BIG money! But? Where are the results? When ya make the big bucks, is it out of question that you earn them? I can't stand to see another coach making 2 plus million look like this! Sorry! It is a sad day to be a Mountaineer, where ever you may be!