FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A Fayette County man charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty waived his preliminary hearing in Fayette County Magistrate Court Monday.

Charges against Michael Wayne Ford, 56, of Victor, will next be presented to a grand jury.

Troopers allege Ford boxed up 4 cats and 8 kittens and threw them on a fire. Troopers were able to recover the remains of 7 animals shortly after arriving on the scene in late October.

Investigators said Ford’s wife told them he had been complaining about the animals.

The next grand jury in Fayette County is scheduled for January.


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  • Mike

    Next to taking a human life, this guy is the lowest scum on earth. He deserves to rot in jail.


    If you do it to animals you are capable of doing it to humans.