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Ronald Carswell played eight games before being suspended for a violation of team rules the night before West Virginia faced TCU.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Ronald Carswell, one of West Virginia’s top receivers before being suspended Nov. 1, was not on the updated roster Wednesday and apparently won’t be reinstated.

The junior was suspended the night before West Virginia’s 30-27 win at TCU, reportedly for a violation of rules at the team hotel, and never dressed out for the final four games.

Carswell finished with 20 catches for 413 yards and two touchdowns, one of which proved to be the game-winner against William & Mary. His 20.6 yards-per-catch average led the team.

His career began at as a signee at Alabama, the team WVU faces to open next season. But Carswell never played for the Crimson Tide as was suspended by Nick Saban before transferring to junior college.

Among other roster notes, running back Andrew Buie has returned after last August’s curious announcement that he would withdraw from school, redshirt and return to WVU. At that point, few who covered the team expected Buie to return—if only because it was such an unconventional move—but now he’s back with two years of eligibility.

At the least, Buie will be a nice third-down back to complement Dreamius Smith and Wendell Smallwood.

Redshirt freshman cornerback Avery Williams, who appeared in six games and contributed three tackles and a blocked field goal, was not on the roster.

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  • Jason

    SEE YA!!! There's a reason he was kicked out of BAMA. This was another Pac-man/ Chris Henry kid!!! All trouble. Couldn't even learn the words to Country Roads. GET OUT!!!

  • BigFoot1970

    Rumor is he got caught with a female in his room in Fort Worth.

  • Webb

    I would love to see a headline read: Holgorson, no longer at WVU. That's the only thing that will save this sinking ship.

    • unclec

      Stewart was a great coach andeven better MAN that was a leader

      • Steve

        I never said he wasn't a great man or leader. Just not that good of a coach/recruiter. R.I.P.

      • Rick

        Stewart was a good man. Even if he wasn't a good coach. He never had a four win season. The only time Dana has won was when he had Stewart's players.

        • Steve

          False. Some of those were carry-overs from rich-rods regime. If Stewart's recruits are so good why don't we keep on winning?

    • mauldawg

      Webb, Don't like what is going on at WVU,leave and don't come back. You will not be missed.

  • Rich

    Did Avery Williams leave school/transfer or was he removed from the team. Carswell came to us w/baggage and it appears he will leave w/ more baggage. Buie sets up the RB position w alot of depth: SR-Smith, Garrison, JR-Buie, SO-Schell, Smallwood and hopefully the incoming FR from NC who I beleive is a 4* prospect?

  • Rob

    I APOLOGIZE! I think this is the WRONG William. I am so sorry about that.

  • Rob

    I was looking down thru the comments and was becoming disenchanted. I was concerned that the resident genius known as William was not going to chime in. But alas, the village idiot arrived at last.

  • WVcoal

    The thing I remember most about Carswell (on the field) was that he had difficulty holding onto the ball.

  • tw eagle

    He got fired by Nick Saban , a really & truly "players coach" . . . not much more be said - just another 'bad' decision by DH . . .
    apparently DH thinks the # of stars a recruit has means he has talent . . . somewhat true , but the base of talent is in the HEART . . . if you got no heart , you got no work ethic , and are a ME FIRST & ME ONLY player . . .i'll wager Shell finds his way out of Morgantown before the 2014 starts . . .

    • truthTeller

      Carswell was no different in HS football. All about self and show...trouble etc... Very talented but very very cooky and selfish towards his teammates. I hate that this happened to him...he has to learn that there are consequences for his actions. Just sad to see young people wasting their opportunities when there are other talented young men and women that are over looked.

    • RandomGuy

      Some of you don't know what you are talking about with this man Carswell. He is a great person and a outstanding athlete. He derserves a chance to stay on he can can help any team become better has a great work ethic and loves football with a passion. Before you say anything about what happen I personally know what happened out in Texas and in Alabama so don't try to tell me anything I know what I'm talking about, you people should learn before you bash somebody!

    • mauldawg

      You need to find your way out. Don't need fans (MU Troll) like you.

    • CPA

      I'll take that bet tw much?

  • Dave

    I wonder WHAT he did to be off of the roster?

    It would be nice if Allan Taylor could have found out more of why the young man was removed from the team.

    I hate it when coaches use the "violated team rules/policy" as a way to "hide" what the player has either done or been accused of doing.

    I sometimes think that the rules violation term is a way for the coaches to "trim" the fat and make new room without coming out and saying "We signed a bunch of guys who just aren't what we thought they were or don't fit our system" and need to make room on the roster for someone who we want to bring into the program.

    • JamieNitro

      Dave, a lot of those "violation of team rules" issues are not items that can be divulged. It can be as innocent as being late to meetings, or missing curfew. I would imagine it would take a pattern of these "minor" violations to quanitfy dismissal from the team. More than likely, it's an issue that the school doesn't want to disclose for fear of legal repercussions.

  • SamWvu304

    Glad to see Buie back. Thats one more guy on the field next season that we know can take it to the limits on the ground,catch n run on screens,deep balls,and throw a big block to spring his fellow receiver. Welcome Back Buie..glad you got your mind right..Now how about Damon Cogdell, I knew he was coming back home.... We got some awesome coaches ready to bleed for the Gold n blue to Be back...

  • Forgot Someone

    I think Smallwood and Smith will be complementing Shell.

    • Dougie

      Yep, Shell should definitely be in the mix if not the top guy. He was very impressive his freshman year at Pitt. Going to be a crowded year again for our rb's, but that competition should be good. I hope Buie gets some action though, as i really liked him and thought he ran hard, especially for his size. Seems like he ran over more guys than any of our backs did last year and they were much bigger. As good as they did, none of them ran with much power...

    • Allan Taylor

      @Forgot: Good point. The reports of Shell's year on the scout team were encouraging.

      • ut oh

        Expand on this statement please.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Keep an eye on Millard , some have suggested that he will give up football and attempt to play baseball at Wvu. If baseball doesn't work out he may drop down to D2 an play Qb .

    • wow

      good luck to him, whatever he does.

  • Ducks In A Row

    Maybe he was hanging out on Willie Nelsons bus. After all, he was in Fort Worth.

  • William101

    "alas" --come on Allan, you're better than that. Use of this word evokes a negative connotation on what should be a positive development about AB.

    • Allan Taylor

      Apologies, guys. Didn't intend negative or positive connotation regarding Buie. Alas, the sentence was amended.

    • WV Grad

      Alas=negative and Buie is a positive>

  • shawn

    Sounds like he has a problem with rules. Best to get rid of him now.