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Quarterback Ford Childress, who made two starts for West Virginia last season as a redshirt freshman, has reportedly left school.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Saturday’s revelation that Ford Childress has left school further clouds West Virginia’s offseason quarterback situation.

A two-game starter in 2013 before a torn pectoral muscle shelved him for the season’s final eight weeks, the 6-foot-5 Childress possesses a big-time arm that made him one of the nation’s top-rated pro style quarterbacks coming out of high school. The rising sophomore could have made his case for the Mountaineers starting job during spring drills, especially with incumbent Clint Trickett slated to undergo surgery this week to remedy a torn labrum.

With Trickett reportedly facing up to a six-month rehab, West Virginia could begin spring drills with only two healthy quarterbacks—senior Paul Millard and junior college signee Skyler Howard. (In a curious connection, both hail from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and neither held an FBS offer coming out of high school.)

One player who holds numerous major-college offers, four-star freshman recruit William Crest of Baltimore,  has been committed to WVU since last April. He is expected to sign with West Virginia next month but won’t arrive until summer.

Millard underwhelmed in three starts last season, though his extended relief appearance against Texas featured some noteworthy moments in what became a 47-40 overtime loss. Howard began last season as a virtual unknown at Riverside (Calif.) City College, before piling up 3,151 passing yards and 33 touchdowns. After receiving a late-November scholarship offer from West Virginia, he signed in December and enrolled last week.

Childress’ totals were 36-of-63 passing for 421 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. Though he won his first start 41-7 over Georgia State, the following week saw Maryland whitewash WVU 37-0 in Baltimore, a blowout jump-started by a Childress pick-six. Only after the game did head coach Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson say they learned Childress had played through the pectoral injury.

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  • Mike C from Bridgewater

    Ford Childress's feet make Herman Munster look quick; not a D I quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry for the blunt analogy and thanks to Ford for giving WVU the commitment and opportunity. Hopefully both will move to a better situation

  • WVYou

    We need to get a Chevy instead!

  • El Supremo

    The comments below are overwhelming regarding the lack of speed, footwork and arm strength. I cannot resist what coach(es) rated this man worthy of a scholarship?

    The answer to that question will illuminate the reason for the downward spiral of the program.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    I read an article that said the coach suspended him for the next semester. Did not say why.

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    Sorry if I for one am not upset. Not very good. Maybe we will find a true QB in Skyler Howard or William Crest.
    We sure did not have one last year. Hate it that Trickett is injured but sure would not want to see him play QB anymore. Reminds me of Barney Fife. Lovable guy but not a football player.

  • mike dineen

    Hey Doc would be a great choice for a head coach but dana will be around a few more years.Don hoped Doc would follow in his footsteps but then we made Joe our governor and Doc left a year before Don hung it up. Make no mistake Doc is a WVU guy always has been always will be

  • jeff

    Its time to bring John Pennington and Garin Justice up from Concord to get back to Rich R and Bill S coaching

  • Dave

    Mr. Taylor,

    The article never says "Why" he left nor "Where" he is going. I wish that there was a little more information on this article on just some basic facts.

    It's too easy to speculate on everything when there is very limited information.

  • Go WVU

    Where did he go???

    I may have missed something in the article

    But can anyone tell us where he is going?

    Did he quit school, or is he going elsewhere to play ball


    • Allan Taylor

      Talked with a source close to Childress who was unwilling to comment about Ford's potential destination just yet. One rumor/theory has him going the juco route for a year (since he'd have to sit out a season as an FBS transfer anyway).

      • Go WVU

        Thanks Allen

        Always appreciate and enjoy your articles

  • MountieFan1948

    I, for one, am sorry to see Ford leave the University. While I like Clint and Paul, I don't think either of them is the answer for the QB position. Both of them had their moments last year, but neither were consistent leaders of the offense, nor were their performances noteworthy. Yes, Clint got us a win against Oklahoma State, and Paul did some nice things in the Texas game, but one game does not a season make.

    My money was on Ford for the '14 campaign. So, it appears that given my opinion of Clint and Paul, Skyler Howard (and possibly Crest - remember Pat White started as a true Freshman.) gives me the most hope. I agree that our Offensive Line didn't play up to their hype in '13. But, a quality QB plays the hand dealt him; and unfortunately neither Clint nor Paul stepped up. With Ford out, Skyler (and possibly William Crest) are where I put my money.

    • cutty77

      I heard he went home for Christmas,and he told his Dad he got suspended,and his Dad told him to go Back his Sh&& and come back Home.

  • JimJim

    I remember when WVU had a football program. It look like those days are long gone.

  • Troll

    How some posters read this and come out thinking Dana ran him off is amazing. The only person to blame is the player for making poor decisions while a student at WVU.

  • P B and J

    I heard Booth Goodwin was launching a federal investigation as to why Ford was leaving....

  • pghmountaineer

    What a shame. I think this kid has talent, it's the lack of coaching that played a large role in his inability to win the job.
    He has the skill set.

  • E

    Couldn't happend to a better bunch of eerdiots! GO HERD!