SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — A cast member on MTV’s now-canceled reality show “Buckwild” could spend several years in prison.

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Salwa Amin, a member of MTV’s ‘Buckwild’ cast, was sentenced on a drug charge Thursday in Nicholas County Circuit Court.

On Thursday, Salwa Amin, of Charleston, was sentenced in Nicholas County Circuit Court to one to five years in prison for dealing drugs.  She will receive credit for the 192 days she has already served.

The 24-year-old Amin pleaded guilty in November to one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

As part of her plea deal, she agreed to testify against Shawn Booker, 42, of Detroit, and Jason Jones, 31, of Summersville.

All three were arrested in Nicholas County last year and charged with dealing heroin and oxycodone.

“Buckwild,” a show about a group of young people living and partying in the Charleston area, was canceled after its first season following the death of cast member Shain Gandee.

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  • AB

    She has publicly admitted to being an addict. There are even interviews of her on YouTube, in jail and talking about her addiction.

  • mattwv

    Well considering someone can get hurt in the coal mines, DR prescribes them with Pain pills that they have to take due to being injured. The body becomes addicted to the pills, you cant tell your body not to get addicted. you don't have control over the painful feeling of sickness from pills. Therefore, you become addicted. it's not a choice. so YES it's a disease and an epidemic. if you haven't ever been addicted, you have absolutely no place to talk about it. so all that wants to have just an opinion, Just go away. You are too ignorant to talk about it. seriously.

  • tashawv

    U all don't know her lik I do she isn't a bad girl at all.. I love her to death she was jus at the wrong place at the wrong time..

  • David Kennedy

    Those in my family chose a drug overdose instead of being with the family. They could have chosen to 'not do drugs.
    Overdose? Nahh! It wasn't going to happen to them...
    Calling Drug Use a disease is a cop out. It's contracted by giving money to the 'Drug Pusher...
    You are an idiot...Jima.
    Thanks for proving my point.

  • susanf1218

    Baloney! That's why we have judges in our legal system - to adjudicate those who do wrong. Should we not judge anyone's behavior and just assume that murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. are all "good" people and that we are no better than they are?? I certainly hope that I am better than that! And as for the lame argument that only God can "judge", that is a convenient excuse frequently used by those who want to do whatever they feel like w/o having any consequences for their behavior. In fact, I would bet that many who use that argument don't even believe in the God whom they claim will "judge" them.

  • susanf1218

    Tell me this, Jima - if addiction is a "disease", then how is not entirely preventable by NOT making stupid choices to begin with? Such as NOT using drugs?? If you want to argue that it is a disease, then it is a disease of choice.

  • susanf1218

    Now, now Jima - you are "judging" me, aren't you? And isn't that what you think we shouldn't do. If you had taken the time to fully read and comprehend my comment, you would note that I said that I am judging her actions and I stand by my assertion that I am a better person than she is b/c I don't do drugs or sell drugs or have anything to do with drugs. If that offends you, then so be it.

  • Jason412

    It's a fact that most drug dealers, especially in the case of heroin, are addicted. There will always be the bigger guys(from Detroit or wherever) who don't touch the stuff, but most locals sell it to support an addiction..

    She didn't get caught selling drugs, she just got caught with a substantial amount that is enough to result in the Intent to Distribute.

  • Jason412

    "Have the gov go house to house" yeah that's what America needs. I think J Perry is right to call you Adolf

  • Jason412

    I think intent to distribute is always a 1-5. Not to mention the article had originally said she was testifying against the Detroit guy, so that was probably a huge part of the sentencing.

  • Billy

    Former, you must the the most brilliant person on this site. Congratulations!! We're all really proud of you!!

  • J. Perry

    Great Idea Adolf, lets cap you first.......

  • J. Perry

    You bleeding heart half wit, she was dealing HERION!!! How can even you even remotely consider comparing one who responsibly consumes alcohol to a HERION DEALER!!!! What does attending a Christian fellowship service and consuming alcohol have to with anything??? I guess you had the "hots" for the scumbag. If you had a relative this piece of crap introduced to HERION just to profit off their addiction, you might not be so *ssed off on the beer drinkers...

  • Jima.

    There you go again SusanF sounding foolish and making silly remarks that you don't know nothing about.....You know what? Your the type of person I would like to take out and drink a cup of coffee with and try to explain to your p sized brain what addiction is ...and isn't.then I would dismiss you and send you on your way back to your cave!

  • Jima.

    David Kennedy......get educated on the Disease of Addiction and then you can comment....Having lost so much in your family I would have thought that would understand this!!!!

  • Jima.

    Hey Susan F......Just WHO do you think you are to say you re a better person. I don't know a thing about you but I will say with your attitude you sound very foolish and not very Christian like...rethink what you said and come back and explain yourself some more.

  • thornton

    Many are liberal as youngsters until they start paying taxes or taking a job track past drug pusher, felon or layabout.

    Then, it often is too late as they find blaming others for their own mistakes or living off some dole is considered making it in Life.

  • thornton


  • Sarah1994

    You aren't a better human being than her you just make better decisions. You shouldn't think you're better than anyone. Remember only God can judge you...

  • Former

    She is admittedly. Trust me because I know better than anyone, including her parents. She loves being liberal not saying its good or bad. That is just her beliefs.

  • brian

    she had obama stickers on her stuff on the tv show

  • susanf

    Well, I think I am better than she is. I don't deal drugs or do drugs. And what is this nonsense about how we shouldn't "judge" people?? That is a large part of what is wrong w/this society - we have lost the will to judge people's behavior and as a result, the attitude is that you can do anything you want - no limits, no restrictions, no judgement! I don't know if she is a "good" person who did a bad thing, but I do know that she did a bad thing and for that I am judging her actions!

  • Mountain Man

    Whatever. She needs to be appropriately punished, jailed and seek rehabilitation.

  • susanf

    Agree. Stupid people making stupid choices and then crying about being "victims".

  • northforkfisher

    I can't believe after buckwild and the drama that followed on and off the show anybody would try to make another show like it. CMT has a new show about a group of South Carolina people doing the same crazy stuff.
    I wonder if they will haul tail after someone dies or the cast starts getting wild and rowdy.

  • matt.wv

    I'll pray for her, and hope she comes out a better person after. No one on here should judge her as a bad person, you don't know the whole story. I don't either, but I'm no better than her to judge her. I'm sure most of the people on here talkn smack, probably drink alcohol.? Notice I said most not all, so you don't need to reply letting me know that your a perfect church goin saint that doesn't do anything. But I'm sure you all have skeletons in your closet. but I hope she comes out, uses her degree, becomes a very successful person in life, and puts these few hard years in her past. If she does that, I bet she becomes more successful and more wealthy than most of you judge mental people belittling her on here. Tootles..

  • Uncle Unctuous

    Perhaps they travel in the same circles.

  • WVMan

    Had that been a normal person they would've gotten a lot more time. These Detroit drug dealers all need rounded up. She is scum and should be banned from WV. Go live in Detroit with your kind!

  • thornton

    She was dealing heroin with a Detroit connection...I lack the faith she will stop her continuing slide to the next and future Greybar Hotel. I also doubt she will serve close to the maximum.

  • 5toldU1s

    Drug addiction is a scourge on society. But give 'em a good bullet to the head? Really? Do you know how many people have been addicts but have overcome it and gone on to be productive members of society? And yes China is now a strong (!) government and an economic power but there is absolutely no freedom for the people ( plus total gov. gun control by the way). And while we're at it why not just have the gov go house to house, give everybody a thorough search, apologize to those without drugs, and kill those who do on the spot. Problem solved!!!

  • shawn

    Its distancing yourself from the temptations. You have to get away from everything you know and stay away. It is hard but it can be done.

  • Alum

    The article does not state she is an addict. It states she was convicted of possession with intent to deliver, in other words, a pusher/dealer.

    Where is the information that she is an addict?

  • wvtd

    I have never met a person who wanted to be a addict. I agree it is a choice, a very bad choice but unless you have dealt with the issue you should not judge. it is a very bad choice to do drugs but very hard to stop once a person makes the choice to quit. we can choose to care about our fellow human beings or choose not to. your choice.

  • griff

    The only reason this even made news is that she was involved in buckwild which only promoted the stupid stuff teens do. Gandee was so drunk he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. wonder what her 2 "friends" will think since she has or will be ratting them out. I don't believe in plea bargaining. punish all three the same way

  • SAF


  • incredulous

    Cancer is a disease.

    Drug addiction is a choice.

  • Jason412

    With most of the people on this site if you are different from them in any way, you are a Liberal. Before I started posting here I had never been called a Liberal in my life, but on here it happens 2 or 3 times a day.

  • David Kennedy

    Drug Addiction is a disease of choice.
    The negative information on drug use has been around for centuries. It can consume an entire nation and I cite China as that example and where we are headed with this country.
    We are not far from total drug use of some sort in the USA now. Whether it be legal from the doctors and pharmacies, or on the streets with the neighborhood guy who has a little 'happy for the weekend.
    China, with Chairman Mao exterminated their drug problem in two short years. He did that cheaply with a bullet to the head. That was 50 years ago and now that nation is steeped in strong government and a economic wonder to the world.
    Don't get me wrong...I'm all for choice.
    And suicide is one of those choices too...but I'd like it to be quick and painless to others. Drug choice is a very slow suicide...and it takes so many others with it.
    So far, we have had two drug suicides in our family...they chose addictive chemicals over living and loving us as family. Two others were junkies and one went into rehab at a cost of $800,000 to his medical provider. One other is getting his head together and might have the guts to go re-hab. I hope he chooses to have a future...we really like him. Oh, Well. Time will tell. Choices...Choices....

  • Mountain Man

    People change.....not many......but she needs to accept a just punishment, serve her time and rehabilitate appropriately. Then return to the community and contribute positively like any other good citizen should.

  • wvtd

    drug addiction is a disease that can strike anyone regardless of political affiliation, skin color, age, religion or lack of. it is hell on earth for all involved, the addict, the family and friends. let us hope this women can break the chains of addiction and turn her life around as it is not easy and she will need all the help she can get but she has to want it. this time in jail may change her life for the better. pray for her and all of those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

  • JoJo

    Tell me, Hillbilly, how'd you find out she is liberal?

  • Hillbilly

    Typical liberal druggie trash .

  • Greg

    Well I guess she can take comfort in knowing that she had her 15 minutes of fame while she's rotting away in a jail cell. What has society come to? Would this have even made the news if she hadn't been on that TV show?