CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia American Water Company knows it has some work to do when it comes to customer confidence after the water crisis.

For the past week and a half it’s been nearly nonstop for the company. They’ve been taking samples of the contamination, getting those results out to the more than 100,000 customers in a 9-county area and answering a lot of questions.

Laura Jordan, a spokesperson with WVAWC, said customers are still asking if the water coming through their pipes is safe to drink.

“I think there is a lot of trust just to be regained in the water source, in their drinking water supply,” stressed Jordan.

She said that lack of public confidence is concerning.

“We certainly hope it’s not a lack of public confidence in our company because this was an issue we couldn’t control and we certainly didn’t cause it. We do want customers to know that we’re dealing with it. We’re handling it. We have taken it and run with it 24 hours a day,” according to Jordan.

The company continues to sample the water. Jordan said until there are no trace amounts of MCHM, the chemical that leaked into the Elk River from Freedom Industries, she knows there will be those who are very cautious about water use.

However, she stressed, WVAWC will continue updating customers on the very latest information.

“We’ll continue to do that until we can reassure them down to the most detailed level about the quality of water in their system,” Jordan said.

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  • GregG

    At least Laura Jordan is easy to look at. She might just be able to convince me the water is ok to drink.

  • Mr. Clean

    WVAMC in Charleston used to have some of the best municipal water in the country. Won a few awards back in the late 80's and 90's. Then Berkeley County started winning alot of awards. Their quality has gone down too.
    The water in Charleston isn't worth a plug nickel now.

  • Serenity Firefly

    Flushed from faucets as instructed. Water still stinks. Not going to run it through appliances until the stink is gone.

    Hauling & heating water for bathing. I am exhausted from carrying all this stuff from car to kitchen to bath. Not going to wash myself with tap water until the stink is gone.

    Not going out to restaurants, cooking all meals at home, using bottled water. Not going to consume this stuff until the stink is gone.

    You noticing a theme here, WVAWC?

    I don't care how you do it. Flush from hydrants, drain tanks. I don't want your filthy, nasty water in my house until the stink is gone.

    And I can't promise that I will want it after that. I'm looking at water distilling units now. If I'm going to have to clean my own water, why should I get it from your pipes? Rain & snow are free.

    So you keep telling me that it is good enough*

    (*wait 24 hrs & add "unless you are pregnant")

    • David

      I'm sorry you're going thru this and, completely off-topic, I absolutely LOVE Serenity/Firefly. :-)

      • Serenity Firefly

        Appreciate your thoughts, thank you.

        (and cool that you recognize my "name" . . . browncoats unite!)

  • sammy

    You want confidence, then stop lying. You brought 'suspect' water to Smithers and dumped it in our clean water. You are just as guilty as Freedom Industries. I hope all the lawyers go after your deep pockets.

  • Kim

    “We certainly hope it’s not a lack of public confidence in our company because this was an issue we couldn’t control and we certainly didn’t cause it...." I seem to recall at a press conference very early on the president of American Water stating something along the lines of " we thought our state of the art filtration system would be enough to keep the chemical out..." In my book, particularly considering how little was known about this chemical, the intake should have been shut off period. It was WVAWC's misplaced trust in their system that allowed so much of this chemical to get in the water supply.
    I realize the crux of the matter is Freedom and how inept their handling of this chemical caused the problem. But the problem was compounded a hundred times by the WVAWC.
    My family and I will be drinking and cooking with bottled water for quite some time.

    • cutty77

      I understand your thoughts. I took a shower the next day and every day after that,also did my clothes too. But i have never drank the water from WVAW. But when things like this happen,people habits change. If i was WVAW I would get in The Bottled Water Business too. Just to cover your you know what. Things happen for a reason. WVAW better be pro-active instead of re-active.

  • Some Things Never Change

    The "leaders" of Charleston, Kanawha County and surrounding areas wonder why the educated youth leave the area. Why would such a place that puts coal, chemicals and profits EVER attract and retain new young professionals? This won't change until West Virginia changes.

  • Beckie

    to Ms. Jordan: The public confidence will begin to rise WHEN OUR WATER DOES NOT STINK!

    • realitycheck

      yep. little hard to believe all is well when the water smells as bad or worse than before.

  • cutty77

    One thing for sure WVAW will never be the same. Bottled Water we be The Water of Choice in WV for along time.

    • realitycheck

      can you imagine recruiting employees to come to WV? was no doubt already hard enough, but now having to tell them to just ignore the smelly water.....

      • wvangler

        Not to mention all the press and media saying "in a state where regulation is a dirty word". So here is what Friends of Coal and the "War on EPA" has done - convinced the media that we don't give a crap about the environment and human health/environmental health is expendable. I'm so sick of the anti-EPA rhetoric. Our most valuable natural resource is clean water. It's time to tell our state and federal officials that we insist on clean water and stop weakening the Clean Water Act. Every year it's another attack on water quality standards.

        Let's also consider the most fragile parts - our headwaters first. Let's say yes to Birthplace of Rivers National Monument and protect headwaters of 6 important river systems and show America that we have cold, clean, fishable water worth celebrating.

        • Charleston

          With regards to the last comment: Isn't that classification already in place?