INSTITUTE, W.Va. — Thirty-four West Virginia State Police Troopers are now honorary Kentucky Troopers following a ceremony Tuesday at the State Police Academy in Institute.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer made the presentations as a way of saying thanks for the help the troopers gave following a helicopter crash last July that injured Kentucky Trooper Al Eiserman.

He was taken to Cabell Huntington Hospital for treatment after the crash near Pikeville, Ky. West Virginia troopers helped with the transport.

The troopers were recognized for their “sacrifices and assistance.”

West Virginia State Police Superintendent Col. Jay Smithers also received a plaque of appreciation.


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  • Wes

    Hey Mike, Serenity now... Serenity now...

  • Steve in GA


    YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!! Every time a Trooper, or fire fighter puts on a uniform and heads out the door, they are sacrificing their lives. When they walk out each morning, they know that they may not be coming back upright and whole. The families of these brave men and women know that fact as well. Everyday, officers are being shoot at, run over by vehicles, and threatened. I am thankful that they have the can do, service mind that allows them to protect me and my family. Believe me, if someone is holding you or a loved one hostage, you will be praying fro on the these troopers to come to the rescue.

    • Mark


  • jay zoom

    Mike what will you be saying when your lying face down in a ditch after an accident. Please god do not let that happen. our state troopers, firefighters, local police, ems personnel, and any other person who holds a job (coal miners-store clerks-doctors) and so on need to be commended for what they do to keep our daily lives going

  • wvajoker

    Mike, I am sure glad you are a minority in your thinking.

  • mike

    The troopers were recognized for their “sacrifices and assistance.” WT# ? U mean for actually doing what they are getting paid to do?? Im #@%* sick of hearing about the law enforcement and public office holders making incredible sacrifices. We all know its a bunch of BS ! No one forced them into said jobs. if they are so difficult and taxing on said individuals....QUIT

    This is the 2nd time i tried posting near identical comments. Now we will see if metro news is the voice or the voice"gestopo" of wv

    • Mark

      I hope you never need them...

  • Frank & Helen Tsutras

    This is good news for the WV State and KY State Troopers/ Together with all members of the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services community they deserve the best wishes and prayers of our people. May God bless you folks---and your Families---with happiness, good health, and safety at all times.
    Frank & Helen Tsutras, 6264 Glenwilton Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188. Hometown, Williamson, Mingo County, WV>