CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A national pollster calls the challenge Secretary of State Natalie Tennant is facing with her U.S. Senate campaign an “uphill climb.”

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows 49 percent of likely West Virginia voters will support the likely Republican candidate, Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, while 35 percent will support the likely Democratic candidate, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.

In that poll, four percent prefer another candidate in the race while 12 percent said they were undecided.

“Capito is the congresswoman, she’s probably got better name recognition at this point, from what our numbers show, and so, to some degree, it’s hers to lose ground and Tennant’s to gain ground,” said Fran Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen Reports.

On Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” he said, for better or worse, national factors are affecting Tennant’s campaign.

“Right now, in your state, our numbers show the president is very unpopular and his health care law is very unpopular and that is helping the Republican and hurting the Democrat big time,” said Coombs.

The poll of 500 likely voters in West Virginia was conducted on Feb. 19 and 20.  The margin of sampling error is 4.5 percentage points.

The spokesperson for the Tennant campaign dismissed the poll’s results and questioned the credibility of Rasmussen Reports.

“It’s no surprise Congresswoman Capito would have her Washington friends try to buy support with a flawed poll, when it’s clear West Virginians are rallying around Natalie’s campaign to put West Virginia first,” said Jennifer Donohue in a statement.

A recent poll from Clarity Campaigns showed a six point difference between Capito and Tennant.  The poll of 1,727 West Virginia registered voters was conducted on Jan. 29 and 30.

In that poll, Capito received 45 percent of the potential voters, Tennant received 39 percent and 16 percent said they were “unsure.”  The margin of error was about two percent.

The 2014 Primary Election in West Virginia is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13th.

In addition to Capito, Larry Butcher of Washington, W.Va. and Matthew Dodrill from Parkersburg are seeking the Republican nomination.

In addition to Tennant, Dennis Melton from Buckhannon and David Wamsley from Williamstown are seeking the Democratic nomination.

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  • DWL

    Capito should be ahead by leaps and bounds, but she has that mirror image of a RINO she earned running with those Dysfunctional Congress men & women. She needs to reassess her beliefs and stop her association of convenience with the wild RINO's.

  • Gary

    I don't like either one but I wouldn't vote for Natalie Tennant. She is an Obama puppet just like Rockefeller and Manchin. But don't worry shes not giving up her Secretary of State job while she runs. She'll still have that is fall back on. I sent her an email telling her that I thought she ought to resign her post and that I didn't like my tax money paying her salary while she ran. She never answered me. I think we ought to vote all of the republican and democrat incumbants out of office and their should be term limits 2 terms and your out. These jobs aren't suppose to be lifetime jobs.

  • David Kennedy

    It's my feelings that the Democrap machine has engineered this election fiasco from the beginning to get Natilie Tennant out of the mix.

    After this election, she will be branded a loser and totally incapable of bringing home the bacon.
    Remember who the Democraps elected in 1969 and then again in was DADDY.. Arch Moore. He was so well loved that he ran again in 1988, but Gaston Caperton edged him out.
    Now, they are gathered behind the daughter and are wringing their hands at the potential forth coming $$$ bonanza.
    This is West Virginia people, and politics still stink here.
    Natalie is gone before she even gets to the voting booth...

    • billyed

      Let's not forget Capito is a member of least
      productive Congress EVER. She is controlled by Big Banks and Corporation are People, Money.
      What do you think she is going to do when
      Hillary is President? More of, say No to Everything and Do Nothing. Exactly what she has done and all that she CAN DO.

      • Charles Beattie

        It's hard to predict who will be the next president. Plus, Cuomo is a more likeable democrat. Either way I'm voting Republican.

        Also, it is better to stop bad laws than help pass them. Wish the GOP did that on some of Bush's policies.

        Also, corporate money doesn't change the results of an election.

  • BS

    Who cares they are both big government career political hacks (or wannabees). Why can't we get a candidate that will fight to downsize this big government, big brother, elitist, monstrosity that's been multiplying over the past 100 years.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Please tell me what Natalie Tennant has accomplished other than toting a musket (which should cause her liberal base to go into convulsions), being a second-rate news reader on TV and being a complete failure as Secretary of State.

    • WV Citizen

      I would highly advise you get your head out of the pickle juice! We KNOW what Capito has accomplished.......Nothing!! Unless you are a Coal Barons, Chemical CEO(s) and rich she will listen. However, to the normal West Virginian(s) she will spin her web. Look up her voting record and when Boehener speaks.....she votes!!! Not a leader the state deserves!!!

      • Charles Beattie

        It's a coal producing state, she supports them because they are important to the state.

        Even, Obama bends for the rich leftwing donors.

      • Robertt

        The question was about Tennant, nice try at diversion though.........

      • Pickle Barrel

        I'll take someone who votes her way instead of an Obamabot like Tennant six days a week and twice on Sundays.

  • TJ

    It is time to clean house in Washington.

    Natalie is a people person and much more aware of what WV needs.

    • PMQ

      Mister Rogers was a "people person", but would not him to be a US Senator either. Natalie is a empty suit.

  • Meez

    Tennant and her love for Obama & Obamacare need to go. These policies are DESTROYING America.

    • Jephre

      +1 +1 +1

  • Aaron

    I've said all along Capito wins by 7%.

    • Wirerowe

      Aaron bet you a beer that the margin will be larger.

      • Aaron

        You're on.

        • Dave Rao

          Aaron and Wirerowe..I'll get in this. Only whiskey. I say Natalie by ten. Bill Clinton and Joe Manchin will bring Brad Paisley and Jesco White to huge rallies. We be smokin' the GOP.

          • Charles Beattie


            Paisley generally stays apolitical. The likelihood of Tennant winning isvery small. Manchin pulled it off being the Governor with a not so serious opponent.

            Capito is a more formidable candidate and she will win between 7-12% margin.

          • Robertt

            Lock up your daughters with that knuckle dragging Clinton in town!

          • Jonus Grumby

            Dream on.

  • PMQ

    Natalie Tennant???? Running for Senate??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....Please stop you're killing me!!! If this the best the Democrats can run out, clear sailing for Capito.

  • Low Rider

    What?? A Marion County Democrat losing by 14 points! Rasmussen is usually reliable. Make Tennant and the democrats spend their money in a losing effort.

  • wv4evah

    Rasmussen: one of the most spectacularly unreliable polling organizations around

    • Charles Beattie

      Okay how about the left leaning poll Public Policy Polling saying almost the same PPP (D) 9/19 - 9/22 1110 RV Capito 50 Tennant 36 Capito +14

    • Dave Rao

      I'll believe the Emily List that has just a 6 point difference.'s SO early. Natalie picnics better. This summer will show it.

  • BOB

    Hop your talking about building Ethane pipe lines for the Cracker plant, How bout we build some pipe lines to California and sell em water for their draught. we got plenty H2O they aint got any H2O the state makes a mint

  • mntnman

    Its really early. Numbers have little import. We shall see where it all ends in November. This is like picking the Superbowl champ for next year, right now.

    • Wirerowe

      If the numbers are close together they don't mean anything. But trends in numbers mean something . When there is this much separation and the poll is reasonably reliable it is game set and match.

    • Aaron

      If you know which two teams are going to be in the Super Bowl AND one of them is head and shoulders better than the other than your point is valid.

  • RogerD

    This race will be exciting to watch since it comes down between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

  • GobblyGook

    Wait until the commercials start airing about Tennant's love affair for ObamaCare and anything Obama. That 14 point lead will grow to 20 in no time.

    • Dave Rao

      Every Republican is whipping out the superglue hoping Obama sticks to their opponents. A losing strategy. Thank God the State GOP has Conrad Lucus running things. Tennant by 10.

      • PMQ

        Dave Rao....please step back slowly, and put the crack pipe down.....

        • Robertt

          Or quit huffing the superglue

    • PMQ

      Tennant is like Silly Putty, she can be anything you want her to be. BTW, the last word in the name "Natalie" is "LIE".

      • The bookman

        Except US Senator.

    • Kevin W

      I'm already tired of the commercials and they haven't even started lol