CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Start revving your engines. Hot Rod Magazine’s Power Tour will pull in to Charleston June 9. It’s just a one-day stop but it will bring in big money to the Capitol City.

“We expect that this one event will have an $850,000 economic impact on the city. That ain’t chump change folks,” said Charleston-Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau President Alisa Bailey.

Hot Rod Magazine Publisher Jeff Dahlin was in Charleston to make the announcement about the tour stop on Wednesday. He said the Power Tour organizers are anxious to bring the show to West Virginia.

“We have wanted to bring the Hot Rod Power Tour to Charleston for some time and this year we finally figured out how to schedule the route so we could come here,” he explained.

The tour, celebrating its 20th anniversary, starts June 7 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and winds through Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin. It was back in 1994 that Dahlin explains the tour got its start.

“Hey, let’s go on a road trip. Let’s invite our buddies and go to 7 cities in 7 days and see how it turns out,” said Dahlin. “Now we have about 80,000 people that attend throughout the week. It’s the world’s largest traveling car show.”

The event will take place downtown on Kanawha Boulevard. Admission is free and car lovers will get a chance to check out 3,500 hot rod and performance vehicles, from across the U.S., Canada, Australia and South Africa. Fifty performance manufacturers and aftermarket specialists will offer spectators a chance to view their latest innovations and get expert advice on their own vehicles. Plus, there will be motor sport celebrities on hand to sign autographs.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones, a “gear head” himself, said this is a big boost for the city.

“This is going to be a huge, mammoth event to introduce Charleston to a lot of people. We hope that they will come back!”

To find out more about the tour, log on to

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    Just a shame it is on a Monday, a working man don't get the chance to go see the show !!!!

  • Harpers Ferry

    Coming soon to Morgantown, RICH ROD!!!

    • jeco

      That's a classless statement. He was buried in the grave he dug for himself.

  • NRA Rep

    Dear Danny,

    Would you extend such a cordial invitation followed be an even more gracious welcome if we were to book a convention accompanied by the largest gun show ever seen east of the Mississippi in Charleston, WV?

  • DP

    Judging by the comments of the first three bloggers, no wonder Charleston and WV is in the shape it's in!!! Sadly, this negativity is pervasive throughout the state!!! And many of these types wonder why things never get any better. Unfrigging Believable!!!!!

    Mayor Jones has done a TREMENDOUS JOB throughout the years, and this is the thanks he gets. How sad!!!!!

    • NRA Rep

      BTW, I'm not even a member of the NRA,,, I just know from Danny's insidious whining on Hoppy's show how much they get under the skin of that RINO....

    • NRA Rep

      DP= danny's punk?

  • P B and J


  • GregG

    So, is King Danny going to charge all these car owners and spectators a "user fee" because his little Kingdom will be providing fire and police protection?

    • NRA Rep

      That's an excellent question. Well Danny, care to answer the poster's question, is the user fee an equal opportunity tax,,, errr, sorry ,,,I mean user fee?

  • Jephre

    3500 cars on Kanawha Boulevard? Patrick Street to Kanawha City, right? Set up, displayed, and removed in one day? Wow, just the logistics of that are mind-boggling.

    • NRA Rep

      Danny Jones better get the City of South Charleston to manage this...