CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Charleston man is charged with kidnapping and sexual assault after he allegedly attacked a woman in her home earlier this month.

Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies arrested 29-year-old Michael Dale Salisbury late Thursday night.  He’s been wanted since the victim reported the assault, which allegedly happened March 6.


Michael Salisbury

The criminal complaint alleges Salisbury entered the woman’s home as she slept and ordered her to perform sexual acts or he would kill her and her children.  The complaint indicates he also videotaped the incident on the victim’s phone.

The complaint also alleges the victim escaped at one point–but was tackled in the street and forced into a car.  Deputies said Salisbury then drove the victim to an ATM machine and withdrew money from her account.

Salisbury was apprehended by Dunbar police and turned over to Kanawha County deputies who made the arrest. He is charged with kidnapping and second-degree sexual assault.

He is being held without bail in the South Central Regional Jail.



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  • griff

    Does anybody else believe the death penalty should be reinstated???

    • Josh

      How does capital punishment fit this crime? It's horrible, yes, but the punishment is excessive to the crime.

  • CPA

    What a worthless little punk. To bad the lady didn't have a loaded 45 waiting on him. We need to start making an example out of human waste like this in our state.

  • GooblyGook

    Perfect example for the need of a "Stand Your Ground" law in WV.
    If only the woman had owned a gun she could have protected herself and her children. She got away, had time to run outside into the street.
    Clean up America, plant a criminal 6 feet under.

  • gnarly dude

    I wonder what his rap sheet looks like and
    who is responsible for this trash being on the lam.

  • Mekunit

    Been nice if the Lady could have put an end to him .

  • Mike

    jay zoom, Ten seconds is way to long!

  • jay zoom

    if convicted ten seconds later the judge put a bullet between his eyes and says next case

    • Teufel

      Yep !