Christina Nicole George-Harvan was arrested Thursday night after allegedly shooting killing her niece.

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. — A Marion County woman was killed Thursday night in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania bar. Police have charged her aunt with murder.

Investigators said Katelyn Francis, 21, of Fairview, was with her aunt, Christina Nicole George-Harvan, 30, celebrating George-Harvan’s wedding that took place just a few hours earlier. According to eyewitnesses the two women and George-Harvan’s new husband were arguing over who would drive home. It’s alleged George-Harvan pulled out a gun and shot her niece.

The shooting took place in the parking lot of Jimmy K’s Bar in New Brighton, Pa.

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  • Mbhandy

    Responsible gun owner until they are not....

  • welfareworker

    how horrible

  • Lori

    I wonder if she had a concealed weapon permit

  • Johnny

    Shotgun wedding?

  • Siriusandblackbear

    I did not expect her to be so pretty. That's her drunk mugshot? She threw her life in the trash over who drives? That cant

    • stating the obvious

      Pretty? You need your eyes checked. I can't believe they're saying she's 30, she looks 50 to me. Probably a drug user besides being an alcoholic. If i was this woman's sister, and my child was murdered by her, she wouldn't live long enough to get a trial.

  • dj

    No doubt alcohol related. Let's keep it legal but not pot...REALLY!!!

    • Jonus Grumby

      You think pot would make things better? Really...

  • Johnny

    If your wedding day ends with a conversation about who's driving home from the bar... The marriage was doomed to begin with

  • Low Rider

    Wow! What a wedding reception! It looks like her new husband will need conjugal rights to celebrate his honeymoon.

  • Johnny

    Takes Bridezilla to a whole new level. Annulment anyone ?

  • Leopold

    It looks like the police got to be the designated driver.

  • Kathad

    She doesn't even look upset....evil.

  • shepherd

    This is unreal. A young lady lost her life over who was gonna drive home? What the hell is wrong with people.

  • docbegone

    Damn....I'll bet that left a lasting impression on her new husband.

    • Leopold

      Yep. Dodged THAT bullet.