MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A Monongalia County courtroom was packed with police officers Friday when a man was sentenced in connection with a Feb. 2012 vehicle chase that led to the death of Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Todd May.

Jerod Green was sentenced to 5-18 years in prison following an April guilty plea to third offense DUI and two charges connected to fleeing a police officer.

The judge ordered the time be served after Green completes his 25-50 year sentence on a third-degree murder conviction in Pennsylvania.

Sgt. May was in his cruiser near the state line when Green, at the time traveling south on Interstate 79, slammed into the cruiser causing May’s death. He was going 90 mph. The police chase started near Morgantown went into Pennsylvania and back toward Morgantown.

The deadly collision happened in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

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  • MOCO man

    You said it perfectly DWL.

  • dodge

    The deadly collision happened in Green County Pennsylvania ? I thought he was a W. Va. cop. He might not have got hurt if he had not went over the state line

    • Joe

      That has to be one of the most ridiculous and narrow-minded statements ever made. So it was the deputies fault?

  • Don't Chase, Use a Radio

    Nearly every police chase originates from a minor traffic violation. Usually the driver is an intoxicated young male. Police are partially responsible for the crashes because they goad the offending the driver into traveling ever faster. Almost always the victims are completely innocent and their deaths are completely avoidable.

    • DWL

      Great liberal reasoning - UNTIL the offender plows into an innocent party, killing or severely injuring them, at which time you start whining "What didn't they stop them when they saw them! Instead, they called someone on the radio and they didn't catch them! They killed my mommy, daddy, sister, brother, daughter, etc. (or all the above)" You know the easiest solution? SHOOT THE OFFENDERS OUTRIGHT! That'll solve the problem all the way around. Stupid people like you should be charged with "Stupid in Public."

      • Joe

        We need more people like you. Guns and escalated violence are the solution to all of our problems.

    • Really ?

      You must be intoxicated female

    • Jonus Grumby

      The person behind the wheel steps on the brake instead of the gas and it's a whole different story. Placing blame on anyone else but the driver is a cop out.