CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Decisions made Tuesday will determine who goes head-to-head in the fall election for the 100-seats in the House of Delegates and half of the state Senate’s 34 seats.

There are a number of interesting primary match-ups including multiple candidates going for nominations where longtime members of the House decided not to seek reelection. One of those races is in Barbour County where House Education Committee Chair Mary Poling is stepping down after her current term. There are two Democrats and four Republicans seeking the single nominations from each party.

The candidates include Democrats Tammy Stemple, the Philippi city clerk and manufactured homes builder and businessman Ken Auvil. The Republicans include Derek Hart, Bob Perrine, Clayton Moore and Danny Wagner.

Republicans hold two of the three seats in the 10th Delegate District in Wood County but Dels. Tom Azinger and John Ellem are not running. The GOP will try and hold on to the seats with six candidates seeking the three nominations. Del. Dan Poling is one of three Democrats that will advance to face the three top Republican vote getters. Del. Azinger’s son Mike is on the ballot along with former state senator and House member Frank Deem.

There’s been an all-out effort by the Republican Party to challenge the 17 Senate seats up for grabs this year. That could make for interesting races in the fall. There are a few races to watch Tuesday.

It’s been an expensive race in the 12th District on the Democratic side where Sen. Sam Cann. D-Harrison, is trying to hold on to his seat but Harrison County Commissioner, Clarksburg attorney, Mike Romano has been running an aggressive campaign and it could be close between the two Tuesday. The last campaign spending reports showed Romano had outspent Cann $137,000 to $63,000.  The winner will get former Harrison County School Board member Mike Queen.

Cabell County Senator Evans Jenkins is running for Congress so there’s lots of interest in that seat with two Democrats and one Republican on the ballot.

Polls open at 6:30 Tuesday morning and will close at 7:30 Tuesday night.

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  • Ron - from Morgantown

    It won't be the most interesting political night tomorrow night but that doesn't mean I won't tune in to listen to your coverage . Your coverage over the years has been unbelievable ( and IMG can't ruin it like they did sports ) . I remember the days (pre internet) when I didn't know who won house and senate seats until I read it in the Charleston Gazette several days after the election. Your coverage has changed how West Virginians get their political news and results on election night . I like the interviews of the candidates - win or lose . I remember one interview in particular - its 2 am and Hoppy is interviewing Sen Olivario at his campaign headquarters in Saberton .Hoppy is telling that the race was close but the Sen has lost . The Sen wasn't willing to concede yet because a few counties still haven't reported and he could still win. High political drama at 2 am live on Wv MetroNews was something that I won't forget and is a testament to your dedication to your craft .