CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Eleven percentage points separate Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and Secretary of State Natalie Tennant in the West Virginia Poll — the latest poll on the U.S. Senate race.

R.L. Repass & Partners conducted the poll for the Charleston Daily Mail.

In that poll, 49 percent of those questioned said they would support Capito, a Republican, 38 percent said they would support Tennant, a Democrat, and 13 percent said they were undecided with the Nov. 4 general election scheduled for more than five months from now.

“If you look at likely voters, particularly by age demographics, and those are the ones that are most likely to vote — persons who are 45-plus in age — then there is a 51 percent to 59 percent support for Shelley Capito,” said Rex Repass on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“Shelley Moore Capito is working tirelessly to get her message out to West Virginians,” said Amy Graham, a spokesperson for the Capito campaign, when asked about the poll on Tuesday.

“It’s obvious her proven record of standing up for West Virginia values, and her tough stance on Obamacare, jobs and the War on Coal is resonating with voters despite months of baseless and negative attacks on her record.”

Those with the Tennant campaign, though, pointed to the number of total votes Tennant received in the May primary election — 30,000 more votes compared with Capito’s vote total. ┬áIn 36 of West Virginia’s 55 counties, Tennant’s votes exceeded Capito’s votes.

“The primary turnout proves Natalie has the votes to win,” said Jennifer Donohue, spokesperson for the Tennant campaign, in a statement sent to MetroNews. “Those same voters will turn out to vote for Natalie’s ‘West Virginia First’ message in November because they are tired of Congresswoman Capito doing Wall Street’s dirty work at their expense.”

About half of West Virginia’s 1.2 million voters are Democrats.

But Repass said the advantage Democrats have in registrations is not a deciding factor anymore. “While that’s important and Natalie Tennant has certainly had strong support in statewide elections in the past, it’s not as important as it used to be and independent voters are becoming even more important,” said Repass.

Among independent voters, those who make up the largest block of undecideds, Repass said Capito holds a 14 point lead in the poll.

The poll of 400 registered West Virginia voters from R.L. Repass & Partners had a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.

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  • Gail

    Tell me one thing Capito has done for WV.

  • David


    The correct answer is she is an idiot...

  • David

    Vote for Tennant if you want to see the coal industry completely decimated.

    She is an Obama clone... Nothing more..
    A talking head that's told what to say to get elected.

  • DP

    2014 General Election Results:
    Shelley: 55% (At Least)
    Natalie: 45% (At Most)

    Can someone, ANYONE (I've posed this question at least six times) explain how a Texas prisoner was on the 2012 WV Presidential Primary Election? Prisoners ARE NOT allowed to run for office in WV! Natalie Tennant dropped the ball BIG TIME in allowing this guy to be on the 2012 ballot. This is the height of INCOMPETENCE, yet some of you think she should be WV's next Senator! Unfrigging believable!!!

    I'm anxiously awaiting ANYONE's reply how N.T. could have committed such a colossal blunder! I'm certain I will not get a coherent answer!!!

    • MTNR

      How's this for coherent:

      There are three requirements to be President (yes, only three).

      1. Must be a natural born citizen.
      2. Must be 35 years old.
      3. Must have been a resident of this country for the past 14 years.

      That's all.

      There is no law that says someone running for President can't be a felon. There are other times people in prison have run for President. In 1992 Lyndon LaRouche ran and in 1920 Eugene Debs ran.

      If the Secretary had kept him off the ballot, he would have sued ... and won.

      And furthermore, West Virginia STATE law doesn't govern who can run for President - a FEDERAL office. West Virginia cannot pass laws putting additional requirements on a federal office.

      Here endeth the lesson.

      • The bookman

        The ability to serve and ballot eligibility are two separate issues. Read a little more for the whole lesson.

  • Richard

    WV is pro life, pro gun, anti obama care. Tennant is pro choice, is for gun control, and supports obama care. She is not for WV.

  • thornton

    Tennant must try to convince folks that she has a voice....and not an echo.

    Old Traveling West Virginia episodes and a coonskin hat at a WVU game are unlikely to be enough evidence.

  • Dave Rao

    The media have already buried Natalie. She might look dead, but is conserving her breath for the dozens of October surprises throughout the nation. The Appalachian triumvirate of Tennant, Grimes, and Nunn will bloody the noses of the Kochs and Roves so badly they'll take up golf instead. Tennant by ten. Bet on, now.

  • Big Deal

    Capito will probably win this one, however, it will be closer than these polls indicate. We're screwed either way here! Which means most people will vote party lines on this one, that will favor Tennant, just not enough.

  • The bookman

    We lose the safety of Capito's seat in the House by having her run for Rockefeller's vacated Senate seat. I think it is definitely hers to lose, as I still think she gets high 50's to Tennant's low 40's. The trade off is that pits Mooney against a much more formidable candidate in Nick Casey. I will be shocked if that seat stays Republican. McKinley should keep his seat in the first and I think the coal story will keep Rahall/Jenkins tight to the bitter end. These GHG rules for existing power plants are due in less than a week, and the early reports are that they are innovative in their approach to say the least. The administration is certainly doing Rahall no favors.

    • Pickle Barrel

      Mooney released a poll today showing a 10-point lead over Casey.

      • The bookman

        There's always hope, and I don't discount Mooney yet, just that it isn't a safe seat any longer. It will be a tough keep, given Mooney's hard line and baggage. Casey will run a smart campaign, and will be within a few points either way IMHO. Candidate polls are always skewed to the candidate, so I'm sure it's closer to even than 10 points.

  • DWL

    Even Juan Williams threw Tennant under the bus last week. Its pretty bad when a raving lunatic like Williams knows Tennant is done, the rest of the liberal's know it too.

  • C. F. F.

    Facts vs. Spin/Deflection, Consistantly independent non-partisan polling of WV voters have Capito winning in the General Election but Tennant dismisses the polls by 1. Touting her win (without noting the significant vote count her two opponents did receive) in the Democrat primary, 2. Ignoring her proven & loyal support of Obama & 3. Vague & suggestive without specifics, allegations.
    As scripted in the Clinton/Obama play book of deceptive campaigning.

  • sammy

    Anyone supportive of or associated with Obama will not get my vote. Period.

  • Gary Karstens

    WV needs a senator that can work with the Obama and soon-to-be Clinton administration. That senator would be Tennant. She has solutions for the common man's problem. I predict a big change by the time this election rolls around.

    • Aaron

      Please expound on those problems and how a Senator Tennant would work to solve them.

    • mitch

      @ Gary Karstens,

      LOL. You're apparently so wrapped up in your knee-jerk ideology that you've been too blind to notice that Tennant has taken every opportunity to DISTANCE HERSELF from O'Bummer.

      • robert thomas

        they always distance themselves during the elections.

        but when they get in office they are junior to the left wing leadership and if they don't toe the line they are dead chairmanships,nothing.

        so for wv to get the crums from the democratic table you must go along to get along.

        when are west virginians like black americans going to learn its time to sit at the table and get a share of the turkey and stuffing.

    • Pickle Barrel

      What exactly is the common man's problem? What exactly are Tennant's solutions to this problem?

      Specific answers, please.

    • Bill MC

      We need someone that will work to undo what Obama has started! Hopefully we don't have to have a Clinton administration to further screw things up more than Obama already has!

      • Gary Karstens

        It is not too hard to figure out that Bush had things screwed up before he left.

        • Jim

          Yes it is Bushes fault. Is that your answer Gary. Look everyone the typical liberal voter.

        • wow

          The only thing is, is Obama has made things worse not better. To do more damage in a little under 6 years than bush did in 8 years is almost hard to imagine, but Obama sure did it.

        • Wirerowe

          If Natalie or any of the democrats running for Congress run on a campaign that they can work with the President then they can kiss their rears goodbye.

          • Gary Karstens

            Because half of this state has been duped by the coal industry. It is like drones.....whatever the coal industry has to be right. Ya know, Bushie, he liked those coal operators.

            When you think of coal, think of Union Carbide, FMC, DuPont. YEESH!

  • Aaron

    The did shall have their say. Strong turn out amongst graveyard residents in southern West Virginia will keep the race close but not close enough. Capito by 7.

    • Aaron

      The dead shall have their say, not the did.

      • Hillboy

        I don't think NT has the charisma to get the dead to turn out for her. It won't even be close.

  • Gary

    WV doesn't need another obama reid puppet like rockefeller in congress.

    • Jephre

      +1, Gary.