CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia State Police said three people died in three separate accidents over the three-day holiday weekend. Two of the three deadly crashes involved motorcycles.

A man was killed in Vienna Friday evening when he sideswiped an oncoming minivan. Police were chasing the motorcyclist at the time. Another man died after a separate motorcycle crash that took place on Sardis Road in Harrison County Monday afternoon.

The weekend’s other fatal crash was in Lincoln County. The Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department released information Tuesday about a fatal ATV crash that took place Sunday.

State Police reported a total of 63 vehicle collisions over the three-day period; six of them were alcohol-related.

Troopers made 62 DUI arrests and wrote 1,868 speeding tickets.

Other activity from the Memorial Day weekend included:

Seat Belt Citations:     1162

Seat Belt Warnings:    733

Child Restraint Citations:       47

Child Restraint Warnings:      41

Motorist Assists:         546

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    I am also a fiscal conservative, and yes, I guess I do have a vendetta against those who disobey the law, especially when it involves my family. Twice teenaged girls talking on their cells hit my wife's car, with her in it, and injured her. Moreso than that thou I am always on a rant for what I perceive as fairness.

    • Fiscal Conservative

      So your anger towards it is based on familial impericle evidence. Then I understand your issue. I personally have a problem with over reaching authority. So I'm not as hung ho as most. But I do understand your sentiment.

  • charles

    Big money maker for the state 1868 tickets would bring in over $300,000 in court cost.

    • kyle

      only if they are ever paid.


    Where are the citations for taaalking on cellphones while driving? I can't be the only one that sees, on a daily basis, this happening. This law has no teeth in it if drivers know that the police aren't going to emphasize pulling over and citing people talking or texting on their phones. Where can one go to see the statistics on the amount of people picked up for these transgressions?

    • Kevin

      They don't see it because their to busy talking on their cell

      • kyle

        saw police texting and surfing the web while driving in the parade at woodchoppers. That is showing everyone it is alright to do.

      • GregG

        That's the truth!!!!

    • Fiscal Conservative

      Most people are smart enough now to use speakerphone and if they are driving and don't have a hands free device. So it shouldn't be as noticeable for police. I think for the weekend in particular it was probably a higher priority to look for impaired drivers. On a side note are you on some kind of personal crusade against people who are on there phone while driving?