CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Federal EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is set to release carbon emissions limits on existing power plants during a news conference Monday morning at EPA headquarters. Reports Sunday evening indicated the draft proposal’s goal would be to cut emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin is confident the EPA’s plan won’t bode well for West Virginia and its coal industry.

“This administration has had blinders on when it comes to looking at the reliability of the system, the reliability of the grid system, what it takes to run the energy that this nation needs,” Manchin told reporters Friday in anticipation of Monday’s announcement.

Obama has been very clear from the start of his administration he wants to make serious cuts to carbon emissions that he believes leads to global warming. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday the proposed rule would be the strongest action ever taken by the federal government to fight climate change.

Manchin said Obama is after the unattainable and is attacking coal to go after it.

“In a perfect world, they want absolutely no emissions whatsoever. In a perfect world, that would be great,” said Manchin. “We don’t live in a perfect world!”

Manchin said the EPA has not been willing to compromise by using a combination of energy sources from coal to natural gas, hydro to wind and solar power. He stressed the administration has even been unwilling to get behind clean coal technology. The West Virginia senator said fueling the country is going to take compromise.

“We have the ability to do it even better if we get everyone working in a direction that’s going to be improving versus denying. That’s what I have a problem with,” according to Manchin.

He said he has no idea exactly what the new policy will include but he has a good bet.

“I’m not holding my breathe to believe this administration is going to come to a balance.”

The WSJ report Sunday did indicate states would have a number of options to meet the emissions cut and would not have to immediately closed coal-fired plants. Cap-and-trade programs would also be an option.

The EPA will spend the next year gathering comments on the proposal before making a final decision in 2015.

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  • Ole Sasquatch

    Got note in elect. bill prices going up 15% before they have to hire extra meter readers. But ladies & gentlemens Obama is so good. Nobody else knows anything but Obama & the EPA.
    They think they know, but then they don't know. They just think they do.

    • proudlyconservative

      AEP announced last week a 12.6 percent reduction in residential electric costs.

      • Wirerowe

        From Obama's energy information administration in 2008 average West Virginia retail price for electricity was $ 5.61 per kWh . In 2012, most recent year for which data is available the average retail price was $ 8.14. A 45% increase over 4 years. Can you please tell all the poor people and elderly on fixed income why it is a good thing that fund raising goes up for bloodsuckers like The Sierra club and the Nrdc and their electric bill goes up 45%.

  • dolphin3111

    All life on earth is carbon based. Carbon Dioxide is a life giving gas, exhaled by animals and inhaled by plants. In a sense, Carbon Dioxide is part of the essence of life on earth.

    The idea that Carbon Dioxide is now considered a “pollutant” by this administration and it’s EPA is thoroughly disgusting and lacking in scientific consideration.

    The acts of Gina McCarthy, her commander, and his administration are the acts of a Marxist dictatorship. Manchin is just a mere pawn to be sacrificed when necessary. The entire congress is now a pawn.

    This is not a war on coal, this is an attempt to control the people and wealth of the United States, period.

    For some scientific non politically tainted information, read the NIPCC report, “Climate Change Reconsidered - Part II, Biological Impacts” published earlier this year.

    • The bookman

      According to Susan Solomon, a leading climate scientist that supports the notion that the Planet is Warming and that it is man caused, we are beyond any point at which reductions in CO2 emissions can reverse this process. If all emissions ceased tomorrow, we would still see warming for thousands of years due to all the absorbed CO2 in the ocean, according to Dr. Solomon.

      Given that position, which I would refute, is it pragmatic to waste our resources on attempting to halt a process that even the so called experts claim to be futile? Should we not utilize our resources to attempt to learn how to live in a warmer climate, as opposed to attempting the impossible? The thought process behind all these proposals is agenda driven anti fossil fuel environmentalism, and it cannot be allowed to persist and succeed.

      • dolphin3111

        Although my answers to your two questions are “no” and “yes”, I’m not sure if I agree with you comment as a whole. Are you refuting ALL of Solomon’s comments? Or are you refuting just that we are beyond the point of no return?

        Let me be perfectly clear:

        1. I refute Solomon. I trust no one who claims to be a “climate scientist”, especially if they are being paid by government grant. I’m finished with that.

        2. I refute that climate science is “consensus” based. That’s ridiculous. I’m finished with that.

        3. I refute that any warming is man caused. I’m finished with that.

        4. I refute that the core agenda is fossil fuel environmentalism. I’m finished with that.

        5. I am against ANY money being spent by my government to control Carbon Dioxide emissions.

        • The bookman

          My position is that the Earth has not been warming for nearly two decades, and the science of Global Warming is suspect at best. I don't want to consider the worst. But if you accept scientists led by people like Dr. Solomon and their conclusions, it's all over anyway! Why waste our time haggling over CO2 emissions, which fuel plant growth and according to the IPCC will result in higher food staple yields in some areas as a result? Why not develop a plan for a warmer world?

          The Earth is too big and too complex to say simply if you add A+B you get C. Most if not all of their predictions have come up short. And in another piece of observed data, the Atlantic Hurricane Season is projected to be another minor one due to cooler than normal Ocean Waters in the areas favorable for development. Yet we've been told that the "missing heat" is trapped in the oceans. We've also been told that these experts have failed to consider the impact of clouds on their predictions, and they might explain some of the pause anomaly we have witnessed. Clouds, as though they are an abnormality, are a possible variable? Wow! I believe in science, and I find the science of weather and climate fascinating. But you can't convince me with any level of significance that we are causing the Earth to warm, or that we can control it in any appreciable way. It's a politically driven agenda to fundamentally change the way in which we live, and control the way in which we live our lives. And our government seems to be complicit with that agenda.

          • The bookman


            I don't agree with her. She is a proponent of more reductions in CO2, yet claims we are beyond the point of return. There us a logical disconnect in her reasoning. I also don't agree that the US is leading the Marxist agenda of which you speak. I do however believe we are being manipulated into cooperating so that we can be in the club of the thoughtful and conscientious. Too many people in positions of power strive to be "other than Americans." They are the apologists among us. Without America, the world would be unrecognizable, a vast wasteland of a few tyrants ruling the masses. North Korea on the grand stage.

          • dolphin3111

            It's not over. The IPCC is as corrupt as the US government.

            I 100% don't accept Solomon as you do.

            Our government is not just complicit in the agenda, it is the driver of the Marxist agenda.

  • rick

    Where is this clean coal technology we hear so much about?

  • PMQ

    BloJoe is now trying to act like he has a spine. But, where was this in 2008 when he could have spoken out against Obama and his anti-coal philosophies? This is a quote from Manchin June 8, 2008 on Obama....“I have also spoken with Sen. Obama, who first of all wanted to extend his deepest sympathies to those affected by this week’s flooding. I can assure you that he is ready and willing to work closely with all of our state’s democrats, republicans and independents to achieve a victory for all of America in November, and he is definitely looking forward to coming to West Virginia again soon. I have assured him that the people of our state will join him in doing our part to achieve the change that our nation so desperately needs.”
    Problem with you BloJoe, there is something called the Internet, and you can't run from your comments on supporting Obama. Just google it, you are all over the place, falling all over yourself to support this clown. At the time of your comment above, the state supported Hillary Clinton 67% to 26% for Obama. Wake up people!

    • PMQ

      The above comment is from WSAZ-TV. Then, supposedly, June 25, 2013(five years later!)..he finally figured out that Obama DOES have a war on coal. Read this link, he is clueless.

  • David Kennedy

    In my life time I've seen the economy in West Virginia tank several times.

    In the late 50's after the late 60's, after Viet-nam with Nixon, in the mid 80's, after Jimmy Carter, in the mid 90's after Bill Clinton...and now, West Virginia's jugular being cut by Obama.
    Each and every downturn caused by political hacks.

    Enough is I come...
    if the oceans rise, I'll swim to high ground...

  • grey4449

    Senator Joe Manchin needs to switch to republican. He needs to pull away from Obama, Obamacare, Anti gun, and anti coal. West Virginia and the whole country is in danger from Obama. The whole country would get behind the man who stands against Obama. Support the pipeline from Canada. Push for off shore drilling and on some federal lands. Fight against Obamacare. Abolish the IRS. Secure our borders. You don't support something like Obamacare when you are already in debt 14 trillion dollars. You don't support a nation killing bill when you have to borrow from China to stay afloat. THE TIME IS NOW. STAND UP FOR AMERICA JOE.

  • Richard

    Jumping joe has done nothing except help the one's who only want to hurt WV. Joe needs to call obama out and start fighting for WV. But it seems like joe could care less for WV. Joe is pro choice, pro gun control and anti coal. West Virginia is pro life, pro gun, anti obama care, and darn sure is pro coal.

  • northforkfisher

    Instead of blowing smoke up everyone's rear, Senator Manchin needs to stand up and fight for WV. He has rode both sides of the fence I don't Congress is taking him serious.
    I think we need to take the bull by the horns and shut down the power feeding Washington DC. Let them see what all their mouth running has caused.
    The other thing that gets fired up is that Canada burns our coal that's supposed to be to dirty and bad by the Obama administration. Canadian laws and EPA REGULATIONS are way worst than ours and they have no problems.
    The biggest problem of all is that the cost of implementing this will of course be pasted right on down to John Q Taxpayers. He does not take into consideration that the cost of everything will raise in price because of higher energy prices.

  • RogerD

    No comment from our Marxist/Socialist Senator? I guess he's too busy traveling the state receiving awards.

  • Mr.P

    Never once do they say anything about the 4300 jets that are in the air each day flying over the U.S.and the pollution they put off,and for Manchin he is just another puppet on a string.

  • booldogsuck

    Obozo and his war on coal continues. The dems tax too much, borrow too much and spend too much. Its the same old, same old from the left. And WV has suffered through 100 yrs of liberal leadership. WV is like an exploited colony. I hope all WV voters keep this in mind when they head to the polls in November!

  • Republican view point

    Good ole Manchin and Obama; How soon til these 2 are both gone? It is too bad we can't make energy in China and import it back here in the USA like they do everything else, or even, make them folks oversees cut down on some of the needed carbon cuts or boycott their imports and create jobs back in the USA. Once again they are just stomping their authority back down the throats to the USA citizens who voted them in office letting the rest of the world be neglegent and wide open

  • Aaron

    If Joe Manchin feels so strongly about this issue, he needs to take it to the halls of Congress and lead the Legislative body in taking by their constitutional authority in process of writing laws. For years, the Executive branch has taken liberties they do not have and the Legislative Branch as given way. With these actions, the EPA is stepping beyond their parameters as their mission is to write and enforce regulations based on laws passed by Congress.

    While the Clean Air Act is current law, it hasn't been amended in nearly a quarter century, thus I believe it is time that Congress take a look at that law with one stipulation being that a government regulatory agency cannot write into regulation a law that has been previously defeated by Congress as Cap and Trade has.

  • The bookman

    Well, there is a year to have the argument. By reaching well beyond what is achievable, beyond the parameters of the Clean Air Act, and bypassing the Congress and the will of the people, I can only hope that when this comes before the Court, Justice is served. Cap and Trade was defeated, and this is nothing more than the President's attempt by executive order to achieve what he failed to accomplish by legislative action. It's not about Coal. It's about Energy, Science, Jobs, Economic Growth, and and Democracy.

    • Wirerowe

      Bookman there is still a case before the Supreme Court challenging EPA's authority under the clean air act to regulate stationary sources of greenhouse gases. In 2007 the court said that the Clean Air act which dealt solely with health issues could regulate greenhouse gases which in the case of co2 has nothing to do with health impacts. From what I have read most analysts expect the ruling even if goes against the administration to be limited. The case was heard earlier this year and the court has a history of coming out with June rulings. So let us keep our fingers crossed because any push back against the EPA's overreach will be good.

      • Wirerowe

        The 2007 decision applied to only the regulation of mobile sources(autos) for greenhouse gases. I am sure that you were familiar with this but wanted to being it up anyway.

        • The bookman

          I am speaking about this rule specifically. It attempts to place states in a position of meeting GHG targets across all sources, as opposed to each utility. The CAA specifically lays out the parameters by which the EPA may regulate emissions, that they must be technologically achievable, and that the state bears the burden of defining the emission standard. Eighteen State Attorneys General have prepared a statement and provided it to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, as their intentions are to have this reversed in court. Below is the link to the letter.

          I know of the case you mention, and I believe we will come up short on that case, as they have already found that CO2 is within the domain of the EPA to regulate, however flawed that may be given it is a naturally occurring atmospheric gas.

  • ViennaGuy

    - The EPA will spend the next year gathering comments on the proposal before making a final decision in 2015. -

    The "final decision" has already been made. The comment process is only to satisfy legal requirements for a public comment period. Even if 100% of the comments came in against this proposal, the EPA would still put it into force.

    Junk science, indeed.

    • Pickle Barrel