PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin told MetroNews Monday a parolee of the state prison system had apparently just met a man that led to circumstances that claimed his life.

Anthony Ray Armstrong, 42, originally from Kanawha County, was stabbed and killed early Sunday morning in a Parkersburg apartment. Chief Martin said the man who did it was acting in self-defense. The chief said the death brought to a close the tragic events that unfolded over just a few hours.

Chief Martin said Armstrong and his girlfriend met William Strohman late Saturday night. Strohman was talking to them about his ex-girlfriend and eventually asked for a ride to go see her. The chief said once the three arrived at the apartment on Hemlock Ave. Armstrong and Strohman became the aggressors. He said Armstrong struck both the ex-girlfriend and her friend who responded with a knife.

“They basically backed him into a corner to which he resorted to self-defense,” the chief said.

Parkersburg police don’t believe Armstrong’s parolee status had anything to do with the fight. Chief Martin said Armstong had just met Strohman and it was somewhat strange he would get so involved with his personal problems so quickly.

“It went south very fast and it’s unfortunate the way it ended,” the chief said.

Information from the investigation will likely be turned over to the Wood County prosecutor for review.

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  • Ivy

    I knew Anthony, from the little time I've known him he's been a wonderful friend to me. I just can't believe he's gone...

  • Amanda

    I have been friends with Tony Armstrong an worked with him in a little place in Huntington last summer me an my husband were very close to him it is so sad to have found out that a friend of ours was stabbed to death an no longer can be here with us over bad decisions the sad part is Tony is the kind of friend that will do anything for someone so sad that I have now lost a close friend over the actions that was taken. So sad RIP my dear friend u will be loved an missed.

  • Woww,

    Anthony Armstrong was my x brother in law he did make some stupid decisions in life however this is not a justified MURDER! No he didn't have any right hitting anyone however there are 3 sides to the story the offenders side Tonys friends side and the truth! Which no one will ever know the "real" truth! I know Tony and I find it hard to believe that he was the aggressor, this article is very misleading and one sided! So sorry that he can't give his statement!

  • DWM

    Not sure why you guys think it is not clear. Two guys met at a bar, one guy wants to go see his ex girlfriend and they boh go see her. The ex girlfriend's "friend" comes to the girl's defense when she gets hit and he gets backed into a corner by the two guys and the "friend" pulls out a knife to defend himself.

    Another tragic end to a wasted life.

    • Silas Lynch

      Yes it's clear, now

  • Silas Lynch

    I know it's early morning and I've yet to finish my first cup but I'm having a hard time following this story line.
    Armstrong AND Strohman became the "aggressors"? Towards who, each other or the EX-girlfriend? Armstrong hit both the EX-girlfriend and her friend? I'm assuming Strohman was the "friend" Armstrong hit.
    "They basically backed him into a corner" Who is "they", Armstrong and his girlfriend? what was she charged with?

    • Randy

      OMG I know. I'm going crosseyed just trying to follow the details. As best I can tell, Gary Karstens pissed his pants when he saw a butter knife and this led to someone's angry outburst that (Yeesh) led to murder. At least that's what I gleaned from the story.

    • hailey

      Poorly written article, I thought it was just me as I kept reading the story multiple times, seems others had the same difficulty

    • RedGal

      I agree. I re-read it about three times to get it straight,and still it was very confusing. Geesh.

    • mntr bob

      Silas, very confusing story. The local news reported that Armstrong hit the ex and another man who lived in the building and the man, not Strohman stabbed Armstrong.

    • Lisa

      I'm with you....I'm not even sure which one died and which one was the parolee? Very poorly written!!

      • What

        I'm with you three. This story is so poorly written that you cannot even understand confusing!

  • DWL

    Reducing the load on the state parole office - one POS at a time! Order the medals to be awarded to Strohman for public cleanup. NEXT!

    • susie

      Read the story again...Strohman didn't kill him. The person who killed him wasn't named. Sad that a life is lost.