SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. — Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, says her campaign event with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday in Jefferson County was about “saying ‘no’ to Wall Street and ‘yes’ to West Virginia.”

“I’m running because I’m putting West Virginia values first over Washington’s and over Wall Street and this was a clear message that West Virginians want that,” Tennant said Monday afternoon following a campaign rally with Warren in Shepherdstown that was billed as a “Rally for the Middle Class.”

“They want someone who represents them, who will represent the small businesses and not the big banks on Wall Street.”

Photo courtesy of Tennant for U.S. Senate campaign

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) spoke during Natalie Tennant’s ‘Rally for the Middle Class’ on Monday in Shepherdstown.

Warren’s appearance with Tennant is the latest she’s made on behalf of Democratic candidates in U.S. Senate races heading into the fall. She’s scheduled to be in Michigan later this week to support Gary Peters, a Democratic Senate hopeful.

“I strongly support Natalie’s campaign because I have no doubt she will work in the Senate to make sure working families have a fighting chance to succeed in this country again,” Warren said on Monday.

Last month, Warren was in Kentucky for an event for Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state and a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who’s trying to unseat U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Earlier this year, Senate Republicans, lead by McConnell, blocked Warren’s legislation that would have let college graduates refinance their older student loans at lower interest rates. Tennant said she would support that legislation and, on Monday, launched a statewide Education Tour outlining her own education policy priorities.

Retired state Adjutant General Allen Tackett, the chairman of the Tennant for U.S. Senate campaign, admitted Tennant and Warren do not agree on all of the issues. “Natalie does not support Elizabeth Warren’s point of view when it comes to the coal industry and the working miners in the state of West Virginia,” he said.

In June, Warren took to the U.S. Senate floor to speak in favor of the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s proposals to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s power plants by 30 percent within the next 15 years.

“I am pro-coal and I am pro-coal miner,” Tennant said when asked about Warren’s coal views. “And I will stand up for our coal jobs in West Virginia if it means standing up to Senator Warren or to the President or to others who would try to undermine our ability to have our jobs.”

Warren was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012. A former Harvard law professor specializing in bankruptcy law, Warren was appointed to the Congressional Oversight Panel — which was created to oversee TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program — in 2008. She helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Barack Obama.

Her visit to West Virginia came on the same day Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was in Charleston for a business roundtable alongside Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.

Both Ryan and Warren have been named as possible Presidential candidates in 2016.

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  • Route7Roar

    WV has been run into the ground by Democrat rule for my entire lifetime. Because of the poor economy over decades in many parts of WV, I got my college degree and had to move out of state to find a good paying job.

    I would like to be able to move back near my family, but with Democrats importing illegal aliens to care for more than our own WV poor and taxing us who do make a decent living, I cannot justify a move back to my home state. The economy needs help and Democrats like Natalie Tennant, Obama, and Elizabeth Warren are the problem, not the answer.

    • JMR

      You are not needed back here in West Virginia. Right-wingers have caused this nation's suffering, and we have enough foolish right-wingers in the state as is. Stay where you are and wallow in the money you are so proud that you make.

      • PMQ

        Jealous much?? Go collect your Government check. Guess you have an Obama phone also, does the Government pay for your Internet usage, or do you still live in your Mom's basement eating Cheetos?

  • Joe

    Can anyone explain what the term "working family" means? Just want to know if my family is included.


    • JMR

      If you don't know what a working family is, you are probably a right-winger who will vote against your own economic self-interests by voting for Capito.

      • Joe

        JMR....I am asking an honest question. I have not come across this term before and want to know in general what it entails.

  • hosa


  • Jim - Morganotwn

    Great !! This visit should seal it up for Capito. Any breathing West Virginian couldn't possibly support a candidate that brings in a puppet of the worst president in my lifetime for support. How disconnected is Tennant to think we are so ignorant?

  • Mac

    PLEASE NOTE how Democratic Presidents CAN'T seem to get things right. When you read this passage below, just substitute Obama for Carter and you'll see that we're still chasing problems without any "intelligent" leadership skills by either man. When will Obama consider the Keystone Pipeline? We've waited 35 years for the Dems to help the common American. Oh yes, and after Carter came the most famous American Republican President: Ronald Reagan.
    You may begin the "history lesson" now:
    35 years ago today, on July 15, 1979, President Jimmy Carter addressed the nation via live television to discuss the nation's energy crisis and accompanying recession.

    Carter prefaced his talk about energy policy with an explanation of why he believed the American economy remained in crisis. He recounted a meeting he had hosted at the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland, with leaders in the fields of business, labor, education, politics and religion. Although the energy crisis and recession were the main topics of conversation, Carter heard from the attendees that Americans were also suffering from a deeper moral and spiritual crisis. This lack of "moral and spiritual confidence," he concluded, was at the core of America's inability to hoist itself out of its economic troubles. He also admitted that part of the problem was his failure to provide strong leadership on many issues, particularly energy and oil consumption.
    In 1979, America could still feel the effects of OPEC's (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) 1973 cuts in oil production. Carter quoted one of the Camp David meeting participants as saying that America's "neck is stretched over the fence and OPEC has a knife." In addition, inflation had reached an all-time high during Carter's term. Americans saw the federal government as a bloated bureaucracy that had become stagnant and was failing to serve the people. Politics, Carter said, was full of corruption, inefficiency and evasiveness; he claimed these problems grew out of a deeper, "fundamental threat to American democracy." He was not referring to challenges to civil liberties or the country's political structure or military prowess, however, but to what he called a "crisis of confidence" that led to domestic turmoil and "the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation."

    At a time when Europeans and the Japanese began out-producing the U.S. in energy-efficient automobiles and some other advanced technologies, Carter said that Americans had lost faith in being the world's leader in "progress." He claimed that Americans obsession with self-indulgence and material goods had trumped spiritualism and community values. Carter, who after the presidency would teach Sunday School, tried to rally the public to have faith in the future of America. After restoring faith in itself, the nation would be able to march on to the "the battlefield of energy [where] we can win for our nation a new confidence, and we can seize control again of our common destiny."
    Carter then launched into his energy policy plans, which included the implementation of mandatory conservation efforts for individuals and businesses and deep cuts in the nation's dependence on foreign oil through import quotas. He also pledged a "massive commitment of funds and resources" to develop alternative fuel sources including coal, plant products and solar power. He outlined the creation of a "solar bank" that he said would eventually supply 20 percent of the nation's energy. To jumpstart this program, Carter asked Congress to form an "energy mobilization board" modeled after the War Production Board of World War II, and asked the legislature to enact a "windfall profits tax" immediately to fight inflation and unemployment.
    Carter ended by asking for input from average citizens to help him devise an energy agenda for the 1980s. Carter, a liberal president, was heading into a presidential campaign just as a tide of conservatism was rising, led by presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan, who went on to win the 1980 campaign.

  • Wowbagger

    Faux-cahontas aka Elizabeth Warren speaks with forked tongue. Tennant can`t be any better!

  • David Kennedy

    So she's going to give us a 'fighting chance for a job? Please, I'm not an idiot...
    With our countries unemployment at over 100 million people....where, exactly are those jobs???
    And I'm wondering... with these loons, that a 'fighting chance might not be politically correct...after all, the phrase does have the word 'fighting in it...
    I'll wait until election day to show my anger at these the voting booth...might even volunteer to haul voters to the polls this time...and all of them will be alive and breathing.

    • FactFinder

      9.6 million people are out of work not 100 million.

  • jay

    Sen. Warren is pro abortion, anti guns, supports gay marriage, supports Obama Health Care, against COAL and supports EPA, AND up and until 1995 was and supported the REPUBLICAN party.......In reality she doesn't really support anything the majority of we mountaineers stand for.

  • DP

    Revised 2014 General Election Results:

    Shelley 56% (At Least)
    Natalie 44% (At Most)

    Both E.W. and N.T. SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE!!!!!

  • Voter

    The only way families will receive a fighting chance under the liberal agenda is if they leave the state.

  • Andy

    Shelley Moore Capito is the ULTIMATE puppet of WALL STREET and the UPPER EAST SIDE ELITE! Her money comes from the big banks and big corporations that do everything possible to drown out the little guy. Oh but wait! She carries around a piece of coal! She must be good!
    Tennant in 2014! Keep the People's Senate Seat in the People's Hands!

    • Aaron

      If SMC is the ultimate puppet, where does Barrack Obama rank with his millions in donations his campaigns have received from Wall Street?

      • Ole Sasquatch

        Good point. The Sunday talk shows brought out that Obama has went on nearly twice as many fund raising trips as any other President. Guess that what he's good at.
        He would'nt make it out in the Country where we live the motto "get'er done." We've all found out by now there's no get'er done to Obama - The Worst President We Have Ever Had. Beyond talk - he's just an empty suit.
        A dud - if you will.

      • Jason412

        I'd say it makes him a puppet, the same as almost all politicians. Democrat's take money from all of the same people as Republican's, that is certainly no secret. Although it seems Obama really fell out favor with Wall Street contributors by 2012, possibly due to the 2010 Dodd Frank legislation.

        Looking at Wall Street contributions from both Presidential elections shows both parties are "puppets" to Wall Street.

        For the 08 Election top contributors
        Obama - 2 out of the top 5, and 4 out of the top 10 are Wall Street companies/Banks
        McCain - 4 out of the top 5, and 8 out of the top 10 are Wall Street companies/Banks

        For the 2012 election
        Romney - 5 out of the top 5, 10 out of the top 10 are Wall Street companies/Banks
        Obama - 0 out of the top 5, and 2 out of the top 10 are Wall Street companies/Banks. (Possibly 1 out of the top 10, I'm not sure if Kaiser Permanente would qualify as a Wall Street company)

        I'm sure if Wall Street offered the money, all top contributors to both parties would always be Wall Street companies. Both parties are certainly not fond of turning down money, regardless of where it comes from.

    • PMQ

      Andy....please lay the crack pipe down.

  • Derek

    Obama supporters in which hate coal. They both need to leave town and never come back you are not welcomed here. Working men and women are suffering from the dictator Obama. No more supporters of Obamaidiot in charge of anything.

  • Docbegone

    Capito in 2014

  • Mitch

    "Natalie will give families a fighting chance to succeed"? How will she do that? By mouthing all of the expected Liberal talking points?
    The problem is, this ignorant child really thinks that's all there is to "leadership".
    ...and if I was trying to portray myself as anti-Wall St., I wouldn't appear in public with a woman (Eliz. Warren) who had made her personal fortune from......guess what? WALL STREET.
    Tennant is a typical shallow, phony "woman of the people" liberal.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Oh, she's a fighter. If you ever hear her give a speech its fight, fight, fight. Only problem is she's 90% on the wrong side.