PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — A Wood County special grand jury cleared a Parkersburg police officer Thursday for his role in a deadly shooting from earlier this year.

The panel did not indict Detective P.M. Edelen.

He shot and killed Parkersburg resident Steven Pfalzgraph on Jan. 14 near the Grand Central Mall. The grand jury found Pfalzgraph was driving toward Edelen and the detective shot him in self-defense.

Pfalzgraph and another man were leaving the mall in a hurry after a purse snatching.

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  • Fred

    The only window shot out of the car was the rear window. Was the deceased trying to back over the cop?

  • Jonus Grumby

    The bad guy loses...again.

  • Randy

    Gary is turning into a cult hero.Sort of like that Korean guy on American Idol. The difference is that while people are laughing at both of them, it seems like people actually like the Korean guy.

  • steve

    Hey Gary, how about that instrument of death saving his life from a car? Ban cars-yeeesh!

    • Jeff


    • Tracyo64

      +1 LOL