CHARLESTON, W.Va. — After years of planning, architectural drawings and a healthy dose of imagination, the new Edgewood Elementary School in Charleston opened its doors to students for the first day of class Monday. About 360 children are registered for pre-K through fifth grade.

Principal Pam Dorini said it was an exciting first morning.

“It’s hard to believe honestly. You sort of have to pinch yourself. When you stand in the hallway that you looked at a for years on a drawing and you’re actually here and there are kids and you see their smiling faces, it’s really just a happy day!”

J.E. Robins Elementary and Watts Elementary Schools closed at the end of last school year. Those students were in old buildings that lacked the technology many other students in the county enjoy. Starting this school year that all changes. Edgewood Elementary was built as a “school of the future,” with the latest in technology and room to grow.

“They have opportunities for their learning that they never had before. So we’re really excited for them. And our teachers are really excited. They’ve been in two years of training to prepare and grow their craft and their knowledge to prepare for the possibilities,” Dorini said.

The school is equipped with brand new computers and touch screens that will give the children a high tech education. It’s painted and tiled in bright colors to catch kids’ attention and there are math, reading and computer stations in each classroom.

Dorini said it’s a school in which the community can take a lot of pride.

“We’ve been working and planning for a long time for this day. So we’re excited to be at this point where we can roll up our sleeves and get busy about doing the things we need to do with our kids,” explained Dorini.

The principal said students weren’t the only ones to arrive first thing Monday morning. A lot of parents walked in with their children to take a tour and meet teachers.

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  • Dennis

    I visited this school and it is a "school of future" because it will not be finished until well into the future. There appears to be bad construction management on this project.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    Unless the work is not finished, I have to ask:

    "Would it have been so hard to install curbs?"

    Instead we are going to have mud pits everywhere a car has to turn, because heaven knows our drivers can't stay on the pavement unless they are forced to do so. And yes, this has to do with childhood development because no student develops a sense of pride in themselves when their shoes are always muddy.

  • Rick55

    New computers and touch screens, bright colors and a new facility are all great, but it is the last paragraph that is the key to better education at Edgewood Elementary School.

    • jaybo83

      Well said, Rick55! My wife will begin her 26th year in the classroom next week . Good parenting is incredibly important in this day and age!

    • The bookman