CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones is calling for a special prosecutor to independently review the case of state Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman’s son, Edward “Teddy” Gardner, who had been accused of beating up his sister on Aug. 5.

A malicious wounding charge against Gardner, 27, was dropped last week, but Mayor Jones said there should be a reconsideration.

“I just think there’s been a miscalculation,” Jones said on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.” “Something very unconscionable happened up there on that hill that night and we need to find out exactly what it was.”

The initial charge against Gardner was based on his sister Lindsey’s first claims at the scene that her brother had beaten her and kicked her multiple times in Charleston’s Quarry Creek area—near their mother’s home.

Lisa Pollitt was one of the first people to drive up to the scene when both Teddy Gardner and Lindsey Gardner were out of their vehicles. She said she did not know either person at that time and did not see what happened before Lindsey hit the ground.

“What turned out to be Lindsey was laying parallel on the grass, off to the right of the road and a male was straddling her, lifting her at the waist and had her up off the ground,” she said. “Then I guess he noticed that these two cars were waiting to get on up the hill and he literally dropped her and ran to his car and drove away.”

Pollitt, who did give a statement to Charleston Police, said she did not see that man again that night.

Ten days after the incident, including several days spent in the hospital, Lindsey Gardner told Charleston Police a different story when she gave an official statement about what had happened.

She claimed she had tried to take a swing at her brother, Teddy, on the night of Aug. 5 and he pushed her away to defend himself and that’s when she fell and hit her head. Teddy Gardner was not questioned.

In explaining the dismissal of the charge last week, Chuck Miller, the chief of staff for the Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, said there was not enough evidence to pursue the case. He said the head injury Lindsey sustained appeared to be from a fall and not from being kicked multiple times.

But Mayor Jones questioned that dismissal decision.

“We’re not looking for a fight with them (the Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office), that’s gone on long enough. I just think the truth needs to be looked into here,” Jones said.

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  • Charles

    Go get'em Mayor. It's obvious what happened here. Mommy told her daughter to change her story. This jerk of a kid thinks he's entitled. He needs to be taught a lesson. Hopefully, Nitro will nail his hide for his shenanigans there. You shouldn't be able hide behind Mommy's skirt tails. Foreign medical school? I'm not surprised. Okay, who wants to sign up to be this kid's patient? Anybody feel that brave?

  • MP

    Dumb Danny strikes again.

  • arp

    Just who does Danny Jones think he is? He's not a lawyer, doesn't even have a degree, yet he knows what it takes to get an indictment and win at trial? His arrogance knows no bounds!

  • Big Bill

    Never would I've thought for 1 moment that I would ever agree with Mayor Jones, but with this, I give him "KUDOS"

  • bob

    Thank You Mayor

    This stinks!

  • Gerald

    Can you imagine this guy is going to be a medical doctor, after witnesses said he ran off and abandoned his sister who was in need of medical treatment? The media reported he is going to a foreign medical school to get a degree, even though there are three medical schools in WV? Workman needs to be voted out of office in the next election after this legal fiasco. Amazing, she is sitting in judgement of other people as a judge!

  • JC Eldredge

    I don't think Mayor Jones is being absurd at all. I think he is tired of all of the backdoor dealmaking between elected officials. He knows that it makes our state look bad when anyone with money and a title can grease a few palms allow their relatives to get away with anything. Obviously the prosecutors office can't proceed if the witness recants, but everyone knows that this case stinks to high heaven and Mom obviously asked her daughter to "forget" what happened. Between the Plants case and now this one, public opinion and trust of our elected officials is at an all time low and someone with a title needs to acknowledge that something dirty is going on.

  • cutty77

    Dufus Danny Knows all.

  • william

    Its great to know people in high places -
    They can just make things go away!

  • the flying dutchman

    bravo danny, bravo.....the theatre of the absurd continues....

  • Dumb Liberals

    You can tell this "cover-up" & payoff is foul smelling when Jones even notices the odor. Someone needs to look under the table to see who's hands have the cash in them.

    • Renee